Recent US survey shows American public in favor of stronger sanctions on Russia




It appears the American Government’ recent moves to toughen sanctions and penalize Russian Federation for its interference in US Presidential elections and continued aggression against Ukraine reflects the general public opinion of American people who in a recent poll carried out by New Chicago Council strongly favor not only maintaining the existing sanctions but consider it appropriate to raise the level and degree that would contain Moscow.

The poll shows that a strong majority of Americans prefer toeing a tougher line over maintaining good relations with Russia. The survey revealed that 53 percent of Americans support an approach which should limit Russia’s power, compared with 43 percent who are favor friendlier engagement. The poll figures of 2017 are a sharp reversal from last year when 58 percent of the respondents surveyed favored cooperative efforts. Also, more than 4 in 10 consider Russian influence in U.S. elections, a “critical threat” to the country.

The survey found mixed support for imposing additional sanctions, with 38 percent saying they should be increased and 41 percent saying they should be kept about the same. Only 17 percent of the surveyed said the US should decrease or eliminate sanctions on Russia.

A growing minority of Americans (39% in 2017) is in support of deploying US troops in the event that Russian invades the rest of Ukraine. The numbers are slightly higher for NATO allies in the Baltics (52% in 2017).

The survey was conducted on 2020 adults through random sampling methodology from June 27 to July 19.

The full survey by Dina Smeltz and Lily Wojtowicz for “The Chicago Council of Global Affairs” can be viewed here.

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  • Bruno Clabot

    To answer a poll on what to do if Russia invades Baltic States already demonstates you are missing some bolts…
    It’s a shame to see what US citizen think about their exceptionalism…

    • Murf

      We don’t have to think about it.
      We see it around us every single day.
      If you are reading this you see a part of it also.

    • laker48

      They are exceptional and extraordinary, hence the US position of the number one global superpower.

      • Bruno Clabot

        Of course, I bet if any European nation would spend 400bn only at its military, we would become more than exceptional pretty soon. Just think about Germany. As to writing Russia with a double capital S you are probably revealing who you really are. Because the only role model for strong regimes is the US imperialism and so called exceptionalism.
        The days of Sting are really far away, yet I can assure you that the Russians love their children too.

        • laker48

          The RuSSians are a nation of slaves and most of those who aren’t have already left RuSSia for different western countries. You have probably never been to RuSSia or perhaps you’ve only visited it as a tourist. I spent there cumulatively over two years between 1979 and 2008 and used to have a working knowledge of its language both spoken and written. I haven’t had to use it since the 1980s, so I’ve generally lost it. I still enjoy listening to and singing RuSSian songs.
          If you haven’t read the late General George Patton’s opinions about RuSSians, please do so! He was spot on. I was stunned by his prowess and ability to characterise them so accurately after having interacted with them for less than half a year and without speaking their language.

          • Bruno Clabot

            OK, you just set the whole frame “The RuSSians are a nation of slaves” a cite of a man born 20th of April 1889. Perhaps you were in Charlotte’s ville ?
            “I know it all since I’ve been there for so many months”. Of course I was in California so I know exactly who New Yorkers are, is that what you mean?
            Probably a Russian Lady dropped you… I know who Russians are. Better off with Russians than with Yankees. Who believe they won the two world wars…
            In a timely manner? 1917 is a timely intervention by our dear friends when ALL other nations were involved already. Passendale, where no American soldier left is life, combined with fresh US soldiers a few months later were the reason why the German lost the war.
            As to WWII, Why did US bomb Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki???? Stalin was close to take over the German industry so we slaughtered men women and children.
            Stalin was preparing to invade Japan, so we did all we could to stop them… I’m not writing to your heart full of hatred, but in the hope some other will be able to read.
            400bn YEARLY wasted on hatred. is that what you call fighting for freedom/human rights/democracy?
            Just check out how well US is doing in Yemen. And, as KSA is too stupid to win a war against a third world country, US is coming to the rescue with its latest armament (100bn of sales… to slaughter men women and children). And you blame Iran and Russia???
            So basically nothing changed over the last 80 years or more.
            How quick US was to prevent a Russian plane to land in Yemen and how well they managed to seal off the truth. Not to mention Vietnam, Afghanistan… So many f… wars so called for democracy and human rights… No one fights for democracy. US is fighting for its flourishing business of body bags and weapons.

          • laker48

            Your rant reinforces my beliefs that the communists are not to be talked to; the communists and Bolsheviks are to be shot at. BTW, the US’s military budget is close to $700 billion a year and this is why you can safely spread your garbage thanks to American technology instead of speaking RuSSian and toiling 16 hours a day, seven days a week in a diamond mine in Kolyma or other recreational venue of the Gulag Archipelago in the former Soviet Union. It seems to me that Marx and Lenin’s useful idiots are still well and kicking, and you’re one of the specimens.

          • Bruno Clabot

            So I was right…

          • laker48

            Right about what, RuSSian shill?

  • zorbatheturk

    The RuSSian-created puppet state of North Korea is about to start WW3. Soviet evil has no statute of limitations. More sanctions are needed on the Putin regime, the sons of Stalin.

    • laker48

      RuSSia and China both created and, now, keep on lifelines the North Korean monster. We may see a massive US strike on all North Korean missile and nuclear weapon deployment sites.

      • Bruno Clabot

        You mean an agression on a sovereign state that you refuse the simple right to exist for over 50 years? Just read a little more about who created what… I consider their leader is mad, but that doesn’t entitle us to invade bomb or whatever. Or should we also start a campaign about US because of their leader?

  • laker48

    The American public has consistently demonstrated a very healthy and pragmatic approach. Keeping the existing sanctions and slapping new ones seems to be the best approach. The existing ones visibly emaciate and weaken the Fascist RuSSian Federation. The most important is a multi-prong action against the RuSSian energy raw material sector by depriving RuSSia of any access to western technology and know how in the oil and gas extraction industry and, on the other end of the spectrum, significantly eroding RuSSia’s global market share by, for example, replacement with US and Middle Eastern oil and LNG the RuSSian-piped ones in the EU, especially in the EU energy markets east of Germany. Weak RuSSia will be easier to drive out of SE Ukraine with the use of diplomatic or even military means. Once Ukraine reclaims full control over its whole border with Belarus and RuSSia, further occupation of Crimea will become extremely costly for RuSSia, as it will keep the US Navy in the Black Sea as well as all American and EU sanction slapped on Dwarfstan.

    • Ihor Dawydiak

      While American sanctions (and preferably greater sanctions) leveled against Russia could be viewed as a major instrument of economic and financial power that if used properly would have the potential of forcing Putin to rethink his strategies of aggression in Eastern Europe but America cannot do this on its own. And as you mentioned, it would also require a similar strategy that must be employed by the European Family of Nations (ie. the EU and even nations outside of the EU). After all, these are the same nations that utilize the vast majority of Russian energy supplies and therein lies Russia’s greatest weakness. Therefore, should Europe cut off the imports of Russian oil and gas, then Putin’s regime would face imminent bankruptcy and a real threat of internal revolution. As for Europe, all that would be needed would be a guarantee of alternative energy supplies, some perseverance and the will to make it happen.

      • laker48

        The main obstacle is Germany that actually hasn’t given up on the German-RuSSian gas duopoly in the EU. The US, in order to destroy this duopoly, would have to reduce its profit margins on LNG sales to Europe to the absolute minimum allowing it avoiding any dumping complaints filed by RuSSia in the WTO.

        • Tchitcherine

          Kick RuSSia out of WTO.

          • laker48

            It was a grave mistake made by Poland than lifted its veto in August 2012 after 20 years of Dwarfstan’s waiting outside the door. That mistake was made by the government of Poland that was voted out of office in 2015 for shilling for RuSSia among many other bad things. RuSSia should have never been accepted into the WTO.

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      Poland is phasing out Dwarfstan as a supplier. When the current contracts with Gazprom expire in 2019 and 2021 they will not be renewed. Instead Poland will buy gas from Qatar and Norway. The LNG terminal near Stettin is already in operation handling gas from Qatar; its current capacity is 5 billion cubic metres per annum, but is to be increased to 7.5 billion.
      Lithuania has an LNG terminal in operation at Klaipeda and this has forced Gazprom to slash its extortionate price for Lithuania to world market prices. Presumably Estonia and Latvia will also make use of the Lithuanian terminal when the interconnecting pipelines are completed. The Baltics aren’t large customers, but every $ less for Gazprom means less for the offshore bank accounts of the dwarf and friends, less for the Dwarfstanian treasury and less for funding the dwarf’s aggression.

      Curiously, Germany wants to INCREASE its dependency on Dwarfstan’s gas despite the dwarf’s record of using gas as a weapon, plus his complete general untrustworthiness. I’ve never understood why Germany has such a Russia fetish, especially since part of the country was under Russian occupation for 45 years. Ditto for Austria, though in its case the occupation was for only 10 years. Even so, that should have cured them of any sympathy for Moscow forever.

      • Tchitcherine

        As far as the people in the GDR are concerned, they are still sodden with anti-american, anti-capitalist and anti-european integration propaganda; even if they despise the GDR from today’s viewpoint.

        As far as the german companies are concerned, they love fascist autocratic regime because they save them from the horrors of a free market. They can get ahold of exclusive contracts, in a field free of competitors, guarenteeing payment whether an investment is profitable or not.

        Many germans are also misguided pacifist, who think it’s a great idea to give the aggressor whatever he wants. I also wondered what it’ll look like it little green men show up in Saxony or Rügen, probably the local police, many of whom served in the GDR, woulf drink and eat hot tea and Schnittchen with them. The KSK, however is a different matter.

  • Kruton

    Javelin’s for Ukraine!