Moscow analyst: West caving in on Crimea, but Kyiv can get it back

In this July 29, 2009, file photo, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., speaks at the National Press Club in Washington. (Image: AP)

In this July 29, 2009, file photo, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., speaks at the National Press Club in Washington. (Image: AP) 

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The West appears to have accepted the deal Vladimir Putin has been offering the last month, agreeing not to challenge Russia’s annexation of Crimea de facto in exchange for the Kremlin leader’s declaration that he will recognize the territorial integrity of the rest of Ukraine and not expand his campaign against Kyiv, according to Andrey Piontkovsky.

Andrey Piontkovsky, Russian mathematician, political writer and analyst

Andrey Piontkovsky, Russian mathematician, political writer and analyst

Western leaders, he suggests, see this arrangement a diplomatic triumph because such a deal has the appearance of a genuine compromise and relieves them of the need to maintain a hard line against Russia or even prepare for a military response by allowing them to declare that “the Ukrainian crisis” has been solved.

This deal, Piontkovsky points out, leaves Ukraine much weakened in the short term. On the one hand, it does not require Putin to pull his forces out or stop his efforts to destabilize Ukraine. And on the other, it forces Kyiv to finance a region that will remain under effective Russian control, something even the Moldovan government doesn’t have to do in Transdniestria.

But it does give Ukraine clarity about exactly what its challenges are and at least potentially time to carry out the kind of fundamental reforms needed to integrate into Europe, reforms that if successful would constitute a historic breakthrough and likely lead to the genuine reintegration of the Donbas and Crimea into Ukraine given Russia’s inability to do the same.

In a commentary yesterday, the Russian analyst argues that the basic features of the deal were outlined on April 19 in Fyodor Lukyanov’s “Moscow Times” article entitled “Putin Wants Peaceful Coexistence with the West,” the authoritative nature of which was underscored by its appearance in “Rossiiskaya gazeta” the next day.

That article made two key points: First, it asserted that “For the authorities to maintain the strong anti-Western sentiment they have manufactured, they must now take the conflict to the next level, and that is dangerous and extremely expensive.” And second, it added that “Turning back is impossible. The Crimean decision is irreversible, without putting the entire political model at risk. Any backtracking on support for eastern Ukraine would lead to serious political repercussions at home and would generally be perceived as a clear defeat for the Kremlin.”

The “tone” of that article, Piontkovsky points out, was “exclusively businesslike. There was no demagogy about an anti-Russian conspiracy” or anything of the like. In fact, with this article, Moscow took responsibility for ginning up “the anti-Western hysteria,” even as it indicated that it wasn’t ready or able to take the conflict to “the next level of escalation.”

Neither European leaders nor American ones want to have anything disturb them for long, and consequently they will do whatever they can to end tensions, declare a settlement, and go back to business as usual.

But at the same time, the Russian analyst notes, the article sent a clear signal that “there could not be any discussion about the return of Crimea or the weakening of the Russian presence in separatist territories, above all for internal considerations.” Were those points to be raised, there would be “a serious political crisis” in Russia itself.

Such “a shocking recognition of the failure of the ‘Novorossiya’ Project and at the same time a demand for recognition of the results of the expansion already achieved” might seem too much for the market to bear. But Putin very correctly read his opposite numbers in the contemporary West.


If Western leaders were like the figures presented by Kremlin propaganda, such an exchange would have been unthinkable. But neither European leaders nor American ones want to have anything disturb them for long, Piontkovsky says; and consequently they will do whatever they can to end tensions, declare a settlement, and go back to business as usual.

The April “’Putin wantsmemorandum offered them just such an opportunity: Putin, as it were, agreed not to go further. The West can declare its victory achieved by peaceful diplomacy.” And, in one sense, the West did get a victory: Putin will not move into the Baltics in the near future, something which NATO would have to respond to or cease to exist.

Not surprisingly, the Western governments jumped at the opportunity the Kremlin presented them with. Berlin began putting pressure on Kyiv to accept Putin’s fundamentally dishonest interpretation of the Minsk accords, and US Secretary of State John Kerry hurried to meet Putin in Sochi.

It is important to understand what these moves mean and what they don’t. They clearly follow Putin’s script, but they don’t mean that the West has decided to throw over Ukraine or simply leave it to its own devices. Ukraine has enough force of its own to be a serious player, and the West has made clear that if Putin launches a new invasion, the West will oppose him. 

[These moves] clearly follow Putin’s script, but they don’t mean that the West has decided to throw over Ukraine or simply leave it to its own devices. Ukraine has enough force of its own to be a serious player, and the West has made clear that if Putin launches a new invasion, the West will oppose him.

This set of moves “defines the real foreign policy context in which in the coming years, the Ukrainian state must struggle for its existence,” and consequently, “in the relations of Ukraine with the West there must be all possible clarity,” with Kyiv fully understanding what the West will and won’t do.

Piontkovsky says that “the West will not return to Ukraine the territories it has lost as a result of Russian aggression, but the West is prepared to react to a further Russian escalation with harsh political and economic measures, including an expansion of arms shipments.” That is a large part of the reason Moscow has made the concessions it has made.

These are the product not so much of its fears of Western reaction, the Russian commentator continues, but “above all because the resistance of the Ukrainian army would lead to the losses of Russian military personnel, something that Russian society would not accept.”

If Kyiv is wise, it will use this pause to build up its defense fortifications, given that “no one can guarantee what will take place tomorrow in the head of a man who is in another reality.” Putin will certainly continue his “terrorist and diversionary activity on the territory of all of Ukraine.” But Kyiv will be able to cope given the lack of support for Moscow in most places.

“The illusion of the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine (without Crimea, it would seem)” is what Putin wants to use to put additional pressure on Kyiv. For a long time, Ukraine was frightened by the idea that it would face “a second Transdniestria,” but what it faces now is worse: it has to pay to support people on territories it doesn’t control.

The Minsk agreements don’t contain all the things Putin says, Piointkovsky says. “The only provision of the Minsk accords which really can be realized is the delimitation of Russian and Ukrainian forces and a ceasefire.” Ukraine must insist that its Western partners recognize that reality.

But what is most important, the Russian analyst says, is that Ukraine uses the coming months and years to “demonstrate to all its citizens, including those who are temporarily occupied territories, the undoubted and convincing success of economic and political reforms which will lead to the establishment of a contemporary European state.”
If Kyiv does so, Piontkovsky concludes, “this will be an event of enormous historical importance for Ukraine, for Russia, for Europe and for the entire post-Soviet space, an event whose inevitable and natural result will be the return to Ukraine of territories, traitorously taken away by the Russian authorities.”

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  1. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    The prospect of ukraine paying for an area controlled by terrorists is preposterous. Surely they will not agree to this.

    1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      The terrorist are the Russian rebels and the russian soldiers who have invaded Ukraine. . Notice that the only unrest in Ukraine is where the Russian rebels are. The rest of Ukraine is peaceful .That should tell you something. Putin=terrorist.

  2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    The only thing the terrorists want is Kyiv to pay for their failures to manage 2 so called small utopia republics.

  3. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Pains in your stomach after too much vodka I suppose . Did you not find the dry toilets in the garden ?
    The MYTHOADDICTS are not allowed on this site !
    Try at RT or Sputnik news , they have a comment dept . You have better chances !

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      The stomach is one thing – the head is another (albeit latest research clearly indicates there is a direct linkage between the states of the two). Add to this that the vodka is made out of oil, poorly filtered, and most definitely not mellowed with a couple of zubrovka spears, throw in the poison coming from the zombobox (here’s where the aforementioned linkage comes into play in reverse) – and the result is all but wholly predictable.
      It’s unfortunate when a single person is afflicted in this way but when it affects eight-five percent of a large nation with the background of the totalitarian inferiority complex, it’s a sure recipe for disaster. Suus’ quod vidimus.

      1. Avatar The truth says:

        I really thought that their problems were more psychosomatic .

        It has to do with their doubtful origins .

        Over the past 20 years, attempts have been made to understand through experimentation a phenomenon known as “cryptomnesia,” whereby you arrive at an apparently original idea that you later turn out to have heard from someone else or to have read somewhere. It can occasionally be the cause of what has perhaps rather generously been called “unconscious plagiarism.” In the laboratory, cryptomnesia can be replicated through subtle manipulation of the processes of forgetting. The trick is to mix just enough forgetting with remembering at just the right moment, such that the memory concerned does not disappear but is no longer recognized as memory.

      2. Avatar Larrie Veith says:

        Semper in excretia sumus Russki. Solim profundum variat.

  4. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Minsk agreements are very clear . It is all or nothing .

    Follows a simple version especially for the ivans

    1 Immediate and full bilateral ceasefire
    2 Withdrawal of all heavy weapons by both sides
    3 Effective monitoring and verification regime for the ceasefire and withdrawal of heavy weapons
    4 From day one of the withdrawal begin a dialogue on the holding of local elections
    5 Pardon and amnesty by banning any prosecution of figures involved in the Donetsk and Luhansk conflict
    6 Release of all hostages and other illegally detained people
    7 Unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid to the needy, internationally supervised
    8 Restoration of full social and economic links with affected areas
    9 Full Ukrainian government control will be restored over the state border, throughout the conflict zone
    10 Withdrawal of all foreign armed groups, weapons and mercenaries from Ukrainian territory
    11 Constitutional reform in Ukraine, with adoption of a new constitution by the end of 2015

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      There are no answers to these “questions” since rather than being questions, they are merely false statements. Borrowing from cousin Vinny’s phraseological dictionary:

      i.e. “Everything that guy just said is bullshit” – with the sole exception of the “US trainers”. If you truly believe in anything you’ve just posted, there is something really awry with the state of your inner cranium – it’s either intrinsically feeble or inflamed by the RTV virus. If not, you’re just spreading vicious lies, whether you’re getting paid to do it or do it just because you (and hence your sick mind) is part of the totalitarian cult called Putler’s Russia, regardless of the actual location of the crevice from which you’ve just crawled out.

      As to the US trainers, they are non-combatants, are located in Yavoriv (i.e. almost all the way to the Ukrainian western border), and it’s none of your damn business whom Ukraine (or any other country, for that matter) invites to train their troops. Lately, a lot of Russian “trainers” have been to Ukraine, too, except that in addition to training motley crews of the newly-fangled “republics”, they actually direct fire and pull triggers having Ukrainian servicemen (and just plain folks) in their sights. No wonder the latter return fire, and, judging from the number of cargo 200’s delivered back whence their contents came, quite successfully. To construct a parallel, show me a single “US trainer” brought back from *Russia* in the same fashion – then there might be something tangible to discuss.

    2. Avatar John Shirley says:

      Their is a big difference here….Ukraine/Kiev invited the US etc. trainers to come to their country, they did not invite the Russians to be on their soil. See the difference?

      1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

        Yes there is a difference you russian troll. Ukraine is a sovereign country and it can invite whatever foreign military or advisors it wants.
        Why don’t you go to Russia and stay there. You will fit right in. You and putin both have a lot in common. You both never tell the truth .

      2. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

        I am guessing srm media stands for STUPID RUSSIAN MENTALITY MEDIA because only someone who does not have access to the real news outside of Russia can think this crap up! WOW!

        1. Avatar The truth says:

          I thought that srm was one of those shameful sickness the transgenders get when fooling around !

      3. Avatar The truth says:

        Putin, Girkin, Boroday, started this mess . ATO is doing its job. That was not expected ! FSB could not supply right infos to Kremlin . Putin sitting on the chamber pot, wondering what went wrong ! Now he is in the chamber pan and trying to simm out ! Before some of his friends hold his head down.

        1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

          Another russian troll. The job of a russian troll is to spread lies and misinformation and confuse the public. You are a total failure ruskiy because nobody believes a word you say.

          1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

            There could be an russian troll in California. How much does putin’s troll army pay you to write these lies. You must be a real loser or real hard up for money to take such a job. Why don’t you find yourself a real job.

      4. Avatar Murf says:

        So if the ethnic Fins in the occupied parts of Finland invite NATO in you would be ok with that.
        How about the Chechens.
        or Dagestanis.
        Or Siberians.
        Crimean Tarters.
        See were this is leading?
        We can pay ANY dissaffcted group in the so called Federation to say; “Fascists, genocide, protect our ethinic heritage/language or any of the other BS excuses Russia has used and it all good.

      5. Avatar gmab says:

        Putin troll. The majority of residents in Donbass are ethnic Ukrainian & don’t want Russian goons on their territory. Putin only invaded not for the poor ethnic Russians (most who side with Ukraine) aid but for his own agenda. He cannot bear the fact that Ukraine wants to get as far away from him as possible. If he had not been the fearful reactionary maniac that he is, he would have still had some kind of business trade with Ukraine. Now Ukraine and most of the free world despises Putin and Russia and it will take a long time to ever get any good relations back. You voted in a very stupid leader. KGB training- wow!! I’m impressed.

        1. Avatar gmab says:

          You are incorrect. The majority of Luhansk north of Donetsk are Ukrainian speakers. Please remember Ukraine was russified when the Soviets occupied Ukraine & all the other ex-Soviet states. They had no choice & were forced to study Russian in Schools & speak it daily regarding business with Gov’t. At home they spoke their own languages like Polish, Hungarian, Ukrainian. My information came from the Country’s Poll back in 2012 before Russia started their stupid war.

        2. Avatar Vol Ya says:

          The Nazis are in russia. In March of this year there was a world forum of Nazis, fascists and ultra nationalists held in Russia. So now tell me where the Nazis are.

        3. Avatar canuke says:

          Try this study on for size:
          Titled: “Almost no support for militant republics in Donbas cities”. Once again, “Almost No Support”.

      6. Avatar John Shirley says:

        Stalking me again? What no disqus…17ZNI alias today? Why don’t you take your trolling little “toilet tongue” back over to “ABC News Ukraine and join the other St. Pete trolls.

    3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      Why are you a fucking russina troll???
      Why do you spread lies and misinformation???
      Why do you deny the presence of russian soldiers in Ukraine when Ukraine has recently captured 2 active on duty russian soldiers in Ukraine???.
      Why do you deny that russian rebels shot down the civilian Malaysia airliner when their is overwhelming evidence that they did it??.
      Why do you deny that putin is a fascist when he supports fascist and Nazi groups and ultra nationalist?

      1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        WHY? Because srmmedia is a criminal who ACTIVELY fights for mass murder, ethnic and cultural cleansing, genocide and fascist russian terror and totalitarianism.

        He does this as a PAID PROSTITUTE of putin.

        He ACTIVELY works to create a NEW russian nazi NORTH KOREA on a massive scale.
        But especially because he is trash, a particle of the demonic dregs of humanity. Soon he will perish along with putin and all the other russian fascist trash.

      2. Avatar gmab says:

        You’re the only one who doesn’t know that Russian soldiers are there and have been caught, not once but twice. I guess you can’t read real news outside of Russia. Too bad for you!

        1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

          The truth is that russian trolls can’t read. They can’t think either. They are too stupid. That is why they take low paying jobs and sit at a computer all day and write lies about putin and Ukraine. What losers.

      3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

        There are 2 russian soldiers, active members of the Russian military, that have ben captured, they are in a Kyiv hospital. They have been interviewed by Russian media. Maybe if you got your head out of your ass, you would be aware of it. It is all over the news.

        1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

          There are 2 Russian soldiers who have been captured alive. They have admitted that they are active soldiers in the russian army and that they were on an official Russian army mission in Ukraine. That destroys putin’s lies lies that the Russian army is not involved in Ukraine. I know the truth is hard for you russian trolls to take but that is your problem and puti’ns problems. Nobody believes your lies anymore.

      4. Avatar canuke says:

        I suggest you watch Vice news’ Simon Ostrovsky. He certainly is no friend of one side or the other. He is neutral to a fault. This question was posed directly to him. I suggest you listen/watch him:

        Simon has spent the last year in Donbas. He knows the truth. You clearly deny it.

    4. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

      1. why is srmmedia an idiot?
      2. Why was #1’s why not capitalized?
      6. Why can’t this idiot count to 3?
      10. Has all oxygen from his brain left yet?

    5. Avatar The truth says:

      Why are they 87 Ukraine soldiers dead since 15 february ? Do they shoot themselves ? Your lpr/dpr nazi junta has never intended to respect the Minsk agreements . If they stop this crisis , they will be unemployed , no job to go to, they have destroyed everything. They are begging funds from Kyiv .

      1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

        One can only hope that that many more russian swine(russian soldiers) get slaughtered. Putin doesn’t even care about the loss of his russian soldiers. How pathetic is that.

      2. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

        You are an idiot, and you just proved it !
        Lack of argument or answer, you write something you know nothing about ! Novorossia was an utopia, the nazi junta in lpr/dpr is non existant , that also an utopia. The russian army has taken over , because the terrorists have completly failed to conduct actions in the lines of conduct decided by putin.
        As useful idiots they are masters , when putin will decide, they will die first , as usual in perfect russian manners. Man no problem , there are plenty !

  5. Avatar canuke says:

    LOL. Cared enough to invade and annex Crimea. Cared enough to try the same in the Donbas, but failed to make your beloved Putin’s “Novorossiya” joke a reality. With friends like you, who needs enemies!

    1. Avatar canuke says:

      Yes, do ask every Crimean Tartar, the true original inhabitants. Then, ask ethnic Ukrainians. Might be difficult since their media has been shut down, despite Putin’s empty promises. ATR for example. You show your chauvinist colours with your comments in reply, and the original hate-filled drivel. Michel is right: RT/Sputnik is a better fit for your types.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        Wow, I hope the Kremlin troll machine isn’t paying you for your outlandish outbursts. I thought your Neanderthal opinions went out of fashion last century. Apparently not. Yours are the same views that led to the rise of Hitler. Better look at yourself in the mirror, my friend. If you are a believer, read what Jesus preached about his fellow man. I’m sorry for you.

        1. Avatar puttypants says:

          What they have before. How well was Ukraine doing under Putin’s heel? Wouldn’t it make sense they would try something else? You’re right the USA, EU and IMF and especially UK, Germany, France and Italy…what a bunch of pieces of dreeke!!

        2. Avatar canuke says:

          You’ve been dipping a bit too much into the vodka, OM. Either that or your Russian propaganda. It’s clear that the government of Ukraine was democratically elected. Right wing extremists have always polled very poorly in Ukraine, and this time around was no exception. To suggest otherwise is blatantly false. Furthermore, even those that hold more extreme views can hardly be associated with nazism. Praviy Sektor, for example might have a few wing nuts amongst them, but most are true Ukrainian patriots. Many if not the majority are Russian speakers. Some are Jews. With respect to Donbas, it’s very interesting that you trolls NEVER mention any shelling by the banana republics. Now isn’t that ironic? The shelling only comes from the Ukrainian side. Right, that is so believable. Just like MH17 being pre-loaded with corpses (one of the stories repeated by your media). As for Odesa, yes a tragedy. It started with pro-Russian provocateurs firing into a group of Ukrainian football enthusiasts, with the Ukrainian police looking the other way, at best, or actually protecting those firing at the Ukrainians (lots of video evidence of the same). The crowd then chased the idiots with the guns who ended up at the trade union building. When the fires started (and this is not at all clear, since both sides appeared to be throwing Molotov cocktails), many on the Ukrainian side attempted to assist people out of the building with ladders, but some of those were fired on from the roof top. Tragedies happen, but to repeatedly be so one-sided as RT/Sputnik is corrupt and dishonest. As for in-fighting, better check the news: Mozgovoi was knocked off near Luhansk. Seems to be an awful lot of infighting in your banana republics, OM.

          1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

            Yanukovich was not democratically elected you russian troll. Yanukovich had no right to be president under Ukraoine’s constitution because he had a criminal record. So Yanukovich bribed members of parliament to change the constitution to allow him to be president. Try telling the truth for once.

          2. Avatar canuke says:

            So his sister lives in Santa Barbara, and he’s a Scientologist. To that I say, “who cares”. Trying to whip up a frenzy or something, OM? Doesn’t work in a democracy. We respect our personal beliefs. I wouldn’t care if he was a trans-gendered, Jewish-American-Ukrainian. Makes no difference to me, as long as he was a Ukrainian patriot. That’s all that matters. You ruSSkis just don’t get democracy, do you!

          3. Avatar canuke says:

            That he was (democratically elected), but he stole $70 Billion from Ukraine. He lost the support of his own POR, then fled the country. So, any comparison between the two is not accurate.

          4. Avatar The truth says:

            You don´t get it ! are you ?

            The ivans are so insecure about their ethinicities both in origine and language that they believe everybody else does the same.
            France and Germany started EU model 65 years ago with the coal and steel agreements. That is 10 years after France declared war on Germany and France was occupied by Germany . To forget is one ground to unification and repair the mistakes of the past. The ivans leaving in the past of the future can´t appreciate.
            After the end of WWII , Europe main goals was to rebuild Europe together while the ivans were building walls to stop the invaded people to run away .

          5. Avatar Larrie Veith says:

            Right canuke. And it is apparent that Putin’s hand is in the elimination of some of these, too independent, warlords. Batman for instance.

          6. Avatar gmab says:

            He panicked after he killed so many innocent people and ran away. He knew the world was watching & he’d be arrested & tried. he ran so fast, he left a trail of shit straight to his master in Russia.

        3. Avatar Murf says:

          I am trying to figure out exactly what concessions the West has made. Kerry didn’t change the US stance by so much as a comma. Myerkle said to Putin’s weaselly face the annexation was illegal and that sanctions will not be removed until Minsk 2 is implemented.
          Which is no more likely now than in February.
          At anymore than a dozen places the process can be sabotaged.
          With the rebels doing the sabotaging.

        4. Avatar John Shirley says:


        5. Avatar Vol Ya says:

          You russian trolls should never invoke the name of Jesus because the Bible states that thou shall not steel and thou shall not lie. You russian trolls have never told the truth once. And you russian trolls seem to think it is okay for russia to steal land and resources from other countries. In the name of Jesus you russian trolls should all go to hell.

          1. Avatar gmab says:

            Don’t forget the thou shall not kill. I wonder how many murders Putin has under his belt. Apts. in moscow, opposition leaders, the Theatre massacre, Ukraine, Georgia. Putin is Satan.

        6. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

          srmmedia is a NAZI russian criminal who ACTIVELY fights for mass murder, ethnic and cultural cleansing, genocide and fascist russian terror and totalitarianism…

          He does this as a PAID PROSTITUTE of putin.

          He ACTIVELY works to create a NEW russian nazi NORTH KOREA on a massive scale.
          But especially because he is nazi trash, a particle of the demonic dregs of humanity. Soon he will perish along with putin and all the other russian fascist trash.

        7. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

          I would not talk about WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? scenarios when your beloved Stalin devastated Ukraine with the HOLODOMOR, signed TREATIES WITH HITLER and was responsible for more Russian deaths in his command than the present day population of Ukraine! As for PUTIN, isn’t it odd how anyone that says anything against him or opposes him in any way ends up dead, missing or in prison? I also think that he may have helped a wanted criminal escape from his country and grant him asylum even though that criminal stole unknown BILLIONS from Ukraine before being ousted. I am pretty sure Ukraine would like their money back and have a couple of things to say to THAT GUY! PUTIN is reportedly one of the richest men in the world with an estimated net worth of over $50 Billion USD while his country can’t afford food? I think I know WHAT JESUS WOULD DO!

        8. Avatar kievjoy says:

          You do realise that Russia already owed the IMF Billions before this started. Have you ever been to Ukraine. There are a lot of ethnic Russians here who came to get our freedom. I’ve lived here for 12 years and it’s a wonderful country.

        9. Avatar kievjoy says:

          I see you bring Jesus into it. Don’t be a hipocryte when Kiril doesn’t even know the Bible. The Bible says several times that ALL men are created equal under God, but Kiril says that Ukrainians are inferior. He also persecutes anyone who isn’t Russian Orthodox, when the Bible says not to seperate the different churches in Corintians. Before you start quoting the Bible and talking about Jesus, learn what He says first. kiril preaches hate, Filerate preaches love and tells us to pray for the Russians that they will realise what they are doing and change and come to God.

      2. Avatar Murf says:

        And the innate Russian arrogance comes shining through.
        That didn’t take long.
        And you wonder why NATO and the EU are expanding east.
        You like to sit around swilling vodka and creating all sorts of elaborate conspiracy as to why NATO/EU is so successful but it really boils down to this:

        1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

          srm did not like my insinuation about transgender´s disease, so he changed to contrarian . Pathetic

        2. Avatar Murf says:

          Trying to expand.
          So far without much success.

        3. Avatar gmab says:

          Thanks for the laugh, your comment made my day. Ukrainians call them Colorados for a reason. They’re like obsessed stalkers everywhere they go.

      3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

        How about saying the same thing about the minority russian population in Ukraine. Fuck em. Maybe they should just move to russia. Russia has lots of land so there will be lots of room for them .

    2. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      You are the dumb ass and the russian troll. Why don’t you go to hell and take your fascist leader putin with you, because that is where he is going to wind up.

    3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      How did the people of Crimea enjoy the totally dead tourist season last year and the empty beaches. That is what putin’s invasion of Crimea got them. Oh I forgot to mention that prices have gone up considerably since putin’s invasion. How are the people of Crimea liking that.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        I was just going to say the same thing. Watched an interesting YouTube video from May 1st, which should have shown Yalta overflowing with tourists (as it was under Ukrainian jurisdiction). Despite being in the middle of the day, the roads were deserted. Yep, they’re basking in their new found wealth!

    4. Avatar Craig Umniy says:

      Actually nobody has been able to ask, since it is so tightly controlled and most are afraid to say what they think. Just a few years before the invasion (it was–even Putler admitted it eventually) the current vassal chief there, Aksenev, got a whole 4% of the vote. His was the only pro-annexation party in Crimea. Amazingly that translated, in the worlds most rushed referendum, into over 97%. Right.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        Sure, overnight, 4% to 97%. Bound to happen. By the way, I’d love to see your clips of happy Crimean Tartars. By the way, please refrain from your racist remarks (ie “Yats the Yid”). In democracies, all citizens are equal irregardless of their ethnicity or religious affiliation. You have a lot to learn.

        1. Avatar gmab says:

          The problem, Canuke, is Russians don’t or can’t learn. Therefore, their Russian Mir goes round & round & repeats & crashes.

      2. Avatar gmab says:

        They are starving & destitude in Crimea, yes, even the enthinic Russians. Of course you watched Russia TV the only TV in Crimea. You are such an idiot. Do you not understand what PROPOGANDA is I bet you would believe it if the interviewers reported that everyone is dying to get into Crimea.

    5. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

      “dumb ass” really? what are you 12?

    6. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      if you didn’t have a fascist paranoid dictator in charge of your country, perhaps you could have bought Crimea from Ukraine to the benefit of all people there and especially to the benefit of Russian citizen because the cost wouldn’t be as high as stealing it “for free” via military aggression.

      So ask yourself the next time, whose fault is it that the future of Russia is the darkest black.

    7. Avatar gmab says:

      Ask the other half of Crimea, you idiot. If there were a true referendum without a gun pointed at you, the result would be quite different.

  6. Avatar Kruton says:

    Kerry is a moron,everything he touches turn to crap!

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      he probably doesn’t lie with every word like Lavrov but cannot be trusted all the same. The man has no integrity whatsoever and being a doormat to a weak hypocrite like Obama tells a lot and not in a good way.

    2. Avatar Larrie Veith says:

      This patriotic American agrees with you 100%.

  7. Avatar Kruton says:

    #moron Bolshevik

    1. Avatar canuke says:

      Well, that’s blunt. Perhaps my soft peddling is ineffective for such thick skulls?

  8. Avatar puttypants says:

    They cared enough to kill Ukrainians when they couldn’t get their way with them and carry on the most slanderous lies against them. You call that caring? I knew the west was going to screw Ukraine all along or they would have taken action long ago. Obama and Kerry are worthless. They’ve hurt Ukraine and the USA. Hopefully, they’ll be gone soon. Their legacy will be worse than Bushs!

  9. Avatar Patrick says:

    I agree with Piontkovsky’s analysis !

    In fact, I already wrote many articles about the game described by Piontkovsky in april 2014 because it was clear what Europe wanted right away: Calm in Ukraine. Not in the
    first place for the sake of Ukraine but, like always, for itself. The
    tactics of the West has been to make the weak state Ukraine dependent on
    European financial and other aid to pressure it into a deal that brings
    calm. That such a deal will be highly unjust and rewards agression doesn’t
    matter. The West wants to do business and political deals with Russia. Ukraine
    is weak and has little to offer so doesn’t count for our cynical and decadent
    western leaders.

    If Ukraine doesn’t force Europe to help Ukraine in a generous way in return for such a deal,
    Ukraine will simply be forgotten. Not by all ordinary people but by our cynical leaders.

    There is only one way to break the cynical strategy of the great powers and that is to fight on !

    Don’t allow the conflict to become frosen, let alone that Ukraine allows outside forces to
    bring Ukraine into a Bosnia like situation of a completely disfunctional state.
    By raising the stakes, Ukraine will force the big powers to come up with
    something better.

    And yes there is a risk to this, per example more loss of territory, but there is a lot of support for the Ukrainian unity state within the Ukrainian people, that is clear by now,
    so simply occupying large territories in Ukraine with a overwhelming majority
    of people who clearly don’t want that will be extremely costly for Russia.

    And an ongoing conflict in Europe is not something Europe wants.

    In the end, this will force Europe to leave its cynical policy and come up with something better.

    So Ukraine, don’t follow the logics of our cynical leaders. Make clear to them that as long there is no justice for Ukraine, there is headache for them, high risks and high
    costs ! Don’t allow them to treat you as a kid. You don’t deserve that. You are
    not a kid !

    1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

      couldn’t agree more. Just want to add that we citizens must make sure it is the politicans who will pay for their cynicism and not us as scapegoats.

  10. Avatar Fred Hernandez says:

    In the long run the ordinary Russian citizen will be the one who suffers and pays for having Putin the tyrant in power for another 30 years. HIs small group of friends will continue to accumulate wealth while the rest of Russia crumbles and rusts, descends into decay and poverty. Shunned by the West for his aggression against his fellow Slavs… Cede Donbas to Russia and let Putin pay for the destruction he has caused. And for all his clowns pretending to be leaders of these so called republics. If Ukraine, Poroshenko can succeed and reform it will be a further blow to Putin the Evil.

    1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      Which only indicates that you’ve fallen into the classic logical fallacy known since Aristotle as “cum hoc ergo propter hoc”. It’s typical for observational studies, let alone for a “study” based on personal anecdotal experiences, as both fail to consider confounding factors -such as the oil/gas prices, in this case. Also, such “studies” rely on incomplete data sets – in your case, you should have done some observations not only in Moscow (or St. Petersburg, say) but mere 100 km outside of MKAD where you’d have seen one veritable craphole and people living (or rather existing) in abject poverty and squalor of the people in the US cannot even fathom.

      Deriving “Putin has been good for Russia and he will continue to be” from “they have huge mega stores like we have here in the US stock full of stuff , they have IKEA and almost everybody has a car now because they are parking them everywhere” just speaks volumes of your power of inference – or rather lack of it thereof.

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        I haven’t said anything to the contrary – I’ve not only been to those places but have worked there. Yes, those trash cans are bad. However, I’ve been all over Russia, too, and can tell you that there’s a difference between a paper waste basket and a garbage can. If you have heard of the law of transformation of quantity into quality, you will understand that it’s not just a matter of a degree.

    2. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      If Russia is such a great country then tell me please, why can’t they even build a decent car. Since you have supposedly been to Russia so many times you must no doubt be familiar with the russian Lada.
      It is hard to call that a car. More appropriate to call it piece of shit. Even Muscovites are too embarrassed to drive one. That is why they drive imports.

      1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

        It’s an enigma what point you are trying to make by stating you personal automotive preferences. They have nothing to do with what Vol Ya said and in no way refute his valid point that the Russians by far prefer imports (including Fords and Chevys) and buy Ladas and other such crap as a last resort only if they can’t afford something, even used, from abroad.

    3. Avatar Fred Hernandez says:

      Very funny how you measure success… stores of imported goods. Perhaps you forgot to mention how 2,000.00 dollar jeans are so in fashion on the streets of Moscow and of course all those expensive cars. I have traveled more than a few times to Russia, made it all the way to the Altai Republic and have seen the underbelly of Putin’s Russia. Every time I have had a fantastic and great experience with ordinary Russians. This could be a great country and it pains me think how it will crumble further under the leadership of this tyrant.

  11. Avatar Lev Havryliv says:

    Putin’s grand imperial plan of a Novorossia on dismembered Ukrainian territory is a spectacular failure.

    There was no historical or legal basis for it. It was a pure imperial construct.

    The vast majority of Ukrainians despise Putin and his policies.

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      No Lev- ALL, all- Ukrainians despise putin.
      Especially since the HOLODOMOR Ukraine is still flooded with countless russians who hold Ukrainian passports.
      They are NOT Ukrainians rather russians- russian chauvinist racist occupiers in Ukraine who hate and despise Ukraine, spit on its culture and people and seek its destruction. Such are NOT Ukrainians. In fact it is an oxymoron to speak of a “Ukrainian” who does not despise putin.

  12. Avatar Murf says:

    Hope with one hand, shit in the other. See which fills up first

  13. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

    >You should have never turned your backs on Russia because they are the only ones that actually cared enough about you to really help.<

    Yeah, "cared" in the sense of a mafia boss pointing his index finger at his temple and saying to his underling: "They need to be taken care of, and we should help them". If history is any indication, both "care" and "help" from the Russians to the Ukrainians (not to mention various other peoples) have come in the forms of bullets, shells, artificial famines, deportations, concentration camps, wide-scale attempts at the eradication of the language and culture, conscription to their own army, and other such pleasantries.
    Now, in the sane world, how do we call a person suggesting that people who turn their backs on such "helpers" are idiots? That's right, you've said it – an idiot. Look in a mirror, and you'll be staring one straight in the eyes.

    1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      russia has never helped Ukraine and never will. Do you remember the 6 million Ukrainians that were killed by Stalin and his red army from Moscow. Russia also cut off gas shipments to Ukraine in the dead of winter. That is what Russia has done for Ukraine. Don’t ever forget it you lying piece of excrement.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        Sad to hear such a lowly come-back and excuse that Stalin was a Georgian. As a successor state to the USSR, which Putler is so keen on reviving, I’d say that’s irrelevant. He ruled from the Kremlin, was an extreme chauvinist for all things Russian, murdered the intelligentsia, repressed all other ethnicities in the USSR. I don’t care whether or not he was Georgian. And, as for the gas, my understanding is that all debts to Gazprom have been or are being honoured. Perhaps it’s time to start charging your beloved Moscow for the rape and pillaging of Crimea and it’s wealth, and the death and destruction fostered upon the Donbas.

    2. Avatar gmab says:

      They’d rather go to China than Russia (who has already crawled to China for help). China has a soft spot for Ukraine maybe it’s the good relations they’ve had for years.

  14. Avatar John Shirley says:

    You know you are wasting your time on the site, so perhaps I could suggest moving over to “ABC news Ukraine”. Over there people like you will be welcomed with open arms by the moderators. You will be treated like royalty and you can say anything your heart desires with impunity.
    and zero chance of getting your comments deleted.
    You really owe it to yourself to try it out.

    1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      Ukraine and the rest of the world would be a better place without russian trolls like you who just exist to spread lies and misinformation What a pathetic existence. But then again, what do you expect from filthy imperialist russian swine.

      1. Avatar Randall Cook says:

        You’re a huilo of muscovy descent..bugger off , kremlin troll.

      2. Avatar canuke says:

        Oh, please, spare me the drivel about being American, blah, blah, blah. We’re all aware of the odd wing nut out there, like Paul or Jones, or Cohen, or that Texan fighting for the banana republics on Vice news. Sure, I hear from lots of Americans siding with Russia…got to be 1 or 2% at least.

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          For one, I do believe that he is American… on the linguistic grounds alone (Russian impostors are surprisingly easy to spot from the language they use)… just utterly confused one, not being able to tell the Ron Paul the Sane from the Ron Paul the Crazy, not to mention Jones (mostly nuts) and Cohen (certifiably nuts). It may actually be a good thing that he writes to this board (and obviously reads it) – some people have a potential for rethinking their dogmas… hopefully.

          1. Avatar gmab says:

            If he’s American, he didn’t attend school past grade 4. His grammar & sentence structure is pathetic. He’s a Russian Troll. He’s far too emotional at times to be an outsider let alone an Irish one.

      3. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

        you are a liar- you are cultural/freudian MARXIST/NAZI trash….
        stinking filth… Filth, FASCIST TRASH OF THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL fighting for putin, lenin, pol pot… for genocide.

      4. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

        I am a Canadian of Ukrainian and Polish descent and “srmmedia” and I weep for all Americans and Irish people that now know your background. You have also lowered my respect for Seattle but it does explain some things. DID YOU GET A BAD BATCH OF WEED? DID IT MAKE YOU CRANKY AND STUPID? I have nothing against pot; I’ve done it myself, but it is a proven fact that pot smokers are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories, aliens, big foot and other things that don’t exist like a smart person with the last name PUTIN!

      5. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

        BTW RON PAUL IS AN A-HOLE! I am guess your TV only has FOX News?

  15. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Europe and Ukraine need to stop buying natural gas from Russia. Period! They are supporting putin by giving him hard currency. Do what Lithuania did, buy natural gas or LNG from other countries. This is the best way to defeat putin. Don’t give him your money and don’t become a victim of russian blackmail on energy. Let the russians drown in their fucking natural gas and vodka. Eventually they will drink themselves into oblivion.

  16. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Listen you russian swine. The only fascists are in russia. In Mach of this year there was a world meeting of fascists and Nazi groups and ultra nationalists held in Russia. The meeting was sanctioned by Putin. So this tells you who the true fascists are. Why don’t you go spread your lies someplace else. Nobody believes a word of your propaganda.

  17. Avatar Craig Umniy says:

    Debil. If Ukraine is so detested by you Russians, why the hell do you want it so badly. You hate it, its people, and don’t even have the bollocks to admit when you invade a “fraternal” country. At least Hitler admitted when he invaded someplace. Sick.

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      Your russian sodomisers ALREADY TRIED AND Miserably FAILED to take Ukraine.
      TAKE UKRAINE? What a joke! Your russian sodomisers could not even take tiny Georgia…
      Keep Cheering your russian and Frankfurt School sodomisers on!
      Uproot your Che Guevara Utne Reader sodomised rear end and move it to your paradise on earth- to russia.
      Plant your russian wide-sodomised rear end where your mouth is-move it to your paradise russia NOW otherwise STF up you little crying effeminate RTwimp.

    2. Avatar John Shirley says:

      Navy huh? Yeah I did at tour in the Navy. I was an ADJ 2. How about you what was your rate/rank? Where/when did you go to basic?.I’ve forgotten so much over the decades, like what is a forcastle, or a sponson. Can you help me out? Seattle, yeah been there a number of times. Last time ,I drove up to Bremerton, just up the road from you. Wanted to see my old decommissioned carrier Ranger CVA 61. They had two other carriers there also but I forgot which ones. Maybe you can help me out with their names also. What ship/ships did you serve on? Well, nice talking to another old swabbie.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        Nice one, John! I bet he’ll be strangely silent!

  18. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    78% of the russian parliament are neo nazis “united russia” et al… And Russia is home to HALF of the planet’s nazis.

  19. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

    srmmedia is a NAZI russian criminal who ACTIVELY fights for mass murder, ethnic and cultural cleansing, genocide and fascist russian terror and totalitarianism.

    He does this as a PAID PROSTITUTE of putin.

    He ACTIVELY works to create a NEW russian nazi NORTH KOREA on a massive scale.
    But especially because he is nazi trash, a particle of the demonic dregs of humanity. Soon he will perish along with putin and all the other russian fascist trash.

    1. Avatar canuke says:

      Guess the troll pay is pretty good to afford a holiday in Maui. Can’t say that I’ll miss your drivel.

    2. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

      From the gestalt of your posts in this thread alone, it is obvious that you know next to nothing about Russian history and tend to exaggerate American sins. You also have a completely malformed view of what happened in Ukraine during the last year and a half, and who knows where you derive your information from. Simply because you don’t trust the government and what it says (I don’t, either) does not mean that if the US government supports the Ukrainian cause you should take a stance to the contrary – incidentally, it may support a good cause, too.
      Therefore, it’s foolish to base judgement on the position of the US government on an issue – instead, you should look at the basic underlying facts.
      During the 20th century, the Russians, in their pursuit of the Communist “ideals”, have exterminated close to 100 million people (including Russians themselves); would you say that the US is responsible for more deaths? Would you say that the US “has more blood on its hands” (note I had to correct your syntax) than “mere” 10 million Ukrainians Russians starved to death during the Holodomor in 1930s (only one example of Russian “care” and “help” you referred to earlier)?
      Do you realize that whatever sins the US government has committed – which I don’t deny there are many and have no slightest inclination to excuse them – comparing them to the atrocities and violence perpetrated by various Russian rulers is as utterly immoral as comparing shoplifting with capital offense?
      Frankly, I don’t think you are malevolent – the anti-Ukrainianism in your posts looks rather perfunctory and lacks the emotional bile typical of the bona fide Russian-zombie hatred – but you’re certainly malinformed on the related issues and woefully ignorant of the facts required to form a sound opinion. In addition, it’s obvious from your posts and puerile barbs that you need to go back to Aristotle and brush up on the rules of formal logic.
      I’ll conclude by cannibalizing on your post: “Give me a break”, sans the wholly unnecessary crude appendage.

      1. Avatar canuke says:

        Wow, so eloquently stated. Thanks!

        1. Avatar Oknemfrod says:

          Thank *you*.

    3. Avatar gmab says:

      you would know, right? being an Irish American and all.

  20. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

    You truly need to be prayed for. Your thought process and hatred are so far away from reality that I can not even argue with you. I can feel sorry for you and hope you are given a chance to repent your sins before you die but you may want to start writing a list now. I will pray that some day you find the truth; the real truth. Russians in general know nothing but hate and fear, and that comes from their leaders. Putin has you hating everybody and fearing him and the Kremlin. I do not blame the average Russian; it is in your nature to hate. Ukrainians really just want to be left alone. Let Ukraine have it’s country back. Let Ukraine govern it’s people. Let Ukraine be free to make it’s own decisions. Let Ukraine be free!

  21. Avatar Garry Temchuk says:

    Russians in general know nothing but hate and fear, and that comes from their leaders. Putin has you hating everybody and fearing him and the Kremlin. I do not blame the average Russian; it is in your nature to hate. Ukrainians really just want to be left alone. Let Ukraine have it’s country back. Let Ukraine govern it’s people. Let Ukraine be free to make it’s own decisions. Let Ukraine be free!

    1. Avatar Vol Ya says:

      Truer words were never spoken Garry.
      You are 100 hundred percent correct.

    2. Avatar Nowhere Girl says:

      Sure, but what is national mentality? It is deeply rooted, but not immutable. Russians have been conditioned over centuries to fear those who are in power, to distrust everyone… And while I genuinely hate Putler, I feel sympathy for Russians – just for the fact that they have never really had an opportunity to live in a democratic system.

      1. Avatar gmab says:

        Neither did Ukrainians, Poland, the Baltics & other Soviet occupied countries but they have the innate traits for peace, freedom, respect, intelligence, etc. which are basic conditions of a democracy. No sympathy or excuse for Russians, they vote & support Putin unconditionally. They are a grotesque barbarian society. The good ones left long ago. You get what you ask for & they got Putin who will destroy them in the end.

        1. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

          I agree .. they are ignorant barbarians who worship and support putin blindly. Without their overwhelming support he would not proceed.

          1. Avatar Oxen says:

            NATO paid troll

  22. Avatar The truth says:

    Lets write about something we know nothing about and smug, patronizing, after all they´re just wogs . Main professional troll from St P activities !

  23. Avatar John Shirley says:

    Still trying to get your daily quota of posts as required by your St. Pete “Troll Factory” I see.

  24. Avatar kievjoy says:

    I’m so glad you said about EU not letting Ukraine in, every time Russia has said something like this, the opposite has happened. The day before Yatse signed the EU agreement, Russia said they would not be allowed to. Yep Russia cared for us, as long as they could control us and tell us what to do, as soon as we started being independent, Russia’s politicians have made it known that if they have their was they will kill every Ukrainian.

  25. Avatar Czech Friend says:

    “Death solves all problems – no man, no problem.”

    Let the words of one monster be applied to his dwarf apprentice. Why put millions of lives in danger because of one?! Just why?

    If Putin is killed, this WILL solve the problem. This WILL mean Russian regime will fall. It will probably mean the country will end up in huge turmoil but above all it will mean the outside world WILL BE SAFER for that.

    So why are we shying away from this option when it is ultimately the best one if you dare think about it. No more “what ifs” coming out of a psychopathic mind.

    Would we not kill Hitler, Stalin, Mao, PolPot and other mass murderers of the worst kind if we had the chance?

    But we do now!

    1. Avatar gmab says:

      It would be better if Putin hung himself. No need for anyone to dirty their hands. Ultimately, I would love to see him at the Hague, where his trial would be publicized to the world including in Russia.

      1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

        i can’t see Hague as a good solution. It would only create a martyr status for him and his successor. Russkies would simply be too pissed that even the man many of them hate is being persecuted in Europe.

        A bullet or poison would do much better job. Plus if we didn’t know for sure who did it, all the better.

        1. Avatar Czech Friend says:

          we already are, hit with Russian stupidity and barbarism on a massive scale, comrade Putinobot.

          1. Avatar John Shirley says:

            Try not to feed this “trash mouth” St. Pete troll. I’ve already positively identified one of his multiple accounts. “disque…17ZNI”. He also likes to “stalk” you from one site to another. So beware.

          2. Avatar Czech Friend says:

            he’s invited to my discussions on Czech news magazine Echo24. But be warned Ivan! You might find so many people disgusted with Russia there you might get a geart attack after all those lies Kremlin told you about our drunk shi te of a president representing the “will of a country”. 🙂

        2. Avatar gmab says:

          I think a bullet or poison would leave him in martyr status & he wouldn’t suffer for his crimes. I can hear Russians crying oh poor vova, he died so young, he was so good for Russia, who would want to kill him. Must be Banderovites or USA. Then a zillion statutes would pop up over night. And an equally crazy leader would take his place. The Hague is an International Court located in Europe. Members are from UN countries including Russia & other partners. His chance for hanging would be high with his war crimes not just international legal blunders. His successor would have to think twice before replacing him & maybe Russians would hear some truth & learn from it.

        3. Avatar Vol Ya says:

          This shows what a fascist dictator and a lunatic putin is. He is threatening to use nuclear weapons. I guess he has never heard of mutual destruction. More and more putin is behaving like Hitler and we all know how that ended.

  26. Avatar gmab says:

    Putin should slaughter all the Nazis in Russia first before he moves on. That will take him a few years as Russia has the world’s largest population of Neo-Nazi & Fascists. I do believe Ukraine would prefer anything but Russia. Can’t think of any Nation that left USSR that wants to go back to a Fascist Russia. You Russians just can’t take a blatant hint, can you?

  27. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    Just watching the ” despairingly” attempts of the trolls proputin/prokremlin dictatorship to write and write before the kremlin censures Internet in russland !
    St P factory will have to make redundant trolls .

  28. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    Keep spreading the lies you russian troll. Nobody believes a word you say.
    How much are you getting paid for every story that you write. You must be hard up for cash. Is the economy that bad in russia. Maybe you should just drink some more vodka. That is what russians do best, in addition to causing death and destruction.

  29. Avatar Vol Ya says:

    The people of Ukraine want to be free. They will never accept living under putin’s fascist dictatorship. . As for all you russians, you get what you deserve. Enjoy your cheap vodka and your worthless rubles and your useless Lada’s. Did I miss anything? Russia, what a pathetic country.