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A shell exploded on the chest of Glib Garanych, a photographer of Reuters, during the clashes of protesters and riot forces. A bulletproof vest was on him as we can see at the picture of witnesses.

Obviously, it didn’t help Garanych.

Meanwhile, Maxym Trebukhov, a photoreporter, was beaten at the office of the Party of regions, as informs.

“There were about 6 people. I was taking photos and videos. They attacked me and started to beat me – beat my head, face, body, which was covered by a bulletproof vest, luckily. Doctors are saying that my nose is broken, so I am going to the hospital now,” – Trebukhov told.His colleague, another photoreporter, defended him. Then the security of the Party of Regions broke his camera. 

Earlier, on February 18, the office of the Party of Regions was captured by activists and then released by Berkut riot forces. Dmytro Hnap, a journalist of Hromadske TV, also informed that near the Ministry of Health building a hand of a protester was ripped off by a flash bang grenade. informed in Twitter that there are a lot of wounded at the Verkhovna Rada. “Shells with bolts and screws attached to them are being thrown at people, there are fighters with guns among Berkut police”. A witness was informing “Ukrainska Pravda” that in the Mariinskiy Park riot forces were throwing shells into protesters, but to no result: people left and then came back.

Oleh Musiy, a coordinator of medical service of Euromaidan, has informed that as of 13:00 Kyiv time there were about 25 injured people in the medical aid stations of Euromaidan. The majority of them has suffered from shell explosions and gunshot wounds.

Moreover, in the morning there were minimum 5 injured people in Shovkovychna Str. The ambulance came twice. A minimum of 2 women are severely wounded.

Translated by Alina Digtyar, edited by Alya Shandra


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