Four Ukrainian MPs officially lost their citizenship and status because of collaboration with Russia

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The Ukrainian parliament has stripped of MP status four former MPs accused of collaboration. On 10 January they were stripped of Ukrainian citizenship by Zelenskyy’s decree.
Before the war, the group of MPs Andriy Derkach, Taras Kozak, and Renat Kuzmin, led by Putin’s confidant and oligarch Victor Medvedchuk was accused of illegal enrichment. In particular, they were accused of funding pro-Russian TV channels in Ukraine from money earned by their Russian companies as well as coal businesses protected and supported by L/DNR militants which is illegal.

Where Putin’s media-wielding men in Ukraine get their money

Medvedchuk belonged to the Top 10 richest people in Ukraine and was the richest known promoter of the Russian world in Ukraine. He was arrested in the spring and then exchanged to Russia for commanders of Ukraine’s Azov regiment who were taken prisoner in Azovstal.
According to the Ukraine’s Security Service, ex-MP Derkach was in charge of the intelligence network of Russian Federation in Ukraine. He is currently wanted. The United States believes that Derkach was an active Russian agent for more than 10 years, and in 2020 personal sanctions were introduced against him. Kuzmin was also charged with treason due to the publication of propaganda materials in the mass media. He was previously suspected of laundering illegally obtained property.

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