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at 17:00 JULY 8, 2014

Today the Armed Forces of Ukraine resumed traffic movement to the settlement Kryva Luka in Donetsk Oblast. Military engineers quickly built a new bridge instead the one destroyed by terrorists. Now it is possible to start delivering food, medicine, potable water, and other things needed for the residents of the settlement, spokesman of the RNBO Information and Analytical Center Andriy Lysenko announced at the evening daily briefing.

Military engineers demined and destroyed a MON-100 mine, 2 powerful bombs and their fuses on the Krasniy Liman-Sloviansk highway. However, a great deal of work still remains for the engineers. They receive information on mines, grenades, and shells which were abandoned after fighting by terrorists almost around-the-clock. The next step is to clear mines on the road from Sloviansk to Kramatorsk where undetonated mines lay right on the road and roadside. This is why the military emphasizes that the local population should not attempt to neutralize mines themselves, as this is very dangerous. They recommend that attention should be paid to areas marked as mined, and to not risk passing through it without sappers.

The chairman of the state bank Oschadbank promises to restore the work of all branches and ATMs in Sloviansk and Kramatorsk within 1-2 days. Representatives of the Interior Ministry, the National Guard of Ukraine, and internal security of Oschadbank will guarantee that money intended for payments to seniors and social needs will be transported safely.

Bandits continue to terrorize the local population. In Maryintsi they kidnapped and took to an unknown destination the city mayor of Kurakhivsk. In Donetsk the terrorists have committed robbery and seized eight vehicles of the bank Privatbank.

In Sloviansk today fighters of the Ukrainian National Guard found more undeniable proof of Russian participation in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. For instance, the guards found a depot of the terrorists where communications were kept. It was located in the building of the local driving school. The marking on the equipment indicates that the product was released in Russia this year.

In the Novoazovsk county, southern Donetsk Oblast, National Guard troops took control of all of Azov coast. Currently, guards and soldiers of the Azov territorial defense battalion search for the attackers that fired at the border guards on duty in the Obryv observation point in Donetsk Oblast.

In Chernihiv Oblast, at the Armed Forces of Ukraine Training Center, a training camp for officers, graduates of higher military educational institutions was completed. Young officers worked out actions necessary to protect critical facilities, repel attacks of subversive groups, actions to be taken in case of mortar and artillery fire, as well as actions needed to destroy illegal armed groups.

Translated by: Anatoliy Maksimov, edited by Alya Shandra

Source: mediarnbo.org


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