Russia joins Iran and North Korea on US ‘axis of evil’ list, Kommersant says

Putin in looking unsure


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In his State of the Union address in January 2002, then-US President George W. Bush said Iran, Iraq and North Korea constituted “an axis of evil” because of their efforts to acquire weapons of mass destruction. Now, a Moscow newspaper says, the US Congress has dropped Iraq from the list and put Russia in its place.

In an article today entitled “The US Congress has Included Russia in the World ‘Axis of Evil’ Together with Iran and North Korea,” a group of journalists at Kommersant says that the House of Representatives has taken this step because of its opposition to a whole range of Russian actions.

These include, the paper says, Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea, its intervention in the Donbas and Syria, its attacks on the cybersecurity of the United States and other countries, a pattern of actions that House leaders say constitutes evidence that Moscow “by various means is threatening its neighbors and trying actively to undermine American interests.”

Not surprisingly, the Moscow paper speculates about how the Trump Administration will likely try to get around any measure the Congress passes and how Moscow may make use of this action, scheduled for a vote tomorrow, to exploit US-EU tensions and to bring a case against Washington at the World Trade Organization.

But it acknowledges that the House measure which the Senate is likely to approve as well and which President Donald Trump, because of his domestic political difficulties, will have no choice but to sign not only strengthens the West’s sanctions regime against Russia but makes the a matter of law rather than policy, thus restricting Trump’s freedom of action.

What the article doesn’t say but clearly suggests is that the inclusion of Russia on the “axis of evil” countries is something that will deeply offend most Russians and will only underscore the failure of the Kremlin to achieve a change in American policy by its interference in last year’s US elections.

Moreover, this article does not mention something that may matter even more for the future. For the first time since the early years of Gorbachev’s times, American media outlets and American politicians are now routinely referring to Russia as “a hostile foreign power,” a sea change for which Vladimir Putin has only himself to blame.


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  • veth

    The Trump administration puts Russia on pair with North Korea. Failed pariah states………………………..

    • MichaelA

      not trump
      congress did this

  • Ihor Dawydiak

    Once again, Russia’s foremost Pompous Pederast, aka Poker Face Putin, has gambled and lost in his attempt to curry favor with a US President with the ultimate goal being the restoration of a new Russian Empire. Then, why the failure. It was not limited to a singular matter of President Trump’s role in Russo-American affairs. On the contrary, it had everything to do with the Kremlin’s attempt at subterfuge in American internal and external affairs. As such, this gross interference in America’s democracy could not go unpunished. Hence, a new and more robust set of sanctions leveled against Russia while at the same time providing the US Congress with more power to implement these sanctions. Finally, all of these actions and counter actions could only lead to one conclusion. Despite their ability to try and manipulate affairs in foreign countries, the Russian Government has never fully understood the actual strength of truly democratic regimes and for this Putin and his hyenas will face the consequences.

    • veth

      Russian Federation Council asked President Vladimir Putin to instruct relevant departments to develop sanctions against Poland because of the law on demolition of Soviet memorials in the country. This was reported by Interfax with the reference to senators’ address to Putin.

      “We ask you to instruct the relevant federal executive bodies to submit proposals on possible introduction of restrictive measures in the areas of bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Poland, as well as against Polish parliamentarians – the initiators of the law of April 1, 2016 on the prohibition of communism or other totalitarian system propaganda and other physical and legal entities,” the address says.

      Related: Russian Parliament suggests terminating economic connections with Poland
      As it was reported earlier Poland answered Russia’s accusations on law on USSR monuments dismantling. Similar statements of Russian Foreign Ministry are regarded by the Poles as “a campaign to discredit the good name of Poland.”

      “The purpose of law is to prevent the glorification of totalitarianism symbolism, of which millions of Poles, Ukrainians, Russians and representatives of other nations were victims,” the Polish Foreign Ministry said.

      • Oknemfrod

        A bunch of stupid clowns. The Poles have nothing but utter contempt for them and their “sanctions”.

        • veth

          Russia asks Ukraine to let consul see detained Ageev
          Kyiv violates interstate and international law, reads the Russian Foreign Ministry’s statement

          First time Russia aks for the consul for arrested Russian soldiers, who ‘are not ín Ukraine’………….

  • veth
  • Murf

    What can you say about a country that only sees every thing the world as a Zero Sum Gain.
    If they don’t gain from a deal then they lost.
    There is no such thing as a mutually beneficial arrangement.
    Everything they give in a negotiation is win for you and a loss for them.
    Never mind if the deal ultimately means they have more then when they started.
    If you go to them just to have dialog then you are weaker and you are submitting to them.
    I have said it before and I will say it a gain they understand only one type of relationship;
    Master to Slave.
    You are one or you are the other.
    If you are the Master you must whip them to show who is boss or you are weak and they will take the whip away from you and then they will be the Master.

  • Brent

    Considering “North Ko-Russia” supplies weapons to the following terrorist groups
    1) Hezzbollah
    2) The Taliban
    3) the Russo Nazzi scum in Donbass
    of course they belong on the axis of evil list.

    Now there is a lot of concern that North Korea’s rapid advances in missile technology is based on Russia designs…hmmm, wonder where they got that from???

  • zorbatheturk

    All RuSSians should be deeply offended to have a warmongering thieving totalitarian cockroach like Vladimir Putin as their leader, a man with all the charisma of a second rate mortician and who obviously left his soul at the cleaners or pawned it for a bottle of vodka and lost the ticket somewhere.

  • bob

    what trump hasn’t worked out yet is his Pal,Putin,is the one arming kim jong of
    NK!what putin is doing in NK is what Krustchev tried to do in cuba in the
    1960’s!the irony is that trump is Palsy with putin who in turn is arming kim
    jong with nukes aimed at the US-& trump is either oblivious of it or condones it-this is called treason-this is
    called impeachment!