American CITIZENS should care about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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Many commentators have now answered US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s question, “Why should US taxpayers be interested in Ukraine?” But they have failed to point out why that is the wrong question – and why it reflects a profound change in the United States with far larger and more dangerous implications than some might think.

It is quite clear that American citizens have a profound interest in supporting Ukraine as a fellow democracy that has been invaded by a dictatorship that is dedicated to overthrowing the basic principles of the West – the rule of law, the supremacy of citizenship over ethnicity, and the right of nations to self-determination.

And while is also quite clear that Americans as taxpayers have an interest in supporting Ukraine because those basic political principles have contributed to the growth of the US and the world economy, focusing on or more precisely reducing Americans and their interests from citizens to taxpayers reflects a dangerous habit of mind.

Not only does it detract attention from political questions which are central in the Ukrainian case, but it encourages a selfish and individualistic rather than generous and collective spirit that so often has informed American actions in the world at their best. And that shift, if it continues, makes such noble actions not just in support of Ukraine far more unlikely.

In 1939, Peter F. Drucker published his now classic study, The End of Economic Man, in which he argued the rise of politics at the expense of economics in many countries carried with it the risk of totalitarianism, a diagnosis of the world of the 1930s with which no one can seriously disagree.

But now the pendulum has swung in the opposition direction and some scholar is likely to write a sequel with a title like The End of Political Man to capture the rise of economic man (consumer or taxpayer) at the expense of political man (citizen), a development that undermines national cohesion and makes collective action less and less likely.

I support Ukraine and its fight against Russian aggression because I am an American citizen, someone informed by the values of this country as outlined in its founding documents and reaffirmed by so many leaders over the last two centuries. I do not want to be reduced to the far lesser status of a taxpayer alone.

That is not in my interest, the interest of my country, the interest of Ukraine, or the interest of the world. Secretary Tillerson asked the wrong question because asking his question is to put the defense of these interests all at risk.



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  • Terry Washington

    The self styled”nationalists” such as Pat Buchanan and Steve Bannon who seem willing to throw Ukraine under the bus in the name of “detente” with Putin(presumably to quote Neville Chamberlain apropos of the Czechs during the Munich crisis of 1938 as they”are a far off people of whom we know little”) make the same mistake as did the America Firsters of the pre-Pearl Harbor era- America could afford to ignore outside conflicts between 1789 and 1939- that is between the Presidencies of George Washington and Franklin D.Roosevelt- but NOT in the 21st century! As for the financial cost, it is worth noting the criticism of those Victorian businessmen and intellectuals who seemed to know the price of everything and the value of nothing!. Isolationism is as dead as the proverbial dodo, as even Donald Trump is belatedly becoming aware!

    • Mr. Jackson

      And who are, you? Self Styled Dumba$$ in Love with Globalism paid by US Taxpayers? Why should Americans care about mad ukraps who salute naZZis? Ukraine is not a Country – it’s a territory and we saw how Communist Globalist story ended. No Ukraps, work hard and make it. Don;t count on being paid for sabotaging Russia, which is all that criminal, illegal regime in Kiev is doing.

      • Terry Washington

        I see you’ve been drinking the Putinist Kool Aid about the “fascist coup ‘d etat in Kiev”. Actually I’m not an American but a Briton- who remembers my fellow countryman Winston Churchill’s sage aphorism that an appeaser is a person who hopes the tiger will eat him last!

        • Mr. Jackson

          Says the Kool Aid poster-boy from a Country that serves Globalists to the tee and the country that created menace such as Wahhabi in middle east. No, I’ve seen what happen in Kiev. We all saw the burring Kiev and Molotov cocktail being thrown on unarmed Berkuts. We saw long sticks being used to pock Policeman’s eyes after their helmet visors are sprayed with the paint. Read the history of “re-branded” Svoboda party and their UkrNaZZi thugs and “Pravy Sector’s” most violent members being trained in Poland and Lithuania on how to fight and defeat Berkuts. Read about Winston Churchill as a Druid.

          • Quartermaster

            Unarmed Berkuts? You’re a liar. There’s a reason the much of the Berkut ran for Russia when Yanukovich ran. It wasn’t becauise they had been unarmed at maidan. You drank all the koolaid and left none for anyone else.

          • Andrew Chmile

            It’s that mentally ill on psych drugs POS ***SERBIAN*** again!

          • Andrew Chmile


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          • Mr. Jackson


          • Alex George

            You haven’t seen anything in Kyiv. You’ve never been anywhere outside your own village!

            Putin is a fool who turned ukraine against Russia, by unprovoked aggression against the Ukrainians people. Putin is one of the most incompetent rulers ever to have led Russia.

        • Andrew Chmile

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      • Quartermaster

        No one is sabotaging Russia other than Putin and his regime.
        Russia is still a Mongol state. Ukrainian patriotism saved Ukraine from a Russian invasion. Non-countries don’t do such things, but the facts are not only irrelevant to you, they are beyond you.

        • Andrew Chmile

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      • Alex George

        Ukraine is a country.

        Russia is not a country, just a loose federation of unrelated nations.

        And yes, Russia salutes nazis, unlike Ukraine which is a civilised country.

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  • Tchitcherine

    The thirteen colonies would’ve lost THEIR anticolonial struggle if it weren’t for the support of foreign powers. Tillerson ought to know that.

  • veth

    Tillerson , the American who got the highest Russian medal……………………promoting Russia.

    • Mr. Jackson

      “American illegal attacks on sovereign countries around the world are done to present America as the sole, single super power in the world and nothing else is acceptable.”

      The emerging rise of Russia and China is unacceptable and these actions are aimed at “targeting multi-polarity, as they want to maintain America as the single super power in the world”

      Ukrap Ashkenazim TROLLS in this furum are the only clowns who likes to portray Ahskenazim illegal President and failed none-state of Ukraine as success. No trolls – we all know that every single time that Ashkenazim took control anywhere the country ended up in war and the peril followed there. Just stop and think and … don’t forget to denounce blasphemous Talmud – Happy Easter!

      • zorbatheturk

        RuSSia has been going backwards not rising. It is about as progressive as Albania.

        • Mr. Jackson

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          • Terry Washington

            Let’s see- Anglo -American imperialism bad but Russian imperialism somehow good if not so bad. George Orwell would have had a field day with you!

          • Mr. Jackson

            “West” = $35 trillion in debt as part of Anglo-Zionist Empire = BAD.
            George Orwell had no sympathy for them.

            There is no “Russian Empire” since 1914. Quit leftist brainwashing Reuters, BBC, MSNBC, ABC, CNN,…

          • Quartermaster

            You are posting irrelevancies. It simply shows you have nothing and are simply a Russian troll.

          • Andrew Chmile

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          • Alex George

            You are right that there is no Russian empire – nor will there ever be again.

            Russia is a weak federation – its only future lies in breaking up.

          • Andrew Chmile


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          • Mr. Jackson

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          • Mr. Jackson

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          • Alex George

            Why? No need to get angry just because he told the truth – Russia is a backward nation that is dropping further behind the developed world.

      • Quartermaster

        A troll calling regulars trolls is quite amusing. Ukraine is rising, Russia is declining and Putin has set it on the path to destruction.

  • zorbatheturk

    RuSSian imperialism must be crushed. The Putinator must be deactivated. RuSSia has declared hybrid war on the west. The West must fight back. Wake up, everybody.

    • Mr. Jackson

      Retard – what Russian Imperialism? “US authorities called the MOAB attack in Afghanistan a message to US enemies; however, it seems that the “US enemies’ list just keeps growing.”

      “They are never short of enemies so whoever stands against US interests or their expansionism they are considered US enemies. Hence, they are sending a geopolitical message by dropping this massive weapon in Afghanistan”.

      “Driven by profits for MIC – US is trying to intensify the war in Afghanistan as Trump’s administration will bring more foot soldiers because they will present IS [Daesh] as a much bigger threat than it really is and it would then justify the continued presence of American forces in Afghanistan”

      • zorbatheturk

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        • Mr. Jackson

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          • Mr. Jackson

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      • Alex George

        You have so little thought that you cannot even think of your own arguments – this is all just cut-and-paste from Kremlin troll sites.

        “Russian imperialism” means Russia’s drive to conquer and enslave other nations. Even though Russia is weak, it has attempted to conquer Georgia and Ukraine, and to intimidate many other nations. Russia has no right to any of this.

  • Mr. Jackson

    Ass-kissing Ukraps only hope to get more free money BUT NONE IS COMING from the Failed and Declining Empire. The Empire is again trying to use force, overwhelmingly, to advance it’s geopolitical interests. The Empire fist illegally attacked the Syrian air base based on information that is less than accurate because there is no tangible evidence to say that Assad really used those weapons over there. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t; there is no evidence to prove it. Nevertheless they went ahead and in a show of force attacked the base then The Empire went and dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan and is now threatening war with North Korea. Can we not tell that the Afghan attack happened and the rising tensions in the DPRK all point to a certain “geopolitical trend emerging”? Ukraine, a territory not a country, would like to be under the umbrella of the dollar printing empire but this is not happening. Thus desperate Porky Waltzman Porshjenka is preparing for the all out war on Donbass in late spring. Yes, this Ashkenazim would murder more Ukrainians in 3-1 attack and you – trolls – would still node as bobble-heads!

    • Quartermaster

      Trump was stupid in doing what he did in Syria, but it is an irrelevancy here. The US has no involvement in Ukraine.
      But, trolls just gotta troll and that’s what you are, a troll.

      • Andrew Chmile


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        • Mr. Jackson

          WOW, Soros is getting his money’s worth from the lunatic fringe left today! Do you Lviv MORON still getting 3-cents a post?

    • Alex George

      Are you really so ignorant as to think “no money” is coming?

      Not only is there plenty of aid for Ukraine from the West, but there is also investment from all over the world also – middle eastern nations, China, and many more are pouring money into Ukraine. They know where the future lies.