Online museum of Russian invasion of Ukraine features section on Russian Neo-nazis



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The aim of the museum is to provide an insight into events taking place in Eastern Ukraine. The materials can be downloaded and printed free of charge for those that wish to organize an on-ground exhibition.

An online museum seeking to expose evidence of Russia’s involvement in the war in Ukraine has opened. Titled, it aims to collect and organize important facts about the war in Ukraine, revealing evidence of the support by the Russian government of the militants. It is divided into several key sections: a timeline, proofs of the Russian involvement, an overview of the key militant figures, war photos.

The timeline is the essential part of the exhibit, describing in a chronological system the story or the Russian invasion and the war, from its beginning (annexation of Crimea in February 2014) until the present day. It tells about all the key events, including battles, war crime incidents, political acts, agreements, etc., and includes a number of specially designed maps, indicating the towns and villages where clashes took place. The materials, in their pre-final layout, consist of about 230 pages, which makes it the most extensive work of the kind on this subject ever produced.

The section on the proofs of the direct involvement of the Russian government presents a list of evidence demonstrating the presence of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine, and their support of the militants. Important players of the Russia-backed militants with their biographies, positions and other facts about them are presented in the section of the key militant figures. The part on the Neo-nazis is an exceptionally unique one – in it, there are collected all the known instances so far of radicals and Neo-nazis fighting for the Russian-backed militants. A smaller part on war photos presents a few images depicting the Ukrainian soldiers who are faced with this brutality, revealing the humane aspect of the individuals defending their country.

The layout consists of roughly fifty sheets of 24”x36” in size, which are to be printed upon coated foam boards. The organizers are ready to provide the complete materials upon request to anyone interested in organising and running this exhibition in other cities across the world free of charge.

“It is important to understand that the conflict is not in fact localised, but is a hotbed for a potential international catastrophe. Unless the requisite measures are taken to put an end to Russian aggression in Ukraine, the war may grow into a large scale world crisis. We wanted to demonstrate the brutality and the violence of this war in order to raise public awareness amongst the English-speaking audience,” commented Yuriy Setko, one of the organizers of the exhibition.


The organisers of the event are Canadians for Democracy in Russia (CDR) a non-profit political organisation based in Toronto, which represents pro-democratic Russian Canadians, and Euromaidan Canada Committee – Ukrainian Canadian Congress Toronto, an organisation which represents the Ukrainian community.
An introductory brochure about the exhibition can be downloaded here.  The organizers can be contacted at  [email protected]

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    The link in the article does not work. It should be

  • puttypants

    I read bio’s of leaders of pro-Russian group. They’re a bunch of losers why hasn’t the Ukrainian army been able to close them down with all the in-fighting and losers?

    • Dagwood Bumstead

      The problem is that while the Ukrainian army can deal with the Kolorads, it can’t deal with the Russian army which is sure to step in if the Kolorads would be threatened with being wiped out. It’s the Russian army that is preventing their defeat, as it did last August.

      Igor Girkin thinks that the Ukrainian army will be able to take on the Russian army next year, but I think that that is far too optimistic (or pessimisitic if you support the dwarf). I don’t know on what basis Girkin comes to that conclusion, but I suspect that he is trying to prod the dwarf into a more active role, i.e. direct full-scale invasion of the Ukraine and seizure of the whole country NOW, even though he states that that is no longer possible in his opinion because of the considerable improvement of the Ukrainian army and almost total lack of support for the Russians among the Ukrainian population. The longer the dwarf waits the heavier Russian losses will be if/when he does decide to take action and invade. The old Stones song “Time is on my side” does not apply to the dwarf.