Internally displaced Ukrainian business owners to receive assistance from IOM and Germany


2,000 internally displaced persons from eastern Ukraine will receive assistance for the creation or development of their business.

The International Organization for Migration, with the support of the German government, will be leading the two-year program for business support. 5 million euros has been allocated for its implementation. Assistance will be provided to existing businesses as well as new entrepreneurs. Training programs for financial management, accounting, and business planning have also been developed. The project also allows for non-monetary grants of up to 5 thousand euros. Since 2014, the International Organization for Migration, together with financial donors, has helped more than 5,000 internally displaced Ukrainians who’ve suffered as a result of hostilities in Donbas.

“We’ve been meeting different business owners and it was basically a very similar picture for the different ones, all of them have created quite successful businesses. Some of them have already employed other IDPS. So the impression that we got was that this is the right tool to create employment, give people opportunity to earn an income and they can have a great income for their families and households,” says Judith Boehnke, Project Manager of KFW German Development Bank.

Other activities relate to social cohesion, to the rehabilitation of infrastructure, or the provision of what we called non-food items of hygiene kits and other basic necessities including, cash for coal, for instance. So we support people materially, but also for training, and ultimately the overarching objective is to bring back step by step dignity to those people who lost everything,” adds Thomas Lothar Weiss, Head of the Representative Office of International Organization for Migration in Ukraine.

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  1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

    Just yesterday I watched a piece on Ukrainian TV, about 800.000 Euros given by EU to Ukrainian town of Slavyansk, to build facilities for internally displaced persons.
    Guess what happened to those 800000 Euros ? 🙂

    1. Avatar svend says:

      Very, very funny. Now you want me to beleive, that a Russian Teen see Ukrainian tv in Skt. Petersburg. Give me a break. You dont understand Ukrainien languege.

      1. Avatar Screwdriver says:

        First of all you should know that Russian Teens can understand (more or less) Ukrainian language, it is pretty much Russian mixed with Polish.
        Second , who told you idiot, that it was in Ukrainian “languege” ?
        There are programs in Russian on Ukrainian TV, will you commit suicide now because of that fact ?
        This particular episode was made by US sponsored “Radio Liberty” , Ukrainian studio, and also available online:

        And third , NO I do not want YOU to believe me, you seem to be very stupid, why would I care what stupid people believe or not.