75 countries have adopted anti-gay discrimination legislature; will Ukraine? | Interactive map



As Ukrainian MPs prepare to once again vote for prohibiting discrimination of homosexuality among other anti-discrimination measures in Ukraine’s labor code on November 12, we take a look into which countries of the world prohibited discriminating against homosexuals, and which countries prohibit homosexuals themselves. This map shows which countries have adopted anti-discrimination laws for employment and housing, and which countries have criminalized homosexuality legislatively.

On November 11, Ukraine’s Parliament failed to adopt the anti-discrimination measures necessary for a visa-free regime with the EU. Only 207 lawmakers supported the measures, short of the 226 majority. On the day of the previous voting, November 5, these measures were not even placed on the voting agenda.

Membership in the EU requires banning anti-gay discrimination in the workplace. The same amendments to national legislature are required from states entering into a visa-free regime with EU countries. According to wikipedia, the following countries have prohibited discrimination by sexual orientation and gender identity in the workplace:

Source: wikipedia

Source: wikipedia

The anti-discrimination measures are part of a 10-law package that must be passed for visa liberalization. The other laws concern measures to combat corruption. Activists are planning a protest in front of the Ukrainian parliament to persuade their elected representatives to adopt the laws.

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