Australian state hacker preparing “digital tribunal” for Putin’s cyberarmy

Australian state hacker preparing “digital tribunal” for Putin’s cyberarmy

Robert Potter (right) and Heorhiy Dubinskyi, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine 

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Speaking with Ekonomichna Pravda, Australian state hacker and CEO of the Internet 2.0 cybersecurity company Robert Potter said that its possible to punish Russian hackers attacking Ukraine on the the Kremlin’s orders.

“A digital tribunal is possible. We know the names of the leaders of Russian hacker communities. We are working on legal regulation and documentation of Russian cybercrime crimes.

Australia has had positive experience prosecuting hackers in Nigeria and Vietnam. Russia is more difficult – we have no contact point with the Russian government.

There are many legal avenues that can ensure Russian cyber criminals are punished. Living in Russia is very boring. If any of these hackers want to leave Russia, we will make their journey very difficult and arrange a surprise.

Even if the Russian government ever wants to change its policy and become a ‘friend’ of Ukraine and the United States, we will remember their names. Putin will not live forever,” he said.

Popper notes that Russian cybercriminals target first of all the infrastructure, power systems, and online banking.

His company is engaged in helping boost Ukraine’s cybersecurity. They developed a cyber defense software that strengthens the security system of Ukraine by recognizing the potential behavior of malicious hackers and hiding critical infrastructure data.

Internet 2.0 representatives have also signed a corporate agreement with the Ukrainian government to conduct cybersecurity trainings for Ukrainian IT experts. Also, an international agreement between Ukraine and Australia was signed with the support of the White House.

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