The Pinchuk “compromise” and plans to destroy Ukraine

Photo: REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin

Photo: REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin 

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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

All talk of compromise with Putin is part of a plan for the political destruction of Ukrainian statehood. Such talk may be proposed either by definite Russian agents or by “dreamers” who simply do not understand the Kremlin’s real goals.

Following the example of former “oligarch” Viktor Pinchuk and former diplomat Vasyl Filipchuk, the Ukrainian expert community has been discussing the question of whether our country should consider becoming actively involved in the search for a possible “compromise” with the Russian Federation — especially since the newly elected US president, Donald Trump, may be considering just such a compromise.

However, the very discussion of “compromise” is a kind of “virus of the mind” that has no relation to reality. And it leads not to the search for truth but to the destruction of Ukrainian statehood as such.

Can a neutral Ukraine exist, as does a neutral Finland or a neutral Austria? Of course it can. After all, NATO membership is not an end in itself. However, it is important to remember that such a Ukraine did appear on the political man in 1991. And after the rise to power of Viktor Yanukovych, Ukraine’s “non-alignment” was even formalized by law. This did not keep Putin from attacking Crimea and Donbas. Not because Ukraine wished to join NATO, but because it was necessary to “protect” Russian speakers.

The neutrality of Finland or Austria was the result of war. In the case of Austria, this was a compromise with allies in the anti-Hitler coalition. In the case of Finland, it was a compromise with the Finns themselves that allowed the Soviet Union to avoid being distracted by a war on Finnish territory at a time of decisive battles with the Reich.

Finland’s neutrality was paid for with the blood of two wars — the Winter War” and the “Continuation War.” But most importantly, by 1945, Moscow no longer viewed Finland as part of its empire. However, in the fantasies of Putin and most of his compatriots, Ukraine is still viewed as part of the empire.

This illness can only be cured with time. When all Ukrainians begin to view Russians as foreigners and their culture and language as the heritage of a foreign country, when Russians themselves begin to travel  to Kyiv or Kharkiv as they now travel to Helsinki or Warsaw, it will have no significance if Ukraine is a neutral country or a NATO member.

The Baltic countries are NATO members, but Russian armies attacked Ukraine and not Estonia. Because Estonia or Latvia is already foreign territory for the Kremlin. And Ukraine not yet.

Putin does not need any Crimea or Donbas. For him, the occupied territories are a burden. But at the same time, they are also the key to conquering the rest of Ukraine.

This could be a military conquest with the help of tanks and bombs. Or it could be a political one, where a government comes to power in Kyiv that is able to dismantle Ukrainian statehood as such. The Kremlin has been thinking about this since 1991.

When Putin proposed to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to “join Russia by oblasts (regions),” implying that the regions of Belarus did not differ in any way from Russian regions, he was not joking. Putin really thinks that way. And the average Russian — an ignorant chauvinist — also thinks that way.

And if the Mogilev or Vitebsk oblast can join Russia, then why not the Donetsk, Kharkiv or Chernihiv oblasts. What is the difference?

All talk of “compromise” with Putin is part of a plan for the political liquidation of Ukrainian statehood. It can be proposed by definite agents of Russia in the Ukrainian political or expert establishment, or by “dreamers” who simply do not understand the Kremlin’s real goals.

If such agents and “dreamers” exist in the West — and in huge numbers — why would they not exist in Ukraine?

The agents need to be exposed and neutralized. And the “dreamers” ignored. I can offer no other recipe for preserving sanity and statehood.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • Eolone

    The photo of Putin strongly resembles the many posters in the US in which Uncle Sam says, “I Want You!” Putin is saying, “I Want You Dead!” The gist of the article.

  • zorbatheturk

    Vladimir Putin wears many hats. Megalomaniac, psychopath, assclown, bandit, usurper, despot, invader, fascist… but saviour of Ukraine is not one of them. There is not a pluralist bone in his body. Totalitarianism is all he knows. Rule by fear. The Putinator must be reduced to molecules, and those molecules crushed into atoms. The ruSSia must be vanquished.

  • Dirk Smith

    Crush Muscovy. The cancer of humanity.

  • Eolone

    There might not be a compromise on Ukraine reached between Putin and Trump, after all. In the high level intelligence briefing Trump received, he was told about the Russian hack on himself. The hacks could be very embarrassing to him. This would not endear him to Putin. Just the opposite, it would be the start of hostile relations between the two.

    • Eolone

      Hold back on that comment. With knowledge of what Putin has on him and fearful that it could be revealed to the US public, Trump could become very pliant to Putin’s wishes.

      • Eolone

        BUZZFEED obtained a summary copy of the intelligence brief. In part it said:

        Former top Russian intelligence officer claims FSB has compromised
        TRUMP through his activities in Moscow sufficiently to be able to
        blackmail him. According to several knowledgeable sources, his conduct
        in Moscow has included perverted sexual acts which have been
        arranged/ monitored by the FSB

        • gmab

          Just read the report. Much more serious info than just sex parties. His team paid for 1/2 the cost to hackers. He also paid bribes in Russia. Russia also offered him 19% of Rosneft privatization in return for stopping sanctions re Ukraine. Can’t wait for the morning papers.

    • Oknemfrod

      >There might not be a compromise on Ukraine reached between Putin and Trump<

      Not "might not" but "cannot". Unlike the Kremlin dwarf, Trump is (or rather will be) the US president, not a tsar. He cannot sit down with the dwarf and, with a bottle of vodka between them, amiably decide "what to do with Ukraine" and/or what to trade it for. He is constrained by the limits of the powers invested in his office, and tête-à-tête compromise with the genocidal Kremlin fascist WRT the "spheres of influence" would clearly mean overstepping his authority much farther than he would dare to step over the Congress (and, should it come to that, the judiciary).

      • Eolone

        What happens legally in Ukraine remains outside the power of the US, but it can be influenced by, say, a US president. Yes, Trump can sit down with the dwarf and watch films of himself as they discuss Ukraine.

        The criminal Kissinger, along with Ford, gave Indonesia the green light for the massacre in East Timor.

        • Renata

          Seems that Kissiner has also added his voice on Ukraine… His visions is similar to Pinchuk’s.

          • Eolone

            Yes, and we hope Kissinger will not be involved in any discussion of Ukraine.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    there can never be a compromise with Moscow as that is not their goal. I agree with the author complete annihilation of the Ukrainian state is what the katsaps want. So this battle is just starting and will go on for years into the next generation. trump is a tool to be used by putin for his ultimate objective

  • zorbatheturk

    Russians cannot create anything meaningful, their only talent is metabolizing vodka, turning a formerly clear liquid into a yellow stream. Thus they seek to destroy, similar to what an escaped ape might do if let loose in Bloomingdale’s without a credit card.