Status of Russian language worries 1% of Ukrainians; war in Donbas – 71%

A building in Avdiivka, the city which remains a hotspot of Donbas, features a mural with the face of an ordinary teacher. Photo:

More, War in the Donbas

The war in eastern Ukraine is the main reason for worries of Ukrainians. According to the research of the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology, 71.1% of the respondents are concerned about it.

The research reveals that the largest share of those who are concerned with the war live in eastern Ukraine – 82%. Citizens of western Ukraine come in second at 75%.

Compared to last year, the number of people concerned because of the war remains almost the same (71.6% in 2016 against 71.1% in 2017).

According to the latest United Nations report on the human rights situation in Ukraine, the war in Donbas has taken the lives of 10,090 people, including 2,777 civilians, and injured 23,966 people.  Moreover, these are “conservative estimates,” according to the report.

Quality of life is on the second place in the list of worries of Ukrainians  – 60% of the respondents chose it. Residents of the central (65%) and southern regions (69%) are most concerned about this.

After it goes the economic situation in the country (47%) and security of Ukraine (21%).

There are more people concerned about the relationships of Ukraine with Russia (10.4%) than with the EU (4.3%).

Environmental problems (4.8%), the annexation of Crimea (4.1%), relations between Ukrainian citizens of different nationalities (2.2%) were among the minor issues that concern Ukrainians.

The status of the Russian language in Ukraine concerns the least amount of Ukrainians, according to the research – 1.2%.

The research was conducted during 20-29 May 2017 on the whole territory of Ukraine, except Crimea and occupied parts of Donbas.

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