#DonbasReports: 62 attacks, 1 KIA, 1 WIA. Blockade campaigners detained in Kyiv

The placard reads,
"I support the trade blockade". Rally in favour of the trade blockade of the occupied territories in downtown Kyiv. Credit: Viacheslav Ratynskyi / UNIAN 

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In this series, we are teaming up with the tireless social media activist who goes by English Luhansk on twitter to produce open source updates about the military situation in Donbas. We analyze reports from Donbas local twitter accounts and translate it into a comprehensive overview of what’s going on on the ground. Yesterday’s digest can be found here: 105 attacks, 6 WIA, another ceasefire, Russia recognizes “LDNR passports”

The reports by residents of Donbas on social media sites are not exhaustive since we cannot collect all such reports and the most of the reports originate from more densely populated areas, thus, for example, we have nothing but official military reports from Chermalyk, a small village 20-40 km away from the cities. But the reports of the locals give us insight into the current situation.

According to reports by residents of the frontline cities, it was much quieter in the Donbas on February 19, as compared with the escalation of hostilities on February 18 and on prior days (all time EET, GMT+2):

00:06 Volnovakha: It’s quiet here [= against Dokuchaevsk, where the sounds of battle have been heard]. Probably they are fighting with Berezove
00:24 Donetsk: “Fireflies” in the sky in the north [either illuminating or signal flares]
01:39 Donetsk: The clatter of tracks comes from the direction of Panfilovskyi bridge, maybe tanks. Towards Pisky?
05:47 Avdiivka: “The night passed ok. Now relatively quiet, dogs bark, far sounds reminding of the war. No power and water”
05:59 Donetsk: Artillery is making noise in the north
08:30 Donetsk Vetka: Shooting, loud and close, heard very distinct
11:54 Makiivka Gvardeyka: Shooting was heard almost all night, and in the morning, by a recent tradition, artillery boomed a bit
12:15 Yenakiieve: 2 explosions. They wrote it was at the range
13:03 Avdiivka: Overhead contact system is repaired at Ocheretyne-Avdiivka [railway] section
17:07 Donetsk: Staromykhaylivka: they start to boom bit by bit. Panes clink, floor jumps
17:19 Horlivka: Southwest: they start to boom, so far a couple of salvos
17:24 Kadiivka: About 15:00 something boomed on the block. They report a grenade was blown up at #13, Yunykh Lenintsiv St in an apt
18:15 Donetsk: Staromykhaylivka: As of now the battle is heard as dense assault rifles fire
18:23 Makiivka: “It has boomed strongly, Gvardeyka?” “At Kirovets we’ve heard it”
18:30 Donetsk: Very heavy “bad sounds” are coming from the north
18:44 Donetsk: North: 1 boom

The situation in the Donbas on February 19, 2017, according to reports by local residents on social networks (red) and ATO HQ (green)


62 attacks, 1 KIA, 1 WIA

The ATO Headquarters reported 62 attacks on February 19, one serviceman was killed in action, one more was wounded.

  • Mariupol sector:
    • Various-caliber mortars were used to attack Hnutove, Novotroitske, Lebedynske and Zaytseve.
    • Hnutove, Pavlopil, Hranitne, Vodyane were attacked with use of grenade launchers and large-caliber machine guns.
    • Shyrokyne came under BMP fire several times.
    • ATGM were used against Vodyane.
    • Sniper fire was opened on Avdiivka.
  • Donetsk sector:
    • 120mm and 82mm mortars as far as grenade launchers, small arms were used to attack Troitske, Avdiivka, Zaytseve, Opytne, Kamyanka, Luhanske, Novhorodske.
  • Luhansk sector:
    • Valuyske was attacked several times with use of grenade launchers and small arms.

Air defense platoon commander Maksym Hrynchyshyn has perished yesterday:

Electricity restored in Avdiivka

On February 18 a high voltage power line feeding the town of Avdiivka (about 20,000 people) was damaged due to military action:


19:51 Avdiivka: No lights
19:52 Avdiivka: “The town is in darkness after heavy impacts. Explosions and illuminating ones. Minsk rules”
19:57 Avdiivka: No electricity, glow in the direction of Verknyotoretske or Kruta_Balka
20:34 Avdiivka: Gov. Zhebrivskyi: Power shortage again in the town & at the coke plant… electric generators are being prepared

Repair crews found and repaired 5 wire breakage on the government-controlled territories on the next day.

Caption: “Repair brigades are working to restore a power line near Avdiivka.”

As of February 20 at 11:30, supplies of electricity has been fully restored in Avdiivka, the Ukrainian state service for emergency situations reported.

Railway infrastructure was damaged too:

‘DNR’ to allow Red Cross to access POWs on occupied territories

The so-called DNR (“Donetsk People’s Republic”) and LNR (“Luhansk People’s Republic”) promised not to obstruct access to prisoners for representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), as reported by Russia’s Interfax news agency citing the office of so-called “Ombudsman of the DNR.”

In turn, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin hopes that the Red Cross will begin to search for missing persons in the Donbas.
“I have tried to get some evidence from the Russian side that they will put pressure on the fighters they control regarding access for international humanitarian organizations, as per the Red Cross access plan… This, unfortunately, is not what we want in terms of release [of POWs], but it is a very important first step, in that the Red Cross can begin a search for the missing – for those, whom we cannot find,” Klimkin told reporters in Munich.

Donbas trade blockade rallies in Kyiv end in clashes

Demonstrators gathered in downtown Kyiv February 19 in support of the blockade on coal-producing areas uncontrolled by the government, and some protesters later clashed with riot police.


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The rally was led by MPs Yehor Sobolyev and Semen Semenchenko, who organized the railway trade blockade in Donbas, and the head of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) Mykola Kokhanivskyi. The latter was detained during an attempt to break through the police cordon.

Five people were detained and one policeman injured in a clash between demonstrators and police outside the presidential administration building. Later at night, the Headquarter of the blockade reported, that the police drew up reports of disorderly conduct and released all 5 detainees.

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  1. Avatar veth says:

    Four Russian servicemen killed in car blast in Syria Russia’s Defense Ministry on Monday reported that four Russian military advisers were killed and another two were wounded in a vehicle blast in Syria on February 16, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

    Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/world/1786541-four-russian-servicemen-killed-in-car-blast-in-syria.html

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      They won’t be the last Dwarfstanian regulars or mercenaries to be killed in Syria. And every Dwarfstanian killed in Syria is one less for the Ukrainians to worry about- and perhaps also Belarus.

      1. Avatar veth says:

        And Churkin has stopped with drinking polonium tea………………………………………..

    2. Avatar Alex George says:

      It looks like the Syrian insurgents knew exactly who they were looking for, because there were many Syrian army vehicles in the column, but they waited until the Russians were right on the IED before detonating it.

      I wonder how that makes the rest of the Russians in Syria feel?

  2. Avatar Vasyl P. says:

    Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s UN representative is dead now.

    1. Avatar Tony says:

      Good riddance to bad trash.

      1. Avatar veth says:

        Putin is cleaning his house…………….

    2. Avatar veth says:


    3. Avatar veth says:

      Tomorrow he would be 65……………………..

  3. Avatar Tony says:

    I’m divided in this blockade. On the one hand buying this coal enriches Akhmetov and he will use those funds to corrupt Ukraine’s government and slow reforms.
    On the other hand, lack of electricity will hurt Ukraine economically.
    I think the golden line to walk here is to force Ukrainian authorities to seriously commit to an ambitious timetable of upgrading the coal plants to run on other grades of coal.

    Of course the men implementing have their own agenda, to demand freedom for the POW’s. However they should not give the enemy veto power over Ukraines economy, I mean Russia may just decide that hurting Ukraine economically is worth more than paying a bit more for Donna’s subsidies(or worse, buy the coal from them and sell to Ukraine at a higher price).

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      The upgrading of some of the power plants is already taking place, though it should have started as soon as it became clear that the occupation of the Donbas wouldn’t be a short one. Still, better late than never.
      Every plant that is upgraded means less influence for Akhmetov and Pinchuk. It also means that the Donbas occupation will cost the dwarf more rubbles to keep the so-called LNR and DNR afloat, meaning that Dwarfstan will be bankrupt tht much sooner.

      1. Avatar MichaelA says:

        that is the point
        they can do without this coal
        they just need to fix up alternatives
        which they should have done a year ago
        or more

    1. Avatar MichaelA says:

      lucky for zakharchenko they captured the shmel
      now he will live a little longer

  4. Avatar Murf says:

    Just saw that Trump has named Gen H R McMasters as his new National Security Adviser,
    McMasters is an exceptional officer. Headed a name for himself in Desert Storm when his CAV Troop stumbled on an Iraqi Brigade in defensive positions and tore them to pieces inside Of 30 minuets at what is known as the Battle of 73easting.
    Since then he was the architect of the U.S. Surge in Iraq and headed the Army’s Capiblities integration Center.
    Most importantly he is no friend of Putin’s.

    1. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

      Good. Just hope he doesn’t get continually sidetracked by the middle east.

    2. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      that is good to hear that he is no friend of the dwarf dictator putin

    3. Avatar Andrew Chmil says:

      “Most importantly he is no friend of Putin’s.”

      Any info on that??
      Or at least …. he didn’t get any $$$ from RT like Gen. Flynn. 🙂

      When Flynn was asked how much he got (sitting NEXT TO PUTIN at that event)
      — he said his “Speaker’s Bureau” knows about that… 🙂

  5. Avatar Alex George says:

    Interesting contrast, but it makes sense:

    This gent has been given amnesty – If I am reading it right, he took a job as a driver with DNR forces, realised what he had been told was lies, but didn’t dare return to Ukraine. His wife contacted SBU and got him an offer of amnesty. He has come back to Ukraine and is free but awaiting his court decision: https://news.pn/en/criminal/177652

    Whereas this 18 year old who served as a sniper with DNR forces has been sentenced to 14 years in prison: https://news.pn/en/RussiaInvadedUkraine/177648

    And this is the gent who tried to use a fake document saying he had been evicted from the DNR forces. He has been given 10 years: https://inforesist.org/sud-prigovoril-k-8-godam-tyurmyi-rossiyskogo-boevika-yakuta-zaderzhanogo-v-2015-godu/

    Soon Ukraine will be able to solve its road problems – all these former DNR militants getting sentenced, they can work off their debt to society in a chain-gang repairing roads!

  6. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    I guess he choked on all the lies he told. good riddance. no one will miss him