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On 15 December, the European Parliament recognized the Holodomor, the Soviet man-made famine inflicted on Ukraine in 1932-1933, as genocide against the Ukrainian people. 507 MEPs voted in favor of the resolution, 12 against with 17 abstentions.

“[The European Parliament] recognises the Holodomor, the artificial famine of 1932-1933 in Ukraine caused by a deliberate policy of the Soviet regime, as a genocide against the Ukrainian people, as it was committed with the intent to destroy a group of people by deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction,” according to the resolution.

In the resolution, the European Parliament strongly condemns these acts, which resulted in the deaths of millions of Ukrainians, and calls on all countries and organizations to follow suit and recognize the Holodomor as genocide. The Parliament also calls on Russia “as the primary successor of the Soviet Union, to officially recognize the Holodomor and to apologize for those crimes.” 

“Drawing links to Soviet times, the resolution accuses the current Russian regime of violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, seeking to liquidate Ukraine as a nation state and destroying the identity and culture of its people. It also condemns the fact that the ongoing war has created a global food crisis, with Russia destroying and looting Ukraine’s grain stores and continuing to make it difficult to ensure Ukrainian grain exports to the most deprived countries in the world,” the European Parliament’s press release reads.

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