On May 11, release the #FreeSavchenko balloons into the sky!



Act!, Help Ukraine

On May 11, the date of Nadiya Savchenko’s birthday, a day of global support will take place worldwide. We encourage you to take part in the twitter storm and other events happening in support of Nadiya near you. Please follow updates on this fb event.

We have thought of a symbolic action to support Nadia and other political prisoners. Here is our How-To – nevertheless, please feel free to contribute your creative ideas into making this action as noticeable as possible.

1) Choose a popular place in your city, where the balloons can be tied. It can be a pedestrian bridge or maybe even a bench on a square/in a park.

2) Spread information about the action and the place you’ve chosen.

3) Get white balloons and use a marker to write a #FreeSavchenko hashtag on it. Other slogans and demands about releasing the political prisoners will be appropriate as well.

4) If you’re an organized group of activists and can afford helium balloons, go for a spectacular and symbolic action. First tie the balloons, and then cut the ties letting the balloons fly into the sky – white color should stand for purity and peacefulness, releasing them into the sky symbolizes freedom. Do not hesitate to invite media to this action – such simple performance will look good in the picture (which the media are hunting for).

5) If you will be acting alone, tying the usual balloons will work for you. Do not forget to mark them with the hashtags and slogans and tie the balloons in a popular place in your town. Take a picture with the balloons and post it in the social networks using the hashtag #FreeSavchenko.

This is just one way of shouting out loud about Russian repressive machine and the fate of the innocent people.

Since you’re here – we have a favor to ask. Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine is ongoing, but major news agencies have gone away. But we’re here to stay, and will keep on providing quality, independent, open-access information on Ukrainian reforms, Russia’s hybrid war, human rights violations, political prisoners, Ukrainian history, and more. We are a non-profit, don’t have any political sponsors, and never will. If you like what you see, please help keep us online with a donation!

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  • Nowhere Girl

    I’m not sure if there will be a world cup in Russia. Some say FIFA should let someone else organise the event due to Russian aggressive involvement in Ukraine, I say: let ’em. Putin will continue spending money on the world cup and FIFA can take the event away at the last moment…

  • Czech Friend

    FIFA may well be more corrupt than Putin but rest assured NO WORLD CUP 2018 in the vast shithole better known as Russian Federation. Period.

    • Czech Friend

      You bet, Putinobot. I see the future and there’s no Putin, no great Mother Russia. Just you, poor ruskies begging for a potato on the street corner in a collapsed failed state. Enjoy!

      • Czech Friend

        Typical Putinorusskie: what monkey sees, monkey does.

        Except you are dumb and lazy and can’t even steal and copy technologies the way Chinese do.

        Such a sad tragic nation contributing nothing to the world’s better future…

        • Czech Friend

          yes Škoda is very successful thanks to our German friends.

      • The truth

        I did check the truck this morning, I did not find you , so you are there with the rest of the mouldering decay . You stink !

  • The truth

    You won the prize !