Volunteer who fought against Russians in Ukraine detained in Georgia

georgian volunteer fought ukraine against russia detained georgia

The Georgian Ministry of the Interior has confirmed Khmaladze's arrest for for disobedience and hooliganism, an illustrative image/ Source: Source: Radio Tavisupleba (Radio Liberty) 

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During protests in Georgia, Nadym Khmaladze, who fought alongside the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in Ukraine, was detained, as reported by Georgian Service Radio Tavisupleba (Radio Liberty)

The Georgian Ministry of the Interior has confirmed Khmaladze’s arrest.

On 8 March, at approximately 4:00 pm, he was arrested at Freedom Square in Tbilisi for disobedience and hooliganism.

Criminal police officers detained Khmaladze, according to lawyer Tornike Bakradze.

“Neither he nor I have seen the detention protocol. He was told verbally that it involved verbal insults, which is difficult to prove, and he could not have committed a crime at the time of his detention because he was giving an interview to a journalist,” said Bakradze.

Khmaladze was one of the first Georgian volunteers to go to Ukraine. There he actively took part in fighting against the Russians.

On 6 March, Nadym Khmaladze returned to Tbilisi.

According to Tornike Bakradze, Khmaladze was detained at the Georgian border for an extended period of time without explanation. Consequently, Khmaladze became aware that he was being followed in the city.

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