Former “Supreme Commander of DNR”, Girkin: Throw Yanukovych to the wolves



Source: VK
Edited by: Alya Shandra

On January 12, the official VKontakte page (a Russian version of Facebook) of the militia of “Novorossiya,” published a commentary of Igor Girkin, also known as Strelkov, a retired Russian FSB/GRU officer who played a key role in the initial phases of the Donbas insurrection but has since returned to Russia. We have translated the excerpt on Yanukovych:

“The man who became president of Ukraine under the slogan ‘Russian – the second state language’ did not fulfill his promise, so it is not necessary to take into account his opinions as such. He is filth and attitudes toward him must be appropriate. It is useless to help such a conceited fool, pathological kleptomaniac, coward and scum, after having fallen between two chairs on which ‘squirmed’ all his (so to speak) ‘political career.’ But they failed to use him properly after his escape – this was a mistake,” says Strelkov.

“At least, they needed to use him as a legitimate figure – as an idol (preferably – so that all would be signed and his mouth kept shut) … If we want to reunite Rus’ and Russia, then the bastard should ‘be thrown to the wolves,’ and not to conceal him among ourselves, giving occasion to the people of ‘Ukr-Gayrope’ to accuse Russia of intending to return that bastard ‘to the kingdom,'” says the former militant commander. “For most of the Ukrainian military in April 2014, he was, in any case, much more legitimate than the whole bunch of homosexual Kievan perverts and sectarians.”

Girkin expressed confidence that, following a transfer of Yanukovych to Ukraine, his interests would be protected by international human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch.

“I saw them all (the Yanukovych family), when they came to worship the Gifts of the Magi. Heart-rending sight: he is a conceited, arrogant creature … he sold his country for trinkets along with his (our) people, and now he is ‘soaking it in’ in Rublevka [a prestigious residential area of Moscow],”- he added.

In the last two months, Igor Girkin has given a number of resonant interviews, in which he revealed that it was the regular Russian army which had the decisive role in seizing Ukraine’s Donbas, and also slammed the current “Novorossiya” leadership.

Source: VK
Edited by: Alya Shandra
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