10252180_537062129744788_5675998115586268337_nDear citizens and guests of Ukraine! You have a unique opportunity to let the world know the truth about the historical Ukrainian 2014 elections.

From now on and for the next 4 days of the presidential election rally in Ukraine you can become an international news journalist and spread information around the globe for more than 250 international TV channels worldwide.

Just use your Smartphone or Tablet to capture unique materials and create your News Package about the election rally all over Ukraine with footage about agitation, hidden advertising, bribery, forgery, violations, fights, sabotage, voting breakdowns, etc. 

The material technical requirements: HD / 16:9, MPEG-4, H-264 

An ideal News Package consists of the following elements:

  1. Interview – you film somebody’s opinion, ask somebody questions or ask to comment smth (30 – 60 seconds)
  2. Standup – your personal opinion on camera (30 seconds)
  3. B-roll – general video story about the election, might be with your voice over comments (3-4 minutes).

You can film your own News Package about the election using at least one of the abovementioned elements. Please provide your material with at least several options mentioned below:

a) written description;
b) written comments;
c) voice over;
d) short interviews from English speaking people; or
e) English written transcription of the interview.

Preferable language – English. In case you can’t provide info in English but your video is breaking, you may use Ukrainian or Russian language, and we will update your video with the needed English description.

Some useful links on examples and instructions are here:

See it. Film it. Change it.
Safety Guidelines:
Filming Tips & Techniques Videos:

If you want to participate, please mail us at [email protected] with the subject  “election2014” and we will send you a  link for your future uploads, login & password for the account access.

When the world news media buys your unique material within 24 hours after it is uploaded, we guarantee you a revenue of 20% (usually min US$ 100 per News Package) for each commercial deal on your video package (the more media will buy your video, the more revenue you will get).

Attention! It’s very important not to upload and share your unique video content on any of social networks (You Tube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) before feedback on your video from us (it can be latest in 24 hours after you uploaded your material to our account).

Please share this information with your friends and relatives all over Ukraine.

Let The World Know The Truth! 

Glory To Ukraine!

Your opinion matters! 

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