Russian activist: Donetsk Cyborgs liquidate Murmansk unit



Source: UKRNEWS24
Translated by: Vitalii Usenko

The so-called Cyborgs defending Donetsk Airport have succeeded in liquidating a group of Murmansk marines.

The number of marines and their exact activities are currently being established.

Data is being compiled by the group “Cargo 200 from Ukraine to Russia”.

According to information from the Russian human rights activist, Yelena Vasilyeva, the Russian “seals” suffered “significant losses”.

The activist, herself from Murmansk, reported that yesterday in the area of Donetsk Airport, the Cyborgs “liquidated a group of marines from Murmansk.” She said the number of them was being established.

It had previously been known that only two “cargo 200” (KIA) had been sent back to Murmansk last week. However, the true number is estimated “in the hundreds”.

In particular, it has been precisely reported that already more than 100 zinc coffins have been brought to Murmansk, and this only in the last few days.

Source: UKRNEWS24
Translated by: Vitalii Usenko

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