Occupied Donbas holds military parade with weapons banned under Minsk agreement

A parade of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements in occupied Luhansk, 9 May 2016. Photo: twitter.com/loogunda 

War in the Donbas

Donetsk and Luhansk, occupied by combined Russian-separatist forces, held a military parade with heavy weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

First regiments of armed militants of the self-proclaimed marched to music of an army orchestra, then military equipment followed, both modern and restored from times of World War II.

Altogether, 45 items of military equipment took part in the parade – three items of each type: tanks, howitzers, APCs, MTLBs, ICCA-Bs, Grad rocket systems, hromadske reported.

All photos by twitter.com/loogunda

After the parade in Donetsk, a march of the “Immortal regiment” was held. Several thousands of people came with portraits of their relatives killed in World War II. Such a march was also held in Luhansk, as well as a parade of military equipment which is also banned under the Minsk agreements.

All photos by twitter.com/loogunda

According to the Minsk agreements, artillery systems of caliber of 100 and more were to be withdrawn to create a security zone of 50 km, MLRS – a zone of 70 km, MLRS Tornado-S, Uragan, Smerch and Tactical Missile Systems – a 140-km zone.

Map by Euromaidan Press. Line of contact data by informnapalm.org; terrorist-occupied territory data by liveuamap.com


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