Will Russia soon cease to have a President… and have a Chairman or Tsar instead?

Gennady Khazanov, an acclaimed Russian comedic actor loyal to the Putin regime, presenting the Russian president with a reproduction of the Russian imperial crown made for Putin's 63rd birthday. (Image: meduza.io)

Putin accepting the Russian imperial crown (reproduction) for his 63rd birthday. (Image: meduza.io) 

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the outrageous but often leading indicator of Kremlin plans, sang the Russian Imperial anthem “God Save the Tsar” after Vladimir Putin invested him in the Order “For Merit to the Fatherland,” an action that intensified rumors that some in the elite would like to see the current Russian president become a tsar.

For the last quarter of a century, the LDPR leader has demonstrated a good nose for where the senior leadership of the country is headed, although it must be said that sometimes he anticipates things that happen only much later and often expresses himself in ways that the Kremlin finds difficult to take even if it agrees with him.

Russian cossack paramilitaries pose by a Putin monument in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russian cossack paramilitaries pose by a Putin monument in St. Petersburg, Russia

That makes Zhirinovsky’s latest escape worthy of note, but even more significant may be a Russian blogger’s comment about what he says are Putin’s plans for a “global” transformation of the Russian political landscape that will leave Russia without a president but have Putin become head of a State Council.

The blog post has been picked up by the media in Kazan, capital of a republic that is still fighting to maintain the office of president, and published this week with a cautionary note that it is impossible to determine how reliable the Russian blogger’s post is or even if he is the insider that he claims to be.

But “if the author [Artem Dragunov] is right,” the Tatarstan newspaper says, “in the near future, we will have in fact a new state, one like the Soviet Union and something in between a presidential and a parliamentary republic, with a Gosplan, a KGB, and an official opposition” but without a president.

Here are Dragunov’s key predictions:

  • The FSB will be reorganized and expanded into something like the KGB.
  • The Kremlin will then create a State Council, led by a chairman or a head but not a president. The State Council will have a deputy head. Initially, that may be Dmitry Medvedev; but Putin, the head, wants to put a woman in this position.
  • The Kremlin wants to reorganize and simplify Russia’s party system, with United Russia permanently ensured of “not less than 51 percent,” but with a renamed Democratic Party of Russia, the Liberal being dropped, with 15 percent, the Communist Party a maximum of 15 percent, the SRs about 10 percent, and a unified party of the opposition about ten percent.
  • In time, the party system will be further simplified into three major parties: right, centrist and left.
  • A Gosplan will be reestablished to control major planning exercises and will launch the first post-Soviet five-year plan by 2021.



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  1. Avatar Terry Washington says:

    HOW can Putin become Tsar???-_ he isn’t even a descendant of the Romanovs or of noble birth!!!

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      In the same manner Stalin did. It’s true that Stalin did not use title Tsar, but there was no doubt that he as the autocrat of all the Russias.

  2. Avatar Matt Franklin says:

    The gay dwarf is a cornered rat. His enabler leaves the WH in January, which reveals his support of Trump. He wants no part of Killary. Economy in the toilet, Ukraine a quagmire, Syria becoming a quagmire, etc. Expect the World Cup to be relocated as that was a corrupt deal with Blatter and projects will become bloated liabilities since they’re deals setup with the kremlin’s fascist oligarchy. (ie; Sochi over 50 billion). He’s done.

  3. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    This kind of monstrous garbage from the new USSR makes me want to barf.

  4. Avatar Quartermaster says:

    Putin has made it clear that he thinks the fall of the USSR was a geopolitical disaster. His moves have been consistent with the re-establishment of the Soviet Union.

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Problem is that even if he DOES manage to force the former SU states back into a USSR Mark II (which is extremely unlikely) he will be stuck with a LOT of disloyal subjects. I can’t imagine the Latvians or Ukrainians (to name but two) accepting a domination by Moscow again. They will do everything they can to throw spanners into the works…… and repeatedly. A new USSR collapse is pre-programmed. And it won’t be pretty at all.

      1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

        I don’t think Soviet Union 2.0 will include those territories. But Putin’s new version will collapse.

      2. Avatar Mad Hatter says:

        I can’ imagine the Oligarchs letting their assets being taken away from them. Let alone Kadyrow being taken away his “sovereignty” and Russia’s subsidies.

  5. Avatar zorbatheturk says:

    God save the world from RuSSian aggression, more like it. Ban Putin and all Putins.