Drones disseminated Ukrainian leaflets over parade in occupied Donetsk

War in the Donbas

Ukrainian air intelligence of the Victory Sisters Foundation used drones to drop over three thousand leaflets on 9 May 2016 in the sky over Donetsk, occupied by combined Russian-separatist forces. Vitaliy Hubskyi, a volunteer of the Foundation, wrote about it on his fb page. At that time, a parade was being held with weapons banned under the Minsk agreement.

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“Leaflets ‘Donetsk is Ukraine!’, ‘We have conquered fascists and will conquer ruscists too!’, ‘We will win back the Ukrainian Donetsk – the worker-city!’, ‘Zakharchenko is a thief!’ and others, were dropped over the city central square and the platform with the leaders of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Luhansk People’s Republic” Zakharchenko, Plotnitskiy and others. Pro-Russian terrorists opened fire on the Victory Sisters’ drones using assault rifles, machine guns and anti-aircraft mounts. They also tried to misguide our drones using powerful radioelectronic warfare systems and anti-aircraft mount fire,” the volunteer comments.

“The myth about the almighty Russian radioelectronic warfare system has thus been debunked just like previously the myth about the almighty Russian army! This air intelligence action has caused furious response in Donetsk and nearly caused the failure of the ‘parade’ arranged by the representatives of the Occupied Regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Over three thousand leaflets with pro-Ukrainian and patriotic contents were dropped over the city on 9 May 2016 in three. The drones have also identified the locations of the enemy’s equipment, manpower and engineering constructions,” adds Hubskyi.

Ukrainian patriots in the occupied Donetsk were greeted with leaflets. Ukrainian drones dropped several thousand leaflets during the military parade of the Russian-backed separatists. This way the Ukrainian military greeted the patriots who still remained in Donbas on Victory Day. Despite the severe security measures of the Russian mercenaries the drones have made it smoothly through the frontiers straight to the center of the Donetsk City.

Victory Sisters foundation is a charitable fund helping Ukrainian soldiers at the front. It is part of the Verified ways to help the Ukrainian Army.


Translated by: Svitlana Gusak

Source: kozak.com.ua

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  1. Avatar canuke says:

    Bravo! Sometimes the most effective methods are those with “thinking out of the box”. I would have loved to see the faces of the banana republic officials as these rained down on their parade!

    1. Avatar Quartermaster says:

      Their parade was rained on. What a shame!
      Stunts like this are hilarious. More please!
      At least banana republics have some legitimacy. The “DNR” and “LNR” have absolutely none as they are stolen goods.

      1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

        It would have been a golden opportunity to take out the leadership of the so-called DNR- Zakharchenko, Pushilin and the other crooks dead at one stroke.
        Those drones should have been carrying rocket pods, not leaflets!

  2. Avatar MPK says:

    would have preferred a full scale assault including air power on the parade and the assembled terror-Russian weapons… At this point, what is there to lose… The US & UK turned their backs on Ukraine by not adhering to the Budapest Memorandum. Obama the coward didn’t even allow defensive weaponry for Ukraine so they could defend themselves against the Russian invasion… All while Russians celebrate their victory over Hitler, and denigrate the US… Even though Hitler & Stalin were allies at the start of the war, and Russia would have ceased to exist without American weapons and supplies as Germany invaded. Think about it ignorant Russians – there would be no Russia as you know it, if not for America. Interestingly, the world would have been a better place… No communist plague in eastern & central Europe… No proxy wars under a Hitler wannabe like Putin… Patton was right, the Allies should have destroyed Moscow when they had the chance…

    1. Avatar Dagwood Bumstead says:

      Churchill’s greatest mistake ever was to send aeroplanes, tanks etc to Russia when Commonwealth forces in North Africa and Malaya/Singapore were desperately short of all kinds of equipment, especially in Malaya and Singapore. The hundreds of fighters and tanks sent to an ungrateful Stalin before December 1941 could well have made the difference in the Far East. As it was, the lack of aeroplanes and tanks contributed significantly to the loss of Malaya, Singapore and eventually Java.
      It would have been better to send nothing to Russia and let Adolf and Stalin tear each other to shreds.

  3. Avatar Terry Washington says:

    They should drop leaflets warning the “anti-fascist resistance”(as Putin and his useful idiots in the West call the “little green men”) that they may be liable for war crimes charges at the ICC and that Ukraine will hound them to the very ends of the Earth!

  4. Avatar Nowhere Girl says:

    It reminds me of the “Teddy Bear Airdrop” that a few Swedish people did over Belarus a few years ago.

  5. Avatar Murf says:

    More than the patriotic leaflets(Although that was really cool!)
    The significant part of this stunt is the the fact that two years ago Ukraine didn’t have a drone to their name. Now they are dropping leaflets on the parade and nobody knew diddly squat about it ahead of time.
    So what Zakharchenko, Plotnitskiy and others need to be thinking about is what if instead of paper, the drones had been packed with an equal weight of SIMTEX and their foreheads center mass on the control screen? Just like they have done to Ukraine.
    Which is a nice segway into; “Where are you sleeping to night guys? Because who said tit had to be used in the day time?
    Food for thought.