Trump-Putin bromance is far from over, despite Russia’s anti-American rhetoric


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Russian experts and sociologists have noted a sharp increase in both anti-Western sentiment and anti-American rhetoric in Russian establishment politics. In particular, as journalist Denis Ermakov points out, it’s the first time such sentiments have been observed since Donald Trump‘s election to the presidency of the United States.

In his article, the Russian analyst lists several statements by officials and the press that demonstrate the same stylistics of the new “Cold War” that had been observed on a much larger scale at the very beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in 2013-14.

Last week, one senior Russian official after another began speaking in one voice about the West trying to destabilize the situation in Russia and, specifically, in order to influence the outcome of the presidential election in 2018. At a special Federation Council hearing on June 7, the speaker of the upper house Valentina Matviyenko, the Prosecutor General Yury Chaika, and the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin, talked about this,” Ermakov said.

“The Russophobic course the West is on at the present moment is practically institutionalized, and its instigators and promoters occupy leading positions in the government, international organizations, the media and various non-governmental organizations,” Sergey Naryshkin told the senators.

At the same time, he said, “the scenario if realized by the West implies depriving Russia of independence in international affairs and obtaining unlimited access to our natural resources.”

“The US wants to strengthen sanctions against our energy sector,” Naryshkin warned. Earlier in an interview with The Financial Times, the head of Rosneft Igor Sechin also said that anti-Russian sanctions were introduced to influence the socio-economic situation in Russia, “to make it worse, and to have this affect the elections.”

The head of SVR also noted that the US “launched work on the creation of the so-called hybrid war crimes tribunal” of Russia in Syria. He is confident that hostile agents want to destabilize Russia’s socio-economic situation and “undermine the authority of power of institutions in the country to eventually plunge Russia into chaos.” According to Valentina Matviyenko, “our detractors are now forced to increase their emphasis on external pressures on Russia.”

“There is no doubt that during the time that remains before the presidential elections in Russia in March next year, we will face very active and consistent attempts by the United States and its NATO allies to influence the course of this election campaign,” said the head of the international committee of the Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev.

At the same time, some Russian and even Ukrainian political scientists see the strengthening of anti-American rhetoric as a sign that Putin “has failed to make a deal with Trump,” or as evidence that the latter is not fulfilling the conditions of a possible previously concluded deal. However, if we take into account what is happening in Russia and in the US itself, we can conclude that such conclusions are premature.

First, as both Denis Ermakov and Levada Center head Lev Gudkov rightly conclude, anti-Western rhetoric is being used by Russian authorities primarily for “internal consumption.”

“The Kremlin is reviving a negative narrative in order to suppress once and for all its political opponents, to mobilize a loyal electorate, and at the same time to try once again to break through its international isolation on the ‘Western front,'” the author notes.

Secondly, for all its aggressiveness, Russia’s new anti-American rhetoric differs from the old, “pre-election” propaganda. In particular, whereas prior to the election, Russian officials and the media preferred to cast blame for all Russia’s sins not only on a faceless US, but to personally blame Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton. Post-election propaganda, with the exception of some of its most odious proponents, does not dare to personally blame Donald Trump for Russia’s troubles. Instead, both Russian “journalists” and officials, including those at the highest levels, prefer to talk about some faceless “West,” a kind of semi-mythical, but surprisingly unified monster. They speak of the United States in the same tone they speak about a single “global government conspiracy” creating intrigues for Russia, regardless of the actual positions stated by Trump personally.

What’s rather paradoxical is that instead of all this anti-American propaganda rhetoric leading to conflict with the sitting American president, it seems aimed to appeal to him.

Putin seems to go out of his way to make clear that he has no quarrel with Trump, but with the American system, which is like some sort of “collective consciousness,” not propagated by propaganda, but by a powerfully effective mechanism of checks, balances, values, institutions, and most importantly, the the rule of law. The problem, however, is that Trump himself, from his first days in office, has been battling the same thing as Putin, only he calls it by another term – the “Deep State.” In fact, what the pro-Trump propagandists designate under the term “Deep State” is essentially the American system of institutions and norms.


In fact, if we put aside the many expressions of the Trump administration’s desire for relations with Russia, and pay attention only to the facts, we are reminded that even before assuming office, Trump engaged in daily denials of the fact of Russia’s interference in the American election (no longer in doubt), he denigrated the American intelligence community, and he openly defended Putin against the interests of his own country. And since that time, as historian Yuri Felshtinsky rightly notes, Trump has failed to utter a single bad word about Putin.

Moreover, on May 9, Trump fired the director of the FBI, James Comey, an unprecedented event which was immediately followed by Trump meeting in the Oval Office the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov, to whom he promptly told that he fired Comey because of the “great pressure” of the Russia investigation, which he now “removed.” And Trump boastfully reported to the Russians that he was not under investigation. At that same meeting, Trump also revealed top secret classified information to Lavrov, as reported in many American media outlets.

Then, at a recent hearing in the US Senate, James Comey confirmed that Trump tried to intervene in the investigation, demanded loyalty to himself and asked to stop the investigation of his former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The fact that Republicans have refused to respond to any of these unprecedented events has already been identified in the press as putting the interests of party over the interests of country.

Nearly all the members of Trump’s team, including his personal lawyers and family members, have some connection to Russia: either in terms of serving the interests of certain Russian entities, or in matters of business, including some very suspicious negotiations.

Some of them are even suspected of laundering money for the Russian mafia. By the way, Trump’s nominee for the post of new head of the FBI, Christopher Wray, also has links to Russia. His law firm is known to have represented the interests of Russian state energy giants Rosneft and Gazprom.

In terms of foreign policy, Trump has soured relations with key US allies, primarily Germany, France and Britain – in other words, doing exactly what Putin wants from him. It seems that the Kremlin already understands that the main problem for the ambitions of the Russian dictator is not Trump, but the American system, or rather, those parts that try to resist the policies of the new administration in the White House.

At the same time, the Kremlin paints its propaganda picture of the hostile West and the “sinister US,” as if specifically avoiding the specific filling in of these terms, leaving its “overseas partners” room for imagination, which they did not fail to take advantage of.

So, right after the hearings in the Senate, local Trump fans started spreading unsubstantiated and slanderous rumors of “Comey’s brothers working for the Clinton Foundation” and other absurd conspiracy theories.

By the way, the constant exploitation of conspiracy myths with the use of images of Obama and Clinton, as well as accusing all the people who testify against Trump in connection with them, also fully conforms to Russian propaganda. Regardless of mistakes or even conscious transgressions the Democrats may have made during their time in power, neither Obama nor Clinton has ever exerted any political pressure on American institutions, much less on the work of US counterintelligence community.

This strategy of creating a virtual enemy in order to divert attention from real problems and crimes of those in power and from a specific investigation, as well as switching the agenda from the relevant present to the irrelevant past, is also a technique completely borrowed from Russian propaganda – the only difference being that in Russia the role of the enemy is the “evil West,” and in America – it’s the “invisible, but all-powerful Obama.”

Thus, Russia’s dictator, with his growing anti-American rhetoric, and America’s current president, are in fact battling one and the same enemy – the “collective West” whose democratic principles, independent press and the American system of justice are being severely tested. It’s too early to say who will win this battle. Watch this space.


Translated by: Paula Chertok

Edited by: A. N.

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    1. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

      Compare the visit with the Tambov mafia vs. the leader of Germany; our biggest ally in Europe.

      1. Avatar Scradje says:

        I think you made a slight error there: Germany; fuehrer pootler’s biggest ally in Europe would be more accurate.

      2. Avatar Turtler says:

        Yeah, and it’s not surprising. Merkel openly shilled for Clinton to win during the election and badmouthed Trump personally, and the two are at massive ends over one of the key points of both’s election campaigns: how to deal with the migrant invasion.

        Actions have consequences. Without that there is no freedom. The idea that Trump should be forced to grin and ignore that kind of personal attacks is nonsense.

        And that’s before we talk about the man’s glaring personal defects meaning he wouldn’t anyway.

    2. Avatar Turtler says:

      Yeah, and I hate to tell you this but it’s the President’s constitutional duty to deal with foreign diplomats and politicians. It is most certainly not one of their duties to pander to whatever press clowns want to hop on. That’s the problem with this comparison, and why it is stupid and dishonest.

      I’m not the biggest fan of Trump, but he’s well within his right to blackball press sources from the White House. Period. And the fact that the established mandarins of the MSM are up in a tizzy about this and acting as if they are somehow ENTITLED to their position at the court just underlines how badly this was needed. Especially after many of them decided to run with what can charitably be called a bunch of blatant nonsense like the Pssgate dossier.

  1. Avatar Mykola Potytorsky says:

    Just goes to show us a Russian plant and agent, therefore a traitor to the Republic.

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      No, it doesn’t. The fact that more than half a year after this nonsense started none of you have dredged up a single point of evidence that he is a “plant of agent”,- let alone a traitor- just underlines how desperate and ignorant this kind of bashing is. Especially now that it looks like the FBI and several Democrats behaved in a grossly improper way by funding an unverifiable piece of Oppo Research and lying on the Senate Floor about whether Trump was being investigated.

      Here’s a hint: What’s in the term “plant”? Usually you have to seed it.

      The idea that Trump’s career from start to now was the result of cultivation from the Kremlin (like-say- Alger Hiss’s was) just underlines a massive and dangerous ignorance about how the Kremlin operates..

      That doesn’t mean Trump shouldn’t be watched closely. He might count as a useful idjiot in the vein of FDR at Yalta, or perhaps even worse. But the chances of him being an agent of the Kremlin or a plant are pretty farqing nonexistant.

      And AS I POINTED OUT BEFORE, even if we magically pretend this doesn’t exist and Trump STARTED OUT as a Russian agent/plant, the chances of Putin being able to exert control over him as POTUS are marginal at freaking best. Just look at freaking TITO and MAO and HOXHA after they became heads of their own openly Communist gulags with borders. THEY were far more direct agents of the Kremlin than Trump ever could have been, and yet after they took power and differences started to build up they took their tyrannical regimes, broke from Moscow, and never looked back.

      And all of those were states that were MUCH less powerful both in absolute terms and relative to the Soviets than the United States of today is.

      But of course, that gets in the way of the five minute hate…

  2. Avatar Steve says:

    This article moves from fact in the beginning to innuendo and ignorance of the facts now known to us over the last month, especially the last two weeks and ignores the recent article published in the Washing Post (WaPo) that there is no collusion. There is more but the most glaring point ignored as this article mentions the Administrations “contacts” with Russia are the contacts by many Democrat members of Congress to include Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders (honey mooned in Moscow), et. al. Seems the authors choose to beat a dead horse and ignored the surveys that show almost 2/3 of Americans don’t give a hoot about all this and want the Congress to behave and work with the Administration and move the country forward. As a side note why no mention of James Comey admitting before Congress that he violated ethics and the law by leaking information to his friend for publication and why no mention of Comey’s LONG association with Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and his work with HSBC. I will do your home work for you. Here is James Comey, the former FBI Director:

    James Comey was a politically connected lawyer. The closest experiences he had to actual law enforcement were very short stints as a U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he served as a colleague to future Attorney General Loretta Lynch, lasting less than a year. He served as a U.S. Deputy attorney general for less than two years. But, he was in that position long enough to ensure Clinton adviser Sandy Berger would get off the hook for stealing and destroying classified records from the National Archives. The documents were relevant to accusations the Clinton administration was negligent in the build-up to the 9/11 terrorist attack.

    After that, James Comey got a job as general counsel and senior vice president of Lockheed Martin at a salary of $6 million a year! That same year, the defense contractor became a major Clinton Foundation donor. Coincidence? Maybe. But Comey’s brother, Peter Comey, worked for DLA Piper, an accounting firm that performed the “independent audit” of the Clinton Foundation in 2015. DLA Piper firm also is No. 5 on the top contributors list of the Clinton Foundation, just ahead of No. 4, Goldman Sachs.

    How close are the brothers? In 2011, James Comey granted brother Peter Comey a $712,500 mortgage loan on his house.

    From Lockheed Martin, James Comey next became general counsel for Bridgewater Associates and later a senior research scholar at Columbia Law School and, most importantly, was appointed in 2013 to the board of directors of one of the largest and most corrupt banks in the world – HSBC. It should be noted that a year before James Comey accepted the position, there were documented accusations by an HSBC whistleblower that the bank was involved in massive money-laundering schemes for terrorists and drug cartels. The accusations led to a Justice Department investigation headed by Loretta Lynch that resulted in a $1.2 billion fine – a prosecution widely criticized for being “too soft” on the bank. No one was fired. No one went to jail. Amazing, a $1.2 billion fine of HSBC for drug cartel money-laundering, yet no one at the bank was responsible for . . . Truly amazing . . .

    Lynch’s subsequent nomination by Barack Obama to be Attorney General would thereafter be held for several months by the U.S. Senate which delayed her confirmation as she was questioned on her role in the HSBC case.

    Parenthetically, it’s worth mentioning that the news media’s series of exposes on HSBC resulted in retribution by the bank. Access to some of the stories were temporarily and illegally blocked for a period of hours at the demand of the powerful bank.

    This was the financial institution to which James Comey would serve as a director less than a year later. A few months after that, he was appointed FBI director by Barack Obama.

    Those were his credentials. That was his resume. Those were his qualifications.

    He was never a cop.

    He was never a detective.

    He was never an investigator.

    But he was clearly an Obama guy – and quite likely recommended for the job by his old colleague Loretta Lynch.

    1. Avatar kev says:

      Thank you for the facts, Steve. It is getting more and more difficult to read articles from this site. Very soon, I will unsubscribe. Getting tired of the Trump bashing. I support Ukraine, but I do not support the corrupt democrats or corrupt Hillary Clinton or the deep state or the corrupt, agenda driven media that is bought and paid for. More and more, it seems from these articles that the interests of Ukraine are equivalent to the interests of the corrupt democratic party, and if so, then good luck to Ukraine. Under Obama the democrats have lost 1,042 seats in the local legislatures, 12 governorships and dozens of senate and house of representative seats. They are a sick, demented party that supports abortion (the killing of babies), persecution of Christians, criminals’ rights, over-taxing of the hardworking for the lazy, and the islamisisation of the west. They are a dying party, and if Ukraineans expect success by hitching the wagon with them, then good luck to Ukraine.
      I have been a supporter of Ukraine since 2011, and have donated money to various war and charity efforts in Ukraine, to help those suffering from the war, but I will NOT sell out my country for Ukraine. I am an American first, and the U.S. best interest is NOT to go with the democratic party. I will NEVER vote for a democrat, and will always support my President. Those who actually believe that Hillary Clinton and her party would be in the interests of Ukraine, after Obama’s years of all talk and no action, are not people I take seriously, and more importantly, are not people who have the best interests of the U.S. in mind. Good luck to y’all. Trump 2016 and 2020 also.

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        And yet you admire s President whose Taj Mahal Casino paid a $10 million money laundering fine?!?!? Would you like him to meet or Trust him to be alone with your daughter?

        I’m curious about something else. You claim to subscribe to this site for years but I’ve never seen you comment here before or talk of your support of Ukraine before. Yet the one cause on a Ukraine news site that causes you to comment is Drumpf???? Now that’s really odd!!!!

        1. Avatar kev says:

          Yes, I have been on this site for years. I read what articles interest me. And naturally I have been reading for months and months, the articles by this particular writer, and by comments on this site, insulting, degrading and abusing MY President without stop. I read for most of the pre election period, the shockingly biased anti-Trump and pro-Hillary positions taken by all the writers on this site. Eventually you all lost because the person you were badmouthing, won. The President, was aware of the blatant support that the Ukrainean administration gave to Hillary, hence the cold shoulder that Mr. Poroshenko initially received from him. Yet, instead of learning the lesson that Americans vote on domestic politics, not on the needs of foreign countries, people like this writer, continue to make the same mistake and attack the President, thereby disrespecting the millions who voted for him. We as Americans will vote for who is best for our country, regardless of what you think. And your hostility to Donald Trump will only REDUCE your influence on what he does, because he will see you less and less as a friend or even a neutral party, and more like an enemy.

          Whether you are aware of my presence or you believe I have been here or not, is absolutely not my business. I couldn’t care what you think or believe. I have been to Ukraine four times, I have friends there, I have worked there, but I am not the sort of person who lives on the internet. I am too busy. But I have been constantly annoyed by the pro-liberal, pro-democratic party, anti-Hillary articles, and I just finally decided to speak, because I am both annoyed by that article, and frankly I continue to be baffled as to how Ukraineans believe that they can further their interest by constantly badmouthing the President of the United States. Do you think cursing him will make people not vote for him next time? Or you think it will make him decide to now support your viewpoint, because you are insulting him? As a human being, if someone continues to badmouth me, it will only harden me and make me MUCH more AGAINST that person. So I don’t see the logic of this behaviour. Maybe you see the viciousness of the liberal media here, against him, but ask yourself whether it has worked for the media? Democrats have lost four straight elections, and nobody trusts the media. So who is benefitting from badmouthing Donald Trump? You think it will help you? Good luck with that.

          And yes, as would be obvious by now, I am a supporter of Donald Trump and the republican party, for the reasons I have stated above. Politics is a game of balance, a game of compromise. A game of the lesser of two evils. To my mind, ANY party that subscribes to the killing of babies for convenience, any party that refuses to fight Islamic terrorism because of political correctness, and that hates and persecutes Christians, is a party that I will NEVER vote for. I don’t care what Donald Trump has done in his personal life. Nobody is perfect, and everyone has done silly stuff in life. What I do care about are the Judges he appoints, the policies on terrorism that he institutes, his tax policies and his policies on the protection of the lives of helpless babies. That’s all I care about. And as long as the republicans remain strong on these issues, and democrats continue to push horrible, evil, destructive policies on my country, I will continue to support them, no matter what personal foibles or negatives, our President may have. I support Ukraine, but I am an American first, and if Ukraineans choose to make themselves the enemy of our President, then I will stay with our President, and Ukraineans can live with their choice.

        2. Avatar kev says:

          Ha ha ha, this site makes me laugh. I gave a strong response in support of our President, Donald Trump, and the moderator removed my response…I guess a different opinion is frightening to you, just like it is to the corrupt mainstream media over here. You guys keep talking in your echo chamber and bashing the President of the United States. See where it gets you. One thing I guarantee, we will win again in 2020. But I’m sure this response will also be removed, anyway…..too funny.

        3. Avatar Turtler says:

          “And yet you admire s President whose Taj Mahal Casino paid a $10 million money laundering fine?!?!? ”

          I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will say for myself: “Admire” is far, far too strong a world to describe my view of Trump. It would be more accurate to say I “support” him.

          Especially since for all his shady financial dealings, the Taj Mahal Casino hasn’t killed anyone I am aware of. Insane nonsense like Fast and Furious and the Benghazi affair have.

          “Would you like him to meet or Trust him to be alone with your daughter?”

          I suppose; after all while Trump is far from the vision of propriety in his personal life he is married again now and the relationship seems stable.

          So if I did have a daughter, I think I could hassle the risk. So long as I keep my rifle close and make it clear.

          Putin on the other hand… no chance in hell.

          “I’m curious about something else. ”


          “You claim to subscribe to this site for years but I’ve never seen you
          comment here before or talk of your support of Ukraine before. ”

          I can’t speak for Kev, but I certainly have. And I know you’ve seen me speak here before because I’ve replied to you a bunch of times.

          And I’ve been VEEERRRRRRYYYY clear about how I’ve utterly loathed the infantile, immature, and frankly unbecoming way Euromaidan Press treats those it hangs up as demons for a long time. Ironically for me the turning point was actually not Trump, it was their treatment of Nadia.

          Whom- after having back to back coverage (and rightfully so) of her status as an illegally kidnapped political prisoner in Putin’s jail cells- saw them turn on her in the blink of an eye after she dared to express opinions that they (and frankly I) don’t like.

          And I outlined precisely why I found this about face from the blog disgusting back then.

          I am a defender of Ukraine today because of my greater principles, because I believe that all have God Given rights to be free and to live under just law, and I believe that after centuries of oppression by the Kremlin the Ukrainian people deserve to live without the Chekist, or the Executioner, or the corrupt puppet reigning over them.

          I am not a defender of Ukraine because of a petty, tainted, over politicized blog that can’t even line its’ targets up right.

          “Yet the one cause on a Ukraine news site that causes you to comment is Drumpf???? ”

          Again, for all I know kevi s a Kemlin troll. No offense Kev but I don’t know you or it is.

          But frankly? I’ve stopped going to Euromaidan Press a lot, and I rarely comment. here anymore. For the same reason I rarely go to Breitbart, even if for radically different symptoms. Simply put, the groupthink, the conspiracy peddling nonsense, and the apologia for the indefensibly tainted (like Hillary Clinton here or Assad there) has exceeded my rather generous thresholds to Give a Farq.

          So I just pop on occasionally.

          1. Avatar kev says:

            Dude, I don’t care whether you think I am a Russian troll or not. I have noticed that on this site, anyone who does not go with the anti -Trump, pro – liberal agenda is considered to be a troll. It’s your right to operate that way. It’s a free world.

          2. Avatar Turtler says:

            “Dude, I don’t care whether you think I am a Russian troll or not. ”

            Good. But I don’t care that you don’t care.

            And the main reason I care for your ludicrous assertion that I was Ari Lieberman was because it handily displays your utterly shoddy reasoning and argumentative abilities, jumping to such conclusion on the basis of a comment that doesn’t support it in any way.

            And it also shows your knee jerk anti-Israeli bias, anti-Jewish bias, and pro-Hezbollah and pro-Assad bias.

            That is the only justification on which caring

            “I have noticed that on this site, anyone who does not go with the anti -Trump, pro – liberal agenda is considered to be a troll.”

            Dude, you were caught farqing around indulging in citation bothering and arbitrarily- and stupidly- assuming I was Ari Lieberman and an Israeli for no good damn reason. You don’t get to complain about how you’re the poor persecuted out group being labeled a troll when you WERE ACTING LIKE A TROLL.

            “t’s your right to operate that way.”

            Indeed it is.

            ” It’s a free world.”

            No it’s not you simpering totalitarian apologist.

            It is most assuredly NOT A FREE WORLD.

            This Freedom House chart need not be taken as definitive or uniquely authoritative, but it gives you a good general outline.


            The fact is, the Majority Of The WORLD is NOT FREE. And it has ALWAYS been that way. even after 200 years or more of continuous human emancipation and reaching for greater freedom and respect for their fundamental rights.

            There is a REASON why the Term Free World was coined to refer to refer to “The Part of the World That IS Free”, no to assert that it all was. And Bashar al-Assad and his allies have played their own dirty, little role in helping keep most of the Levant that way, under either a Fascist-Communist hybrid family dictatorship or Islamist terror states.

            That does not mean they were the only ones responsible and it does not excuse others for their role, including the US’s allies. But it does show what we’re dealing with.

  3. Avatar Ihor Dawydiak says:

    Donald Trump may admire Vladimir Putin or as many political commentators have suggested, he could be the subject of blackmail by the Kremlin vis-a-vis his or his associate’s financial dealings with the Russians. However, whatever the case may be, the American President is faced with a number of stark realities which include but are not limited to the following: 1) If his dealings with Russia can be proven beyond a doubt, then he could be impeached by the US Senate, 2) He has dissenting Republicans (otherwise described as enemies) in the powerful US Senate, 3) The Republicans in the US Senate have a threadbare majority in the US Senate, outnumbering the Democrats by 52 to 48, 4) New elections for one third of the US Senate will be held in 2018 and there is a distinct possibility that the Republican majority could be overturned. Trouble in “paradise” Donald?

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      “Donald Trump may admire Vladimir Putin or as many political commentators
      have suggested, he could be the subject of blackmail by the Kremlin
      vis-a-vis his or his associate’s financial dealings with the Russians.”

      Yeah, color me surprised on both, though he certainly has said far too much flattering nonsense to Putin in the vein of the former. Though things have gotten a lot icier recently as both started clashing over Syria and especially Babyface Assad’s crimes against humanity. Of course that would be hard to detect if one just listened to Euromaidan Press, but it has been a thing.

      And the way the US Ambassador to the UN openly demanded that if anybody was going to defend Assad’s use of Chemical Weapons they would have to do so publicly and be recognized was a massive slap across the face.

      “1) If his dealings with Russia can be proven beyond a doubt, then he
      could be impeached by the US Senate,”

      The problem is not all dealings with Russia- if they even happened- can be grounds for impeachment. They would have to be criminal. And considering how little evidence there has been for anything on that front, and how even the Congressional Circus and generally Leftist anti-Trump media have started to tone down after mover half a year of near Goose Egg, I feel pretty confident in saying that dog won’t hunt.

      “2) He has dissenting Republicans
      (otherwise described as enemies) in the powerful US Senate,”

      indeed, and that is a valid point.

      ” 3) The
      Republicans in the US Senate have a threadbare majority in the US
      Senate, outnumbering the Democrats by 52 to 48, 4) New elections for one
      third of the US Senate will be held in 2018 and there is a distinct
      possibility that the Republican majority could be overturned. Trouble in
      “paradise” Donald?”

      The issue I see with both of them is that early showings have not been encouraging. The special elections on both fronts have been expensive blunders to the DNC, which is no way to overturn the results.

      Can things change? Absolutely. Especially since the popularity slope for most Presidents is downward. But pandering to anti-Trump delusions and constantly believing the turning point is JUUUST around the corner is what has made the anti-Trumpers laughing stocks.

  4. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    Trump fools no one. He is a buffoon. But I think the Putinator may get his comeuppance soon.

      1. Avatar Turtler says:

        Shame. Kind of reminds me of the much more public (here in the ‘States) story of Otto Warmbier. It pains me to say it, but THIS is why going to war zones or totalitarian dumps is not worth it. I only learned that after going to Putin’s Russia (before I learned about the Kremlin’s long, sordid history of arresting foreign nationals on bogus charges to use them as diplomatic hostages).

        It pains me to say this since all too often many of those who need the most help are stuck in the middle of conflict zones or under the jackboot of tyrants like Putin and his pet warlords. But you can’t help anyone if you’re dead or stuck in a dungeon. Just Stay Away.

        Besides, Kyiv and plenty of other sights are glorious.

    1. Avatar Turtler says:

      “Trump fools no one. He is a buffoon.”

      On this much we agree. He is a buffoon. But there are cunning buffoons, and not all buffoons are Putin puppets.

      “But I think the Putinator may get his comeuppance soon.”

      May that go from your Keyboard to God’s ears.