Do Ukrainians like what Poroshenko achieved over two years of presidency?

Analysis & Opinion

7 June 2016 is the second anniversary of Petro Poroshenko on the post of the President of Ukraine. We came to Kyiv streets to find out what people think about Poroshenko’s policy.

We asked people to estimate what he achieved answering 3 questions

  1. What were the weak points of his presidency?
  2. What successful steps did he make?
  3. Would you vote for him if the election is taking place now?

We received quite controversial answers. From the total disapproval of what he does to satisfaction with his activity.

The survey conducted by the TNS Online Track reveals that the satisfaction by the president Poroshenko index have dropped in two times during the last two years. The first significant drop of the index was observed in August 2014. It is likely the acute period of the Anti Terrorist Operation and significant losses of Ukrainian army influenced the perception of the president by the people.


  • Alex George

    Ukrainians can speak their mind freely.

    Totally unlike Russia. There you are entirely free to express your opinion, provided its the right one.

    • Quartermaster

      Speak freely in Putinist Russia and it can mean your life. In Ukraine, exactly the opposite. The KGB punk running Russia has a serious inferiority complex and his mafia handlers are expecting results.

  • MichaelA

    they dont seem impressed with poroshenko