Famous Russian artists and publicists initiate Congress of Intelligentsia “Against War, Against Self-Isolation of Russia, Against Restoration of Totalitarianism”.

About a hundred of well-known writers, actors, criticists and publicists came forward with such an appeal, the text of which was also published in “Novaya Gazeta” on Thursday.

“Our country appears to be involved in an extremely dangerous gamble. Using the slogan “We must protect Russians in Crimea, as well as all Ukrainians from the new non-legitimate fascist government in Ukraine!” it has already performed actual annexation of Crimea. International laws have been brutally violated; European principles of safety and stability are destroyed. Russia is rapidly rolling down to a new cold war with the West, the consequences of which are barely predictable,” – states their appeal.

Artists point that Russian state media “pours unhampered streams of lies and misinformation, as well carries out an shocking extensive propaganda campaign against everyone doubting the legitimacy of the government’s actions”. All disagreeing persons are dubbed as “fifth columns” and “fascists”, despite their numbers of those that disagree being quite large.

The intelligentsia reminds: “Anti-war appeals were stated by the writers of Russia’s PEN-centre, Human Rights Council, which unites leaders of the most known Human Rights organizations, cinematographists, scientists, ecologists, Russian rock stars (Grebenshchikov, Makarevich, Shevchuk, Butusov) and many others.”

“This contradictory to current government politics opinion should be expressed more profoundly and soundly. And for this purpose we should within the nearest timeframes organize a Congress of Russian intelligentsia and invite representatives of Ukrainian intelligentsia. At the congress we will not only discuss the state of affairs and express our attitude to the events, but also try to find the ways to resolve this situation that bereaves our country of decent life perspectives in a nearby future.” – states the text

This initiative was supported by almost a hundred of Russian cultural figures.

  1. Mykhail Agapov, historian, Siberian division of RAS [Russian Academy of Sciences];
  2. Konstantin Azadovskiy, literary scientist;
  3. Mikhail Alexandrov, literary scientist and critic;
  4. Lyudmila Alekseyeva, human rights lawyer, Moscow Helsinki Group
  5. Eugene Ass, architect;
  6. Liya Ahedzhanova, actress of theater and cinema, national actress of Russia;
  7. Victor Bazhenov, photojournalist;
  8. Irina Balahova, publisher;
  9. Garri Bardin, animator;
  10. Pavel Bardin, film director;
  11. Andrey Bitov, writer;
  12. Yuriy Bogomolov, cinema specialist and critic, TV-programs critic;
  13. Valery Borshchev, human rights specialist;
  14. Alla Bossart, writer, publicist;
  15. Dmitriy Bykov, writer, poet, journalist, cinema critic;
  16. Viktor Vasilyev, RAS academician;
  17. Anatoliy Vershyk, Russian mathematician, professor, physical and mathematical sciences;
  18. Boris Vyshnevskiy, politic scientist, publicist;
  19. Yuriy Vdovin, human rights lawyer, “Civil Control”;
  20. Vladimir Voynovich, writer;
  21. Sergey Gandlevskiy, writer, poet;
  22. Svetlana Gannushkina, human rights specialist, “Gromadjans’ke spryjannja”;
  23. Alla Gerber, writer;
  24. Natalija Gromova, writer;
  25. Marina Davydova, chief editor of “TEATR” journal, program director of Venskiy festyval;
  26. Aleksey Devotchenko, actor;
  27. Andrey Desnyc’kyj, Eastern cultures scientist;
  28. Andrey Dmytriyev, writer;
  29. Veronika Dolyna, singer, bard;
  30. Boris Dubin, sociologist;
  31. Valeriy Dymshyc, professor SPbDU;
  32. Vladimir Jer’omin, actor, producer;
  33. Viktor Jerofjejev, writer;
  34. Mihail Yefremov, theater and cinema actor, appointed actor of Russian Federation;
  35. Ol’ga Il’nyckaya, writer, poet, journalist;
  36. Aleksandr Ylychevskiy, poet, writer;
  37. Igor Yrten’jev, poet;
  38. Elena Kamburova, singer and actress, national actress of Russia;
  39. Nina Katerli, writer, journalist;
  40. Elena Kacjuba, poet;
  41. Konstantin Kedrov, poet, literature critic;
  42. Sergey Koval’ov, human rights specialist, “Instytut prav cheloveka”;
  43. Dmitriy Krymov, artist, scenograf, film director;
  44. Tatyana Lazarjeva, TV journalist;
  45. Irina Levynskaya, historian;
  46. Valerij Lons’kyj, film director, writer;
  47. Samui’l Lur’je, writer;
  48. Dina Magomedova, philologist;
  49. Andrey Makarevych, rock-star, poet, singer, composer;
  50. Larysa Miller, poet, wrietr;
  51. Vladimir Mirzojev, theater and film director;
  52. Oksana Mysina, actress, film director, rock-singer;
  53. Sergey Nekljudov, folklorist, Eastern culture specialist;
  54. Andrey Pelypenko, professor, philosophy sciences;
  55. Andrey Piontkovs’kyj, political scientist, journalist;
  56. Lev Ponomar’ov, human rights specialist, “Za Prava Cheloveka”;
  57. Lev Prygunov, theater and cinema actor, national actor of Russia’;
  58. Mark Rozovs’kyj, drama writer, composer, national actor of Russia’;
  59. El’dar Rjazanov, film director, actor, writer;
  60. Jurij Rjashencev, poet, writer;
  61. Jurij Samodurov, human rights specialist;
  62. Georgij Satarov, politic scientist;
  63. Ol’ga Sedakova, poet, writer, philology specialist;
  64. Yevgen Sydorov, literary scientist;
  65. Aleksey Simonov, human rights specialist, writer, film director;
  66. Ant Skalandis, writer;
  67. Andrey Smirnov, theater and cinema actor, film director, national actor of Russia’;
  68. Nataliya Sokolovskaya, writer;
  69. Sergey Stratanovskyj, poet;
  70. Lev Timofjejev, writer;
  71. Varvara Turova, musician, producer;
  72. Ljudmyla Ulyc’kaya, writer;
  73. Sergey Ustynov, writer;
  74. Nataliya Fatjejeva, theater and cinema actress;
  75. Sergey Filatov, state and social activist;
  76. Aleksandr Filippenko, national actor of Russia;
  77. Borys Ferzins’kyj, literary scientist;
  78. Valerij Harchenko, film director, appointed artist of RF;
  79. Jevgen Cymbal, film director, historian;
  80. Elena Chyzhova, writer;
  81. Grygorij Chhartishvili, writer, literary scientist, historian;
  82. Adol’f Shapiro, film director;
  83. Viktor Shenderovych, writer, journalist, TV- and radio-worker;
  84. Nikita Shklovs’kyj, doctor;
  85. Aleksey Jablokov, RAS correspondent-member;
  86. Igor Jakovenko, professor, philosophy sciences;
  87. Elena Jakovych, film director;
  88. Irina Jasyna, economist, publicist, human rights specialist;
  89. Igor Jasulovich, theater and cinema actor, national actor of Russia’

Translated by Iryna Shitsar, edited by Alya Shandra


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