Donbas Report: relatively quiet day, 2 soldiers wounded, PM Groysman against blockade

Sports lesson at a school in government-controlled Krasnohorivka kilometers away from the occupied Donetsk.

Sports lesson at a school in government-controlled Krasnohorivka kilometers away from the occupied Donetsk.

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In this series, we are teaming up with the tireless social media activist who goes by English Luhansk on twitter to produce open source updates about the military situation in Donbas. We analyze reports from Donbas local twitter accounts and translate it into a comprehensive overview of what’s going on on the ground. Yesterday’s digest can be found here: Krasnohorivka shelling aftermath, blockade continues, Kremlin denies Russian tanks in Donbas 

February 12 has been a relatively inactive day at the frontlines of the Donbas according to reports by residents of the frontline cities. Ceasefire violations took place but they were sporadic and nothing like long-lasting hostilities has been reported. The press service of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters summarized the military activity of the recent days in the Donbas:

The enemy has returned to their ordinary tactics of “harassing shellings,” mostly overnight.

The only report in the morning (all time EET, GMT+2):

09:55 Makiivka: Again a single sound of war outdoors [=boom]

Sporadic activity has been reported later:

12:15 Novhorodske: Horlivka started to fire somewhere, not in my direction [=far outgoing rounds heard from the east] 12:37 Donetsk: I guess since 4 a.m. sporadic far outgoing rounds have been heard

Afternoon and evening in Donetsk:

15:00 Donetsk – Vetka, Tekstilschik, Azotnyi: Cannonade in the north
16:20 Donetsk Kyivskyi district: The north became noisy: single booms, gunfire, mostly in the airport direction, lasted for about 30 minutes
16:26 Donetsk Kirovskyi district: From the north, barely heard gunnery reaches us from afar, single rounds
16:54 Donetsk: Suddenly, shooting has started in the north – medium heavy guns and small arms…
17:00 Donetsk Durna_Balka: Booms in the northwest, like light ones
17:00 Donetsk Machinery plant: 15m ago, single [rounds] in the north, northwest, about 7 of them
18:43 Donetsk Larinka: They are hunting UAV [=AA-gun fire] 19:15 Donetsk Butovka mine: Skirmish, single booms
19:28 Horlivka: I can hear distant sounds of heavy cannon
19:33 Horlivka: Afternoon I heard the sounds of heavy artillery from the direction of Svitlodarsk Bulge
19:53 Donetsk: All in all, as of now it is almost quiet west of the city. Gunfire at Trudovski, but it is not the issue

One massive explosion was heard in Khartsyzk and Shakhtarsk, east of Donetsk far away from the frontline:

~20:00 Khartsyzk: Something boomed once, strong
~20:00 Shaktarsk: A great blast wave, it wasn’t tangible at the settlement of the mine no. 20

Short mortaring in the area of occupied Dokuchaevsk, south of Donetsk:

20:15 Dokuchaevsk: Mortars make noise at the ettles
20:20 Dokuchaevsk: Ongoing battle in the area of an ettle
20:20 [Dokuchaevsk area]: Olenivka can hear Yasne. Lyubivka can hear the Dokuchaevsk direction

Nothing has been reported from Luhansk Oblast and Mariupol area.


Two Ukrainian servicemen wounded on February 11

On February 11, the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) Headquarters recorded 59 attacks on Ukrainian positions in the Donbas. 2 Ukrainian servicemen have been wounded in action. Reportedly, heavy artillery was not used for attacks.  Russian-backed forces used 120mm and 82mm mortars, grenade launchers, large caliber machine guns, BMP cannons and assault rifles, according to ATO HQ.

As of 18:00, February 12, the ATO HQ reported 33 attacks,  including one attack in Luhansk Oblast and several attacks in the vicinity of Mariupol, but no heavy arms were used according to them.

Prime minister speaks out against trade blockade of the Donbas

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman expressed his opinion on the civil trade blockade of the Donbas once again:

Translation: “As for the situation with the blocking of railways in eastern Ukraine, we cannot tolerate the blocking of supplies of coal, which has no alternative.”

A day before on air of Ukraina TV channel he said:

We all need to come together and solve the problem. I would divide it into several parts. We know that Ukraine consumes 24 million tonnes of coal per year, of which 9 million tonnes is anthracite coal, produced in the territory that remains uncontrolled

Groysman recalled that one-third of Ukraine’s electricity for households is produced by thermal power plants operating on coal and transition to gas would lead to higher utility prices.

Meanwhile, the Headquarter of the blockade plans to gather the Viche (popular assembly in Rus and traditional Sunday assembly at Maidan) in Kyiv on the next Sunday, their statement reads:

Corrupt pro-Russian authorities seek solutions to squash the Blockade of the Trade on Blood and to place Ukraine under “the effective control of the Russian Federation.”..

The Headquarter initiates a civil discussion about the Blockade of the Trade on Blood at the People’s Viche on Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square)… We want to place Ukraine under the effective Ukrainian control.

 A trade blockade of the occupied parts of the Donbas was launched on January 25 by a group of veterans of volunteer battalions and demobilized soldiers, four members of Parliament were among the participants.
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  • Xeroi Ato

    Of course he’s against the blockade what moron would import coal from somewhere like Africa, like they said the last time for dollars, or money that matters, when they can pay with the candy wrappers that is the hryvna to the poor miner in Donbass.

    • Quartermaster

      What moron would give money to his enemies? Methinks you are simply a Rooski troll.

      • veth

        Russian trolls are stupid, all nazies and love the crimes of the Russian Army daily in Ukraine.

        • Xeroi Ato

          What an amazing contribution post to the topic on hand, please continue to drool on your keyboard.

          • Alex George

            Except they don’t get cheaper coal, the mines are all grossly unsafe and the taxes are used to fund Putin’s fascist puppet state in the small part of Donbas that the Russians hold.

            It may cost more in the short term, but why should ukraine continue to subsidise the separatists? Let Putin pay for them – if he can.

          • MichaelA

            Ukraine needs to get rid of its dependency on old soviet power plants

      • Xeroi Ato

        Me thinks you’re an internet warrior that doesn’t even live in Ukraine. Donbas is the only option for coal that’s even remotely affordable and stable, when regions are going into emergency power regimes they need a SOLUTION. Not internet keyboard warriors.

        • Quartermaster

          “Me thinks?” Since when. So far what you’ve posted tells the world you’re simply a Russian troll. The Donbas is not stable and I’d bet those plants would burn something besides anthracite.

        • Alex George

          LOL Coming from a cowardly foreign internet warrior, that is very funny.

          Donbass is neither affordable nor stable, and the quicker Ukraine moves onto alternative sources of supply, the better.

          And “regions going into emergency power regimes” – like Crimea, you mean?

    • Alex George

      Hryvnia – that’s the candy wrappers that are worth more than twice the rouble, right? ;o)

      I can understand Russia wanting to sell to Ukraine however – it is having trouble finding buyers for its resources these days.

      • MichaelA

        Ha ha yes

  • veth

    The dead and wounded on the Russian side are collected and brought home…………..

  • Xeroi Ato

    Minister of Energy of Ukraine. The alternative to Donbas coal, is importing coal from Russia.

    Even the people in power realize it’s an idiotic endevour to blockade Donbas.

    • Alex George

      Except the plans are being made to import from USA, not Russia, and on very good prices. Nice try, poor fool.

    • MichaelA

      Thanks for link to Russian troll site

  • Alex George

    So, just like the previous Russian offensives in January 2015, these ones have failed.

    They used large numbers of tanks and many infantry assaults. The Russians actually LOST ground at times. They took heavy casualties and had to give up.

    As for the blockade, it doesn’t look like groysman can break it, do he will have to adapt. And certain pro-Kremlin oligarchs will lose out.