Ukrainian politicians denounce Trump’s readiness to legitimize Putin’s Crimean anschluss

Donald Trump during an ABC interview in July 2016 (Image: screen capture)

Donald Trump during an ABC interview in July 2016 (Image: screen capture) 

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Arsen Avakov

Arsen Avakov

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk have denounced the declaration by Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for president, that he is prepared to recognize the Russian seizure of Ukraine’s Crimea as “shameful” and a demonstration that he is “a dangerous marginal.”

Trump’s “shameful declaration,” Avakov said on Facebook, shows that Trump is “dangerous not only for Ukraine but also for the US.” No one who is prepared to recognize Putin’s aggression can be “a guarantor of democratic freedoms in the US and the world.”

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Arseniy Yatsenyuk

Yatsenyuk was even blunter in his Facebook assessment of Trump’s comments during his interview on foreign policy.

The former prime minister said: 

”Donald Trump’s recent comments regarding Crimea and Putin during his ABC interview go beyond any form of domestic political campaigning. An official candidate for the United States presidential election has challenged the very values of the free world, civilized world order and international law.” 

The Republican candidate’s statement “can hardly be called ignorance. It is a breach of moral and civilized principles,” Yatsenyuk wrote.

“What Donald Trump said about Crimea today, he might tomorrow extend to some other part of the world – in Europe, Asia or the Americas.” And that makes it worrisome for everyone.

“The United States is the leader of the free world. Without [its] leadership and the alliance, the free world will be destroyed by the likes of Putin, Le Pen, Assad, Kim Jong Un and other dictators, demagogues and populists.”


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