Romania doesn’t confirm Ukrainian claims that Russian missiles crossed its airspace

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The Romanian Defence Ministry said in a statement on Friday that the Russian missile had „at no time” crossed Romanian airspace, G4media reports. At the same time, Ukrainian Commander in Chief Valeriy Zaluzhnyi said that two Russian missiles crossed the airspace of Romania before re-entering Ukrainian airspace during the massive Russian missile attack against Ukraine on 10 February 2022.

Yet, according to the Romanian Defense Ministry, the closest point of the missile’s trajectory to the Romanian airspace was recorded at 35 kilometers from the border.

The air surveillance system of the Romanian Air Force detected on Friday, February 10, an aerial target launched from the Black Sea from a ship of the Russian Federation near the Crimean Peninsula, most likely a cruise missile, which evolved in the airspace of Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and re-entered Ukrainian airspace without crossing, at any time, the airspace of Romania,” the Defense Ministry statement said.


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