Putin mistakenly believes his nuclear threats will keep NATO from defending Baltics

Andrey Piontkovsky, prominent Russian scientist, political writer and analyst (Image: gordonua.com)

Andrey Piontkovsky, prominent Russian scientist, political writer and analyst (Image: gordonua.com) 

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Vladimir Putin believes that he can dominate the Baltic countries and destroy NATO not by a direct invasion which the Western alliance is prepared to counter but rather by threatening to use nuclear weapons against them and the Europeans, something that would lead the West not to come to their aid, according to Andrey Piontkovsky.

“But the West has not fallen victim to this blackmail,” the Russian analyst argues, “because the Baltic countries are NATO members and if they are not provided with assistance, this would mean the defeat not only of the NATO alliance but of the West as a whole.”

That difference in perception between the Kremlin and the West is so large that Moscow’s ongoing “hybrid war” against the West in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that the stakes there are even higher than they have been in Ukraine and that a full-scale war between Russia and the West is now possible, Piontkovsky suggests.

The arrival of American tanks in Poland and the Baltic countries has a direct relation to “what is happening today on the Ukrainian-Russian border,” he says, but “there is here a broader aspect of the hybrid war which Moscow has declared against the West. The most important element of that conflict is nuclear blackmail” which Moscow has tried to use over the last year.

Putin and his entourage have repeatedly spoken about reducing the Baltic countries, Germany and France to nuclear rubble and say that “they will use nuclear arms” if the West offers Ukraine arms. But such threats are about far more than just Ukraine and its ability to get lethal arms from the West.

“The key problem is the issue of the Baltics,” Piontkovsky says. “Putin’s conception of ‘the Russian world,’ which gives him the holy right to defend not only Russian citizens but all who speak Russia is uncontrollably pushing him toward the scenario of the defense of the Russians of the Baltic countries.”

“A hybrid war against Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia is being carried out quite intensively already,” he points out, and includes “provocations with planes, the abduction of an Estonian officer, and propaganda about [Moscow’s] concern for the complex situation of Russian speaking citizens” of those three countries.

But Putin has no interest in the territory of the Baltic states, just as he has no interest in the territory of Ukraine as such. Instead, what he has done in the case of Ukraine is to implant “a cancerous tumor within Ukraine” and what he wants to do in the case of the Baltics is “to destroy NATO.”

What after all is NATO? A defense alliance whose Article 5 requires that all members come to the defense of any one of them which is attacked. “And when ‘the little green men’ appear in Estonia and Latvia,” Piontkovsky says, “the NATO countries and the US as its main core will be obligated to provide military assistance.”

Putin assumes that nuclear blackmail will be enough to keep that from happening. He does not intend to fight, Piontkovsky says; he intends to win by intimidation. And “he understands that the value of human life in Western society is much higher than in Russia and that the West could be frightened and not come to the aide of the Baltic countries.”

So far, NATO hasn’t been, and the decision to put some 100 American troops in Estonia matters, not because they constitute a defense force in and of themselves but because of their “enormous psychological and political meaning.” Now, when Putin’s “’little green men’ appear in Narva, Americans will automatically go to war with Russia.”

Putin with Topol-M nuclear ICBM mobile launcherIn short and at least for now, Putin’s nuclear blackmail has not worked, but the thinking behind it means that the next round of his hybrid war against the West may be far more dangerous than earlier ones in Georgia and Ukraine.

According to Piontkovsky, the Kremlin “has still not taken a decision about further attacks in Ukraine, but if that happens,” he says, “then the reaction of the West will be unambiguous: new sanctions will be imposed and Ukraine will receive arms.” That is restraining Moscow now, but it is unclear for how long.

That is because, the Russian analyst says, “we cannot look into the head of someone of whom [German Chancellor Angela] Merkel said that he lives in another reality. Nevertheless, if such a decision will be taken, it will only accelerate the final days of the Putin regime.”


Edited by: A. N.

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  • Michel Cloarec

    Only a mad man would push the button !
    Russia 1991 inherited the nuclear forces. That means old technic. It is impossible that in such a short time russia and putin managed to build modern weapons. Even if some are new. Blackmail it is !

    • Jens A

      The disturbing truth is, that it may be a mad man who is in the Kremlin.

      • Michel Cloarec

        The risk exists . Something like loosing popularity could make him impose his totalitarism on the russian people and then have the mandat to invade the baltics countries and scandinavia. But he will take Belarus first to have a wedge into EU countries around. The danes, the norvegians, the finnish will fight back of course, the swede I don´t know they have such bizarre history with their neutraliy that I wonder .

        • Jens A

          Swedish “neutrality” is a mirage. They calculated all way through the Cold War, that NATO would assist them, if things went bad. It has even been revealed that NATO and Sweden did have exercises on that. And now they openly debate if they should join NATO. Finland is even closer to become a member of NATO. Of course they are! And as a Dane I am happy we already are member of NATO. Good that you are too!

          I agree that Putin may go for Belarus first. But Putin is not about logic as in logic for the interest of Russia. He is doing what ever to save his own physical survival as I think he has gone so far that there will be no mercy in Russia to him, once he is toppled. That makes him as dangerous, mad and destructive as the man with the little mustache in the bunker in Berlin.

          • Michel Cloarec

            VP has ruled R with 3 things money,propaganda,terror.
            Now the money is running out . Propaganda is the works of the cowards hiding behind media like sputnik news.Terror is the doing of megalomaniacs which undoubtly suffer of paranoia. It ends in the cornered rat theory , so he will bite on the small countries after his total failure on Ukraine with its 46 millions. It is too big , and that was his mistake , he thought that he could walk in as easy as in Crimea. I say that his FSB employees were and are of very low quality. War is very much on knowledges and informations . Without it you can´t win a war , it does not matter how good weapons you have.

      • LorCanada

        Yours is a lot of foolish dribble of propaganda gone awry!
        When President Poroshenko was voted in by the Ukrainian people as the new leader on May 25, 2014, he won by 54% of the vote, I believe, and the Nazi party only got 2% of the vote! So you can see for yourself, even at this time in April 2015, that the Nazis have no place in the government of Ukraine. Get your facts right.

      • LorCanada

        When President Poroshenko was voted in by the Ukrainian people as the new leader on May 25, 2014, he won by 54% of the vote, I believe, and the Nazi party only got 2% of the vote! So you can see for yourself, even at this time in April 2015, that the Nazis have no place in the government of Ukraine. Get your facts right.

      • LorCanada

        Don’t be silly. I’d like to see any country which has 200 BILLIONAIRES (America) be on the verge of anything. NATO is doing fine too, so find yourself another victim of your delusions please.

        • LorCanada

          So what else is new? Russia has their Neo Nazis who treat any ‘gays’ as easy targets for criminal behaviour and murder. You should know that. I wonder who is responsible for Nemtsov’s ruthless murder? Do tell.

  • Roger Mikael Klang

    There is an old Viking saying. “Power rests at the end of a spear.” But Putin did not threaten anyone, he let others in the entourage do it. That way he still appears relatively sane and can focus on conventional issues. Hence he cannot be held responsible for what Russia does on the nuclear department. But if Putin has malign cancer, it is possible that he starts taking responsibility for the nuclear threats if he is going to die anyway.

    • Michel Cloarec

      How do they react to that in Sweden ?

      Russia tells Sweden that hunting for its submarines is a ‘mindless waste of Swedish taxpayer money’

      Tomas Hirst

      Apr. 14, 2015, 10:29 AM








      OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP/Getty ImagesRussian Novorossiysk submarine.

      Over the weekend, Swedish Rear Adm. Anders Grenstad confirmed to the media that the apparent Russian submarine spotted in Swedish waters on October 31 was just a civilian working boat. The conclusion was reached after close examination of pictures taken by a former naval officer.

      But he also said Russia was indeed sailing submarines around Swedish waters last year: “The assessment that Swedish territory was violated in October 2014 remains correct in its entirety.”

      In an extraordinary retort, the Russian foreign ministry issued a statement decrying “anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda” in Sweden’s response to the mistaken submarine sighting. Russia apparently wants Sweden to believe its subs weren’t off the Swedish coast last year:

      We could not help but notice the article in the Swedish media quoting Navy Rear Admiral A. Grenstad Sweden concerning the large-scale operation in Swedish territorial waters last Autumn to search for an unidentified foreign object underwater — allegedly a Russian submarine. In fact, as the Swedish Rear Admiral admitted, this object was a “technical ship.”

      We would like to remind you that the representatives of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from the outset rejected all insinuations Swedish side of the presence of Russian naval ships in the territorial waters of Sweden.

      The unprecedented scale of the hunt for the Russian submarine was, therefore, nothing but a mindless waste of Swedish taxpayer money. This was done, it should be understood, for the sake of promotion of anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda “pumping” the myth of the “military threat” from the East.

      While the individual sighting on October 31 was dismissed, the Swedish military remains convinced that incursions by a reconnaissance submarine into Swedish territorial waters did occur on October 17 and 24.

      More than 200 service personnel took part in the search for the submarine as the military deployed minesweepers, helicopters, and an anti-submarine ship. At the time, Swedish intelligence reported intercepting encrypted messages that appeared to confirm the presence of at least one vessel, with another located in Kaliningrad, the base of Russia’s Baltic Fleet.

      Moreover, the retired Swedish naval officer who took a picture of what he believed to be a Russian submarine in the waters around Stockholm has rejected claims that it was just a “civilian boat.” Sven Olof Kviman told the newspaper Dagens Nyheter that it was “completely impossible that we have got this wrong.” He said:

      I saw the submarine above water: the bow, stern and tower. It is always difficult to determine the size, but it was around 20-30 metres long.

      • Roger Mikael Klang

        “The unprecedented scale of the hunt for the Russian submarine was, therefore, nothing but a mindless waste of Swedish taxpayer money. This was done, it should be understood, for the sake of promotion of anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda “pumping” the myth of the “military threat” from the East.”
        It should be understood that the “anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda” exclusively took Place on defence blogs by commentators only. It should be understood that neither the Swedish Military nor the Swedish government pointed out Russia as the originator of the submarine. It should be understood that it is strange that Kreml listens more to a handful of commentators on Swedish blogs than they do to the Swedish authorities.

        • Michel Cloarec

          Put aside the bible or the coran whatever you read ! And try to follow with the actual news. Even if putin will not push the button, he will impose his power on the ex-urss countries. At the same time it will impose his power on F,S,N,D and start with Gotland to stop all possibilities for Nato to enter the baltic sea. Eftersom the subs are in St P and K, it is simple logic that the baltic sea is russia training water . Why not ? To deny the threat would be stupid ! But the threat can also be an accident , and because the subs are atomic you can think of the consequences. The bibel or coran will not protect you , better get a mask . I think Sweden is the sole country with a “no sub sign”. You are free to defend putin if you want but don´t be naive or blind !

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            No I do not defend Putin at all. He is a Dirty rotten scoundrel! I am simply saying that he is smart enough to outfox any other leader in the World, except for Obama. And that he has the courage to back up his words. Hitler, while one of the statesmen with the craftiest mind in our time, was still evil and horrific, and so is Putin. Maybe ‘crafty’ is a better Word to use than ‘great’.

          • Michel Cloarec

            For info : The general thrust of Putin’s interview in the Crimea documentary—in which he admits that the annexation was his own idea down to the last detail (one could easily imagine this as a confession before a tribunal in The Hague)—is: “ I don’t care what the world thinks of me! I’m going to go on making my own rules!” In the current Russian context, we could interpret this not as evidence of Putin’s self-assuredness, but rather as a sign of desperation, or the suicidal cockiness of a leader who is dancing on the edge of the precipice.

          • LorCanada

            My impression is that sly Putin is subconsciously trying to prove his manhood (take that any which way you prefer) and suffers from an inferiority complex.

          • LorCanada

            Don’t be such crude idiot. I’ll be 77 this summer so you are mistaken. Try being a decent human being when you have the time. Oh, and if you are wasting your time here then by all means find something more to your liking and don’t go around insulting others. bye bye.

          • LorCanada

            Get lost, laddie. You don’t know how to carry on a decent discussion. Find your level elsewhere if sex is your interest. Idiot.

          • LorCanada

            Please calm down, you are exaggerating “ad nauseum”. At no time were Ukrainian people in any danger of being “slaughtered”, as you say, which is ridiculous. It is when Putin invaded Crimea and then east Ukraine that was the cause for all the death and destruction which followed. Blame Putin for this mess, he started it!!!

          • LorCanada

            You are mistaken about the use of the word “Junta”, see:

            A so-called “junta” is a military-run government – as one used to find in parts of central America and North Africa. But the government in Kiev is entirely civilian and none of its key figures hold military rank.

          • Michel Cloarec

            OUTFOX is a big word. I can see that the cunning devil does not have the 2 french ships . Someone must be playing with him or am I mistaking !

          • LorCanada

            I regard Putin as a cunning opportunist who has no soul. He has no honour or decency.

          • LorCanada

            You are drowning in your blind prejudice, laddie. Why not take a look at what Syria is doing to its own people and how many hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians have been killed in Assad’s war.
            So you don’t like Bush or Obama, well get over it. You can’t change the world but you CAN CHANGE YOURSELF. Try it!

          • LorCanada

            To: US Militarism — I suggest you stick to the topic and not try to get into personal insults which are pointless. And “age” in itself is immaterial, it is the subject that is being discussed and called into question that matters, not you or me.

          • LorCanada

            You are sounding like a broken record when you repeat and repeat about Americans and killing. Why not shift your attention to Stalin perhaps and tell us how many people he has killed or sent off to the Gulags?????

        • Michel Cloarec

          Sweden has nothing to win in propaganda against russia .
          Quite the contrary , so your assessements do not hold !
          Russia has to drill its subs somewhere. And they do !
          Why not, The baltic sea has international waters . The problem is that they make mistakes , come too near the Swedish military zones and even crash land little everywhere and anytime.

        • Michel Cloarec

          There are subs from russia and other countries in the Baltic sea . WHY NOT ?

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            Russia’s smallest conventional combat submarine (Kilo class) according to Jane’s Fighting Ships 2011-2012 has a height of 6.6 m with tower and Öresunds depth is 8 m at the shallowest places. It is anticipated that a large conventional submarine cannot slip through the strait between Ven-Falsterbo because of the straits very limited depth. I Think that Russia has about 19 Kilo class submarines. Atomic subs have absolutely no Place in the Baltic Sea.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            The Kilo class can maybe slip through the strait in non-submerged level.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            Or probably it can slip through, but i hope not unnoticed.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            No, I Think it is 9,9 m high with the Tower.

        • LorCanada

          You are somewhat mistaken. NATO is not a nation that is out to be aggressive. NATO is a coalition of some 28 nations who have requested to become members and must meet certain requirements before being accepted. The reason the nations have joined NATO is for PROTECTION AGAINST AGGRESSORS such as Putin who thinks it’s all right to steal his neighbour’s territory, but the world leaders have condemned him for it, as you know, hence the sanctions levied against Russia.

    • puttypants

      Isn’t Putin the President. How can he not be responsible for everything his government says?

      • Roger Mikael Klang

        He is responsible to God. But what I meant is that someone has got to hold him responsible for Russias nuclear threats, and he is eluding responsibility. He can do this because he is one of the great statesmen of our time, comparable with Reagan, Palme, Kennedy and Hitler. I would have said Obama, but he lacks adequate courage. Of course the rest of the free World do not want to hear that Putin is great, but I am not putin’ any moral values in my statement as you can understand by my enumerating of statesmen.

        • puttypants

          Roger…A great man? He has outfoxed the West that’s for sure. I’d have to say he’s actually pretty stupid and in the end hurting Russia for his own personal ego. Because he’s cunning doesn’t make him great. How can you call a murdering thief a great man? I’d say the problem is really about the West including America having such poor leaders that lack the courage to do the right thing and stop him.

        • Michel Cloarec

          Only to see how the germans loved the other stooge and how he finished his life as a coward. That stooge was using the same words “the great stateman of our time ” I am sorry but I disagree and with me billions ! If you doubt that ask any one on the streets of Stocholm if you dare ! They will call you a nazi !

        • On the Balcony

          It is a sad commentary on the depth of Russian despair and disillusionment when a confused corrupt little man like Putin can become its ;leader and be considered a great statesman.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            If you’d pull out your heads from your arses youd understand that English is not my first language. And you Cloarec have a chip on your shoulder!

          • On the Balcony

            ??? Just use simple words and simple sentences and everyone will understand you. My comment is related by independent of your comment. Many Russians consider Putin a great man, just as Germans once admired Hitler for the many of the same reasons. It’s sad, that’s all. .

          • LorCanada

            Well, Putin is doing a fine job of destroying the Russian economy since he spends over 32% on his war games and forgets the people and the economy that needs to be developed.

          • LorCanada

            Ukraine is a struggling economy because Putin is determined to destroy it. Simple. Just tell Pootie to GET OUT OF UKRAINE and then there will be a chance for peace and a better future for Ukraine. Got that?

          • LorCanada

            You live in a dream world if you think novo russya is somewhere on the map. It is not. And your string of insulting words are laughable. Try again and show more intelligence.

          • Michel Cloarec

            Before you spew your viper venom again. Try to come with facts and find out how the foreign representations of businesses is in Ukraine . Do you want credibility ? Do something serious about. it !
            When you have done the researches you will see that your statements do not hold !

          • Michel Cloarec

            So ! In lack of argument you will take to vulgar words and insults like the moscovites trolls. And you will be insulted !
            There are SUBS from Russia and Nato in the Baltic sea.
            It is a strategy from all countries to know and have informations. That you can´t stop ! My point is that the russians make mistakes and make a fool of themselves.
            In Ukraine there was a gang of russian soldiers who loose their ways 70 kms in i Ukraine ! If english is too difficult, I can write in swedish ! Du kommer att se att jag kan språket .
            STOP your insults and vulgar language . Or I will write a small long history about Sweden neutrality. Even in swedish if you want so we can keep it for ourselves, without you feeling ashamed for your country. Do not challenge it !

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            Stop it! I did not insult you by saying that you should pull your head out of your ass? Vi lever i de lättkränktas land. And I am not ashamed of the fact that we were neutral during the war or after! Before and during the war we only did what most other small and even some big countries tried to achieve for themselves. European countries like Finland, Jugoslavia, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway declared neutral at the beginning of the war. But only Sweden, Swizerland, Spain and Portugal managed to successfully stay neutral. Even the United States declared itself neutral by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939-1940. So what about it?!

          • Michel Cloarec

            Sorry for you ! But Sweden was not neutral during WWII.
            Hitler invaded Norge to have control over Narvik and the steal coming from Sweden during all the war time. Next to occupy Norway Hitler needed soldiers and armements . How did all these came to Norway ? Via Sweden .
            The new Berlin was build with stones from Sweden , delivery during the period 1940-1944 . I told you do not challenge it.
            Should I continue ? And write about the nazi king of Sweden ?
            Do you want more ? like how many wheelbearings there are on each tanks, all delivered by Sweden during all the war time. So say you are a fascist supporting putin and life will be more easy. NEUTRALITY ??????????????

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            Oh quit it! We did what we had to do to survive as a nation. Any other small nation with our strategic location would have done the same. We also delivered stuff to Great Britain. I am not ashamed of it at all. I am a patriot! Who was the nazi king of Sweden if I may ask? I have never Heard of him, because there was none. To call us nazis today or then is just plain stupid.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            All I am saying about Putin is that he would be stupid to personally threat other nations outright himself if he can let his goons do it for him.

          • Michel Cloarec


          • Michel Cloarec

            USA did not supply Nazi Germany with anything.

            I told you “do not challenge it”

            The Swedish Government made a few concessions, and sometimes breached the

            nation’s neutrality in favor of both Germany and the Western Allies.

            During the German invasion of the Soviet Union, Sweden allowed the Wehrmacht to use Swedish railways to transport (June–July 1941) the German 163rd Infantry Division along with howitzers, tanks and anti-aircraft weapons and associated ammunition, from Norway to Finland. German soldiers traveling on leave between Norway and Germany were allowed passage through Sweden — the so-called permittenttrafik. Iron ore was sold to Germany throughout the war.

            Sweden succeeded subsequently in buying 200 aircraft from Italy, a fascist ally of Germany at the time; these aircraft were primarily Fiat CR.42s, Reggiane Re.2000s, and Caproni Ca.313s.[14]

            The Swedish public’s sentiments were widely published in the Swedish press, causing many protests from the German government and prompting the Swedish government to censor some areas of the press on a limited basis. In Sweden during this time, the press fell under the control of several authorities, despite contemporary claims that the Swedish press was free.

            Sir Ralph Glyn, a British Member of Parliament, claimed that a cessation of Swedish iron ore exports would bring the war to an end within months.

            The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, Winston Churchill, accused Sweden of ignoring the greater moral issues and playing both sides for profit during the conflict, including its supply of steel and machine parts to Nazi Germany throughout the war.

            Forced refoulement to the Soviet Union.
            Further information: Swedish extradition of Baltic soldiers
            Baltic and German soldiers being extradited from a prison camp in Eksjö
            In January 1946, Sweden forcibly transferred to the Soviet Union over 146 Baltic and 2,364 German soldiers who had been interned in Swedish prison camps. At least seven of the internees committed suicide at their camp in the village of Rinkaby, rather than allowing themselves to be sent by Sweden to near certain death in the Soviet Union

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            “The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II, Winston Churchill, accused Sweden of ignoring the greater moral issues and playing both sides for profit during the conflict, including its supply of steel and machine parts to Nazi Germany throughout the war.”

            That was because of the very real threat from the Sovjet Union. We needed Germany to hold out against the Russians as long as possible, preferably till the west had ocupied all of Germany and not the Russians.

            The transfer of the Baltic and German Soldiers is the one thing I am ashamed of from the war. Most of them were German Soldiers actually. 2 370 out of 3 200 internees in the camp.
            But hey, did France never do any immoral stuff?

          • Michel Cloarec

            France was not neutral, France declared war against Nazi Germany, France had a traitor Petain , condamed to death after the war, that petain as the chief of the french gvnt sent people to the death camps , all the colloborators and pro-nazis were sentenced to jails or deaths (800 were executed)You can´t compare , sweden did not judge the nazis, your svensk tiger was the results of nazi pressures on swedish gvnt to minimize the newspapers critics of nazi Germany.
            What sweden did during the war was cowardess !

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            You stink! There are a lot of things I could call you but this is about what my Christian beliefs allow me to. And all this bullshit because I called the Frensh assholes for Selling Mistral-ships to Russia. You have certainly proved my Point, don’t you Think? Those whom call Another people cowards are most likely a coward himself. Do you know how well Swedish Soldiers lead in Kosovo? No other present nation could measure up to our Soldiers and officers courage. Or do you deny that? Sometimes the former Allies accuse Germans too for cowardness during the war. Their selfproclaimed leader is Anthony Beevor. But it is just wishful thinking. If you want to put your heart where your Words are, I am the only Roger Klang in Lund. Come try to get me and I’ll smack you back to France!!! Why the hell do you even live in Sweden???

          • Michel Cloarec

            Sweden has today the biggest nazi party ! In Sweden there is the most active ANTI-EUROMAIDAN gang ! WHY ?

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            They extradited the Soldiers on the 30 of november in 1945 – after the war, when Russia could put effort on Scandinavia again.

          • leo direitero
          • Michel Cloarec

            Exact. Stalin and Hitler and Mussolini were allied at the beginning of the thirties already !

          • LorCanada

            Oh, and don’t forget to include the ruskie trolls and hacksters who make a living by spreading DISINFORMATION from Putin’s propaganda machine.

          • LorCanada

            There is no ‘Novorossiya’ on our modern maps. You must live in a fairytale world and believe in the glories of the Soviet Empire, which, may I remind you, collapsed some 23 years ago and is gone with the wind.
            I suggest you read up on what Strelkov/Girkin has admitted about his role in the overtaking of east Ukraine’s cities and town, all at the instructions of Putin. Strelkov states it was his special forces that invaded east Ukraine and caused that “proxy” war which Putin wanted in order to weaken Ukraine as a nation. Get your facts straight.

        • LorCanada

          Putin is NOT at all great. He obviously lies, he steals (Crimea), he cheats (how else did he become a billionaire?), he is in denial regarding Russia troops in east Ukraine, and he lives in another world of “what used to be the Soviet era”.

          • LorCanada

            That’s your opinion, not mine.

        • LorCanada

          What do you call it when Putin parks 20,000 of his Russian troops along the border of Ukraine? Is that not a threat? Yes, it is! There are reports of Russian jets entering air space of other nations and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Mention also of Russian subs lurking in northern waters. It seems Russia is doing their best to intimidate European nations.

          • LorCanada

            What is a presstitute? Is that one of your friends, lol?
            Take your baggage of worn out false propaganda elsewhere for those who are stupid enough to believe you and your ilk of hacksters.
            Putin spends $300 Million ( per year, I believe) on his Russia Media Propaganda machine that spouts DISINFORMATION 24/7 over the internet, the news sources and beyond. Pootie even has an “Awards Night” where he hands out rewards to his devoted hacksters who work so diligently to spread Putin’s hatred and lies.
            I’m in Canada and Kardashians are meaningless to me at my 77 yrs of age, lol.

    • Jens A

      You are wrong. Putin did mention his nuclear toys many times as a “reminder”. That is of course a clear thread. He also mentioned that he was prepared to use them when he invaded Crimea. Let us hope that his fellow thugs are sane enough to have the wish for survival, just as most of the guard did in Berlin in May 1945. As history proved in 1914, words can end up in actions that no one really want, because if you say something so many times, you cannot even take yourself serious, if you do not make action of it. Putin has mentioned his nuclear arms a lot of times and he has the potential to become a even bigger mass murderer than Adolf Hitler. Russians should ask themselves, if that is what they want to be remembered for over the next thousand years or so and if not, they should think about how to get a new occupant of the Kremlin.

      • Roger Mikael Klang

        No I don’t Think so. He might have made some innuendos, but he never threatended other countries with so many Words. I find it hard to Believe that he himself would have threatened Germany or France with nuclear annihilation. Other Kremlin people say it out loud – we are going to nuke you if you do not do what we want. Rotten scoundrels!

        • Jens A

          As I said, he mentioned his nuclear arms several times. That in itself is a threat. In the so called “documentary” about the invasion of Crimea, he said that he was ready to activate the nuclear arm. That was a direct threat. His fellow thugs have said it much more often and even more directly, but he did say it. He belongs to the Hague and after that, a long time behind bars until nature ends him.

          • LorCanada

            It is NOT Putin’s right to play the BULLY and threatening everybody he thinks will oppose him. That’s just bad leadership, if you must know, as if he’s trying to convince himself about it.

        • Michel Cloarec

          Wake up ! or maybe you want to be called a liar ?

        • On the Balcony

          Jens is correct. And as president Putin is ultimately responsible for allowing his officials (including an Ambassador) to openly talk using nuclear weapons against the West. Not once has he censored them for this and similarly outlandish statements.

          • Czech Mate

            yeah but it seems he got an idea it would work on the “softies” the way it was intended…

      • LorCanada

        Putin is blowing a lot of hot air, typically trying to intimidate everyone who is dumb enough to believe what he says.
        At this time there is no reason for NATO to attack Crimea, so what’s the point of Pootie’s threatening anybody? However, he is well aware that his incursion into the Baltics will bring down some serious consequences from NATO who are committed to protect their members. It’s easy to see through Putin’s bluff.
        Yes Ukraine is in a difficult position but Putin has no use for all of Ukraine since in his present economic state it would become more of a burden to the Russian economy. Heck, Pootie doesn’t even want to shoulder his responsibility of “caring for his precious Russian speakers” in east Ukraine – he can’t afford paying their pensions as it is nor is he interested in rebuilding the destroyed infrastructure, and the rebels themselves have no money — a nice dilemma.

        • On the Balcony

          Oi oi oi! You must be desperate to make your daily quota of troll comments. The EU does not need the U.S. to provide a “nuclear shield” — It was a point of pride for De Gaule to maintain France’s “force de frappe” and both the UK and France are independently nuclear armed states with air and sea strike capability. Second, the U.S. does not control either the NATO, nor the EU. Your claim echoes Putin’s attempt to foster nationalistic divisions in Europe as well as to explain away the inconvenient fact that the EU and its people do indeed oppose what Putin has been and is doing to neighboring countries.

          • Michel Cloarec

            General de Gaulle (force de frappe) has become FORCE DE DISUASION The word is själv explaining. Any one having dreams about a nuclear war is STUPID , there are enough nuclear missiles to destroy earth several times on. A nuclear war would be total and final . Now for the clevers provocators , Only one question: How many nuke does it need to stop all ONE on putin and One on Obama . So even for russia these crazyness about nuclear weapons is only blackmail, and to keep weapons industry going and at the same time hide the unemployement siffers. Without this modernisering of russian weapons the unemployement siffers would be much higher. Don´t forget at in some ways the urss arsenal was in very bad shape in 1991. Most of it became junk ! So todays high expenses in russia are nearly natural. You can´t build an important defence in only 24 years.

          • On the Balcony

            Trying to read beneath and between the lines and being as charitable as possible, it may be that you may have something meaningful to say. Unfortunately,your out of context response is largely incoherent. My reply was to a comment made by “US Militarism Sucks” – I don’t know who or what you are responding to.

          • Michel Cloarec

            I am also responding to that crap idiot militarism sucks.
            In support to you ! On top of that i did point out that de Gaulle it is and force de disuasion. Anything not right will be used against the cause by the provocators. OK NOW ?

          • On the Balcony

            Oi! I hope that I didn’t make you cry. Please tell your mommy that I’m sorry for mistaking you for an adult and I will ignore your shrieks, whines and baby babble in the future.

        • LorCanada

          NATO exists, if you must be reminded. Just check them out on Google or Wikipedia or whatever else and see for yourself.
          You seem to suffer from some delusion that NATO is a nation? It is not. NATO is a coalition of some 28 nations who must request permission to become a member after meeting certain requirements and then get accepted. The reason for NATO’s existence is to PROTECT countries who are threatened by any aggressors such as what we see in bully Putin these days who tries to intimidate everybody because he is so paranoid.
          And don’t be so stupid and insulting. It doesn’t do anything for your image. I have no dentures or water glass, silly. You are mistaken again.

          • LorCanada

            Ukraine is a sovereign independent nation and must decide its future – not you or anyone else – so let’s just BUTT OUT of their INTERNAL AFFAIRS, shall we? After all, it’s not costing you anything, is it?
            As I said, it’s a free country and you can believe whatever you like and I have that choice also. … bye bye

          • Tim Tomsen

            NATO never made any agreement with Russia that other European nations THAT IS A LIE was not to join NATO If this is the case then WHY DOSE Putin just show the document then _??? I tell you why because it simply did not happen and that is why there is no document that the Russians can show the world….END OF STORY And even if there was such a document the agreement then will have been with the Soviet Union and not Russia and as the soviet union no longer is a part of this world there is NO agreement ….. But Russia dose not have even a document regarding this so called agreement with NATO and the Soviet Union… And of course then the Putin apologists like Mr I got kicked out of the CIA Analyst Ray McGovern will say it was a verbal agreement HAHAHAHA when do nations like Russia, USA or any other nation and org. like NATO for that matter make such important agreements like that verbally ___????? Mr I got kicked out of the CIA Analyst Ray McGovern and Mr Putin MUST think we are all fools….

            Also if that was the case and not just 2 diplomats have a informal talk over coffee about how things can be ect ect ect then it still is not the case and has NO legal standing as it was never voted on by any official commits in NATO or the Soviet Union at the time How do we know this well show the world a protocol / record of such a vote …

            And even is there was it still will have been an agreement between soviet union and NATO and NOT an agreement between Russia and NATO….

            I challenge anyone in the world to come with such a document that shows an agreement like that IT IS A MYTH it does NOT exist and can NOT be found…. Russian controlled soviet union former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic sates, Slovakia ect ect ect …couldn’t wait to join NATO and the EU to get as fare away from Russian hegemony control as fast as the possibly can at the time . If the Russians weren’t such malignant, belligerent a**holes, they wouldn’t have to worry about EU NATO and former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic sates, Slovakia ect ect ect running too the front door of EU and NATO . Her is a thought if every one thinks you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and you think you are the the greatest thing since sliced bread and you are the only one that thinks that maybe you need a reality check and just maybe just maybe you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and not the greatest thing since sliced bread’


            Claim: NATO leaders promised at the time of German reunification that the Alliance would not expand to the Easten Europe


            Fact: No such promise was ever made, and Russia has never produced any evidence to back up its claim.

            Every formal decision which NATO takes is adopted by consensus and recorded in writing. There is no written record of any such decision having been taken by the Alliance: therefore, no such promise can have been made.

            Moreover, at the time of the alleged promise, the Warsaw Pact still existed. Its members did not agree on its dissolution until 1991. Therefore, it is not plausible to suggest that the idea of their accession to NATO was on the agenda in 1989.

            This was confirmed by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev himself. This is what Mr Gorbachev said on 15 October 2014 in an interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta and Russia Beyond The Headlines:

            “The topic of ‘NATO expansion’ was not discussed at all, and it wasn’t brought up in those years. I say this with full responsibility. Not a single Eastern European country raised the issue, not even after the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist in 1991. Western leaders didn’t bring it up, either.”


            Claim: NATO exercises are a provocation which threatens Russia

            Fact: Every nation has the right to conduct exercises, as long as they do so within their international obligations, including notifying the actual numbers and providing observation opportunities when required.

            In order to promote mutual trust and transparency, OSCE members are bound by the Vienna Document to inform one another in advance of exercises which include more than 9,000 troops, unless the exercises are snap tests of readiness.

            NATO and Allies have consistently stood by the terms and the spirit of the Vienna Document. Those exercises which crossed the notification threshold were announced well in advance. This is why Russia could send observers to the UK-led Exercise Joint Warrior in April 2015.

            Russia, on the other hand, has repeatedly called snap exercises including tens of thousands of troops, with some of them taking place close to NATO territory. This practice of calling massive exercises without warning is a breach of the spirit of the Vienna Document, raising tension and undermining trust. This is especially the case because Russia’s military takeover of Crimea was masked by exactly such a snap exercise.

            It is therefore Russia’s exercises, not NATO’s, which are a threat to stability.

            Claim: Russia has the right to oppose NATO-supported infrastructure on the territory of member states in Central and Eastern Europe

            Fact: The relationship between NATO and Russia is governed by the Founding Act on Mutual Relations, Cooperation and Security, agreed by NATO Allies and Russia in 1997 and reaffirmed at NATO-Russia summits in Rome in 2002, and in Lisbon in 2010. (The Founding Act can be read here.)
            In the Founding Act, the two sides agreed that: “in the current and foreseeable security environment, the Alliance will carry out its collective defence and other missions by ensuring the necessary interoperability, integration, and capability for reinforcement rather than by additional permanent stationing of substantial combat forces. Accordingly, it will have to rely on adequate infrastructure commensurate with the above tasks. In this context, reinforcement may take place, when necessary, in the event of defence against a threat of aggression and missions in support of peace consistent with the United Nations Charter and the OSCE governing principles, as well as for exercises consistent with the adapted CFE Treaty, the provisions of the Vienna Document 1994 and mutually agreed transparency measures. Russia will exercise similar restraint in its conventional force deployments in Europe.”

            Therefore, both infrastructure and reinforcements are explicitly permitted by the Founding Act and therefore by Russia.

            Claim: Russia has the right to demand a “100% guarantee” that Ukraine will not join NATO

            Fact: According to Article I of the Helsinki Final Act (here) which established the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in 1975, every country has the right “to belong or not to belong to international organizations, to be or not to be a party to bilateral or multilateral treaties including the right to be or not to be a party to treaties of alliance.” All the OSCE member states, including Russia, have sworn to uphold those principles.

            In line with those principles, Ukraine has the right to choose for itself whether it joins any treaty of alliance, including NATO’s founding treaty.

            Moreover, when Russia signed the Founding Act, it pledged to uphold “respect for sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of all states and their inherent right to choose the means to ensure their own security”.

            Thus Ukraine has the right to choose its own alliances, and Russia has, by its own repeated agreement, no right to dictate that choice.

            Claim: The cases of Kosovo and Crimea are identical

            Fact: The Kosovo operation was conducted following exhaustive discussion involving the whole international community dealing with a long-running crisis that was recognized by the UN Security Council as a threat to international peace and security.

            Following the operation, the international community engaged in nearly ten years of diplomacy, under UN authority, to find a political solution and to settle Kosovo’s final status, as prescribed by UNSCR 1244.

            In Crimea, there was no pre-existing crisis, no attempt to discuss the situation with the Ukrainian government, no involvement of the United Nations, and no attempt at a negotiated solution.

            In Kosovo, international attempts to find a solution took over 3,000 days. In Crimea, Russia annexed part of Ukraine’s territory in less than 30 days. It has sought to justify its illegal and illegitimate annexation, in part, by pointing to a “referendum” that was inconsistent with Ukrainian law, held under conditions of illegal armed occupation with no freedom of expression or media access for the opposition, and without any credible international monitoring.

            Claim: The Ukrainian authorities are illegitimate

            Fact: Ukraine’s President Poroshenko was elected on 25 May with a clear majority in a vote which the OSCE characterized (report here) as showing the “clear resolve of the authorities to hold what was a genuine election largely in line with international commitments and with a respect for fundamental freedoms.” The only areas where serious restrictions were reported were those controlled by separatists, who undertook “increasing attempts to derail the process.”

            The current parliament was elected on 26 October in a vote which the OSCE characterized (report here) as “an amply contested election that offered voters real choice, and a general respect for fundamental freedoms”. It again pointed out that “Electoral authorities made resolute efforts to organize elections throughout the country, but they could not be held in parts of the regions (oblasts) of Donetsk and Luhansk or on the Crimean peninsula”.

            Finally, Russian officials continue to allege that the Ukrainian parliament and government are dominated by “Nazis” and “fascists.” However, in the parliamentary elections, the parties whom Russia labelled as “fascists” fell far short of the threshold of 5% needed to enter parliament. Ukraine’s electorate clearly voted for unity and moderation, not separatism or extremism, and the composition of the parliament reflects that.

            In short, the President and parliament are legitimate, the actions of the separatists were not.

    • Tim Tomsen

      Russian logic’s to all “friends” is remember to be an accommodating
      friend, and I will pretend to be your friend.

      And always let me do as a want!!!!! OR I WILL brake your feet and stick them on your head
      and smash YOUR TEETH down your throat!!!!

      Who is the aggressor?

      NO doubt it is Russia !

      Putin continue talking about Russia’s nuclear weapons and hinting to the
      world, that they will blow up everyone if we don’t let Russia have
      their toys and let Russia take over any landmass from any nation it
      wants and let it rape the resources and sell to any nation including
      back to the very nation it stole it from ..(Russia selling Ukraine back
      the coal that Russia has stolen from Ukraine in the donbas)…

      Putin also likes to do this threatening and hinting act, about nuclear war as
      a reminder tactic about Russians nuclear weapons, just to show the
      world and his voters, what a big man he is and a big nation Russia is

      What Russians and Putin don’t seem to understand, is that
      it comes off in the west, as a bit childish, pathetic and small small
      winner syndrome… AND NOT dignified, powerful and respectful like his Russian peanut brains think it does …

      But most Russian are victims of small small winner syndrome, and that is how the Russian nations nervous mental emotional disorder and physiological neurosis
      functions in Putin s Russia today it acts a bit childish, pathetic with
      a small small winner syndrome complex .. at to add too the paranoia
      they rant away about fascists in Kyiv and dark U.S. plots to purge
      Russian speakers from East Ukraine. It’s not just what they say but how
      they say it that is so disturbing: irrational spirals of paranoia,
      theories so elaborate and illogical one can’t possibly argue with them.
      And this is even before the CIA bombs start falling on them: the errand
      is always the same PUTINS propaganda goal is to keep the
      140-million-strong population reeling with oohs and aaahs about homosex
      and God, Satan, fascists, the CIA and far-fetched geopolitical
      nightmares. And all because of Russian small small winner syndrome
      complex it works like a trick..

      RT News, Alexey Nikolov, told in a interviewed once to western media when asked What does Russia Today stand and what is the Russian point of view…

      He answered …“Oh, there is always a Russian point of view,” he answered. “Take a banana.

      For someone it’s food. For someone else it’s a weapon. For a racist it’s
      something to tease a black person with.”

      And there you have it: Russia’s opportunistic foreign policy, all wrapped up in a banana metaphor.

      Thus the Kremlin preaches non-intervention and sovereignty while defending Assad, yet uses the reverse position to justify the invasion of Georgia and annexation of Crimea. Thus it warns against American exceptionalism while claiming that Russia has a special mission to rule over and enlighten its “near abroad.” The Russian point of view is anything the Kremlin wants it to be.

      When it comes to Ukraine, disseminating “a Russian point of view” has increasingly meant helping Russian military and intelligence operations. For example, after Moscow-supported rebels in East Ukraine shot down a Malaysian Airlines jet in July, RT spat out a multitude of conspiracy theories (from claims
      that the real target of the attack was Putin’s personal plane to
      assertions that Ukrainian fighter jets were behind the tragedy), in
      order to direct attention away from the real perpetrators.

      Some of these tricks smack of an updated model of Active Measures, the Soviet era KGB-run disinformation and psychological warfare department designed to confuse and disorganize the West.

      The aim is to confuse rather than convince, to trash the information space so the audience gives up looking for any truth amid the chaos.

      In the west their also remains a residual, 20th-century belief that Russian propaganda can be countered by delivering “real information” to audiences. But Russian TV doesn’t try to prove “the truth.” And what good is giving “the truth” to
      an audience that has been emotionally spun by the Kremlin not to
      believe it? Inside Russia today, there is plenty of access to
      alternative information online, and ethnic Russians outside the country
      have plenty of “reliable” sources, but their emotional allegiance is to
      Kremlin broadcasters. The West will need the type of programs that will
      give Russian audiences the analytical tools to understand how they are
      being psychologically manipulated by Kremlin media. Is there a media
      version of Penn and Teller out there—a program that could debunk
      propaganda the way the duo demystifies magic tricks?

      In the words of Russian media analyst Vassily Gatov: “If the 20th century was defined by the battle for freedom of information and against censorship, the
      21st century will be defined by malevolent actors, states or
      corporations, abusing the right to freedom of information for quite other ends.”

      Russians now see the west with their Russian childish pathetic kid like way where they see the boogieman (the west) under the bed and behind every turn…

      Russians will see the boogieman with a twist of vodka paranoia in the mix, so it fits with what they wish to believe, and that is that the bogie man is real and comes from the west and is out to get them..

      Yes a sort of Putin KGB drink mix propaganda of shaken not stirred where they see CIA, NATO, Mi6 James Bond bogie man under every stone and around every corner trying to take Russia down to the abyss of evil and enslave the Russian people and the evidence is on the net and RT – News channel with hard core hard hitting evidence that the Ukrainians and the CIA ousting Putin’s boy in Kiev Yanukovich …lol

      The only conclusion one can take from this is why Russians try to act big and powerful is to scare the so called bogie man off and that is why Putin is coming with small hinting tactics of nuclear war and talking about the so called massive stockpiles of Russia’s nuclear weapons… lol

      Like having nuclear weapons was some sort of spacial magic like a Russian voodoo protection trick that they now have against all their perceived evil that comes from the west…..

      Yes some very spacial magic nuclear weapons and with this trick Putin elude the Russians into getting them self’s to thinking, they are the only nation that have accesses to nuclear weapons…..lol

      This way the drunk vodka drinking nation and the drunken Boris the doggy Russian of this world can turn off the night light when he goes to bed and dream about the strong Russian bear Putin, riding half naked on his horse showing the world his massive Russian manliness, by flexing his manlike chest like a Russian real man does so Boris the doggy Russian of the Putin-world knows KGB Putin is standing guard with his nuclear toys so now the drunken nation of Russia can sleep safe tonight lol

      The funny thing her is at the same time KGB Putin and Russia claims it is a friendly brother to his neighbor and the western world, like Putin clams to be with Ukraine.. Saying Russian only wants pace with its neighbors comes over as a paradox when Russia has covertly invaded parts of Ukraine….

      NO friend invades or blows up another friends country and comes with hints about nuclear weapons and sounds more like a bully than a friend. A bully is NOT truly a friend, not in the real world the rest of us mortals live in..

      If that is the idea of what Russians calls a friend who really needs any enemies????

      The truth however that Putin propaganda likes to portrayal to the world and the drunken vodka drinking Igor’s and Natasha’s in Moscow something else than reality Putin likes to portrayal bigness with the help of
      barking loudly like the little dogs always do ….

      The truth is that Russia is trying to bully its neighbors using anything they can….

      NATO is constantly having to scrambled its jets in response to Russian sorties and aggression, as Russian jets are flying into NATO airspace to test NATO response time. According to NATO it scramble its jets 150 times more in 2014 in response to Russian sorties then in 2013 this is over three times more than in 2013.

      Moscow also held surprise military exercises in Kaliningrad, its enclave that borders Lithuania, in December, with 9,000 troops and 55 ships.

      We can go on and on and on and show evidence of Russia’s truly aggressive attitude towards it neighbors lately. Anyone that has half a brain understand what type of nation, Russia really is that elects a evil little man like KGB Putin.

      Putin that has stated many times, that the biggest geopolitical disaster in history, was the fall of the soviet union and goes on to call the fall of the soviet union a geopolitical Chernobyl… Now what does that really tell you about his mind sett and the mined sett of Russian that voted for him?

      The truth is that Russia is a failed state run by a flawed little man with a big HOLE in the middle of his face, where massive verbal propaganda EXCREMENT gets, pressed out on a daily basis to the half drunk masses of Russia, to swallow down with their cheep vodka.Putin with his even bigger ego sprout out
      this propaganda, so Russians can believe they are the power of the universe and Putin is the god to show them the way and take them to the promised land of the neoStalinist world, they will called Eurasian union with Moscow as its center of power for a new Russian world ..

  • Murf

    Mutually Assured Destruction(MAD)
    So what has changed about that since the end of the cold war?

    • leo direitero

      Now it’s the Hot War.

      • leo direitero

        Oh, no. Another putinist.

        • Michel Cloarec

          NO this one is a ventriloquist , aiming to nuke US and UK .
          aka parasit provocator , you will see him often.
          By the way , WELCOME we need plenty help !

        • leo direitero

          Putin is a friend of Front National, Jobbik, Golden Dawn, Ataka, Flemish Interest, FPÖ, NPD and so on.
          And the “fascists” are the Ukrainians, of course.

    • Dean Venture

      In the Soviet days, there were people in their government that kept the crazy warmongers in check. The only person with authority now is a crazy warmonger. He doesn’t care about MAD. He thinks he can survive it.

      • Murf

        I guess it’s not mutual deterrence if one side deludes themselves into thinking they can win.

      • Dean Venture

        As opposed to what? You keep changing your story because none of them are true. Whenever someone points out the weakness in one of your claims, you make a different one hoping no one will see the weaknesses in it.

    • Murf

      Nice paranoiac theory except the BMD system can’t track ICBMs.
      See that is an important little tid bit your bosses like to leave out. Even if it could it, has to get ALL of them. 98% intercept still leaves 20 odd warheads getting through. No body seriously claims that high a success rate.
      Here is another important tid bit, after about a hundred detonations you are just making the rubble bounce. Which makes the thousand odd warheads both sides have semi redundant.
      It also makes the idea to a first strike knockout blow by either side farcical.
      So to reiterate what about MAD has changed?
      We can stop several intermediate missiles at a time.
      That’s it.
      If we are talking about Chinese D-21s inbound at a Carrier Battle group, that’s important.
      Rogue nations with small arsenal, Great!
      China? Maybe, a very big maybe.
      Russia? Not enough to make a difference Not even close.
      So no, nothing has changed.
      Thinking other wise is just a fantasy. or justifying someone’s job.

      • Murf

        Forbs is right and no we don’t nor does Russia have any meaningful defense against us.
        If you think some goof ball weapon is going to change the equation then you are as delusional as Putin’s yes men.
        If you think Russia is going to be better off by getting in an arms race with the West then you are pissing your children’s future away for a bunch of expensive machines that will gather dust for a few decades and than be scrapped.
        You are correct about the effects of EMP Congratulations you just zeroed out a 16 trillion dollar economy and the global economy with it. The resulting economic crisis will make the 08 recession look like a market adjustment.
        Oh and who says the US can’t return the favor.
        Russia is not as dependent on the electronic village as the US but your key economic systems are(financial markets, oil production etc)
        but I guess you will find our how much China really likes you when you have nothing to offer them.
        So give it your best shot scooter.

        • Murf

          You have whiplash inducing ability to change directions of a conversation specially when you loose the debate.

  • LorCanada

    There is no “Junta in Kyiv”. See:

    A so-called “junta” is a military-run government – as one used to find in parts of central America and North Africa. But the government in Kiev is entirely civilian and none of its key figures hold military rank.

    You need not worry about USA’s economy. They have over 200 Billionaires in America. I think Russia has just 100 billionaires who are cronies of Putin.

    • Michel Cloarec

      There is no junta in Kiev. !
      This is only a campaign by the provocators on the payroll of RT and Sputnik.

      • LorCanada

        What’s that supposed to mean? Yes, there is obviously lots of hacksters on the payroll of RT. I don’t know because I don’t read their stuff.

  • Michel Cloarec

    On 3/02/2014 Anton Shekhovtsov wrote a truthfull article about the pro-russian network behind the anti-Ukrainian defamation campaign .

    One can follow on those 2 pages the attempts of the opposition to make the world believe that Ukraine had nazi sympathy . Nowadays, nearly 24 years after those arguments are born again in an attempt to destroy the wishes of the ukrainians to be free and decide their future. The constant sabotage via media of doubtfull quality is a flagrant attack on people´s freedom dreams . The arrogant attitude of putin during his marathon show on the 16th of April about Ukraine disapearing technology (aeronautics) the same day Ukraine unveil a new plane is typical thread of defamation. But he use the words “brothers”.

    This lpr/dpr utopia is not recognized by kremlin officially , and not recognized by the world around but a few pro-putin supporters.9 out of 192 – The list of visitors to the 9th May is so short , that one wonders , what is happening to russia ? Is russia also an utopia ? Is it only me thinking so ?

    Between moscow and smolensk there is a small town called ORYOL .
    So is this the old story of the Russian provinces – caught in a time-warp through lack of investment and opportunity?
    Possibly Oryol’s problem is at heart economic – the loss of factory jobs, with nothing to fill the gap. Hence the protest vote for the Communists, whose rule has not helped, given their lack of interest in helping private enterprise to create local wealth.
    So everyone is beholden to the authorities. Everyone watches their back.
    Below the radar, however, there were some whispered criticisms of President Putin. But only in private. One man even followed me down the street afterwards, scared in case I didn’t understand that I shouldn’t use his name.
    And now Russia is in economic difficulties, and for these provincial towns life has just got much worse.
    My guess is that people here will keep their heads down – unless the crisis becomes so deep that they have nothing to lose by speaking out.
    it is difficult to believe the word democracy can be under the tongues of the pro-russians supporters !
    Search CHELYABINSK on wikipedia , but don´t go there .
    Murmansk at the boundaries of Norway and Finlande , there are 17000 naval radioactive waste containers, 16 nuclear reactors and 5 complete nuclear submarines.Heritage of the urss, what is russia doing about it ?
    Vladivostok harbour the biggest cemetery of nuclear submarines . Is it a russian problem only ? Radioactivity has no frontier !

  • Dean Venture

    Treasury bonds have one of the lowest rates (1.85 percent on the ten year bond) in the world because they are very easy to sell. They’re easy to sell, because everyone believes they are safe.

    Compare that to Russia, who keeps cancelling bond sales because they don’t want to pay the 12 percent buyers would expect.

  • Jens A

    Take you pill. You need your medication. What you write is not only way out, but sick.

  • Jens A

    KGB best??? Gestapo was good in your eyes then? KGB was an apparatus to surpress people. A tool of crime. Now, get your kopek for your trolling.

  • Jens A

    I think you also believe in Santa and the Tooth fairy.

  • Jens A

    Yeah right, as Hitler was “defensive” in 1939.

    • Melp

      he said it allways^^

  • Jens A

    “Defensive” as Germany in 1939.

    • Jens A

      What Ukraine wants is for for Ukraine to deside. End of story.

  • Harald Oslo Norway

    Kremlin Junta Propagandists never read what their FSB bosses tell them to link? Yes, there are some isolationalists in the US; naive, or whatever.

    This isolationalist, Dough Bandow, still has a minimum of decency and grasp of reality: “The ongoing strife in Ukraine is a crime by Moscow and tragedy for Kiev.”

    – And D.B. demonstrates one of the main contradictions in Kremlin Junta AND isolationalist / so-called “realist” thinking:

    A. Ukraine and other ex-USSR states are of little or no strategic interest of the US.

    B. “Russia views its connection to the former Soviet republic to be of critical security importance.” (D.B.)

    Logical conclusion:
    The Russian people deserves enlightment. So does the Ukrainian people. And Humanity.

  • Tim Tomsen

    Russian controlled soviet union former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic sates, Slovakia ect ect ect …couldn’t wait to join NATO and the EU to get as fare away from Russian hegemony control as fast as the possibly can at the time .

    If the Russians weren’t such malignant, belligerent a**holes, they wouldn’t have to worry about EU NATO and former satellite states like Poland, Romania, and Czech the Baltic sates, Slovakia ect ect ect running too the front door of EU and NATO .

    Her is a thought if every one thinks you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and you think you are the the greatest thing since sliced bread and you are the only one that thinks that maybe you need a reality check and just maybe just maybe you are a bunch of malignant, belligerent a**holes and not the greatest thing since sliced bread

  • Tim Tomsen


    Our enemies may be irrational,even outright insane, driven by nationalism, religion, ethnicity or ideology. They do not fear the United States for its diplomatic skills or the number of automobiles and software programs it produces. They respect only the firepower of our tanks, planes and helicopter gunships.” – Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan at the time was talking about the Russian controlled soviet union and the soviet union ALSO HAD Nuclear weapons and soviet union was controlled by the same type of personalty types as KGB Putin after all Putin is a productof the soviet KGB…

    And just like KGB Putin the soviets also did a lot of shouting about using Nuclear weapons and wiping out the west and wiping out Europe from the face of the earth ect ect ect…bla bla bla bla ,,,,,

    Yes talking big is typical for Russians they ike to intimidate.. It is not the big talkers you need to be afraid off it is the ones that don’t talk and just act… Just like the USA when they bombed japan not 1 time but 2 times … BIG TALKING RUSSIA’S have never drooped the bomb as they just like to intimidate like all cowards and bully’s do..

    Moscow HAS NO RIGHT TO take over Ukraine just because Putin feels threaten that his autocracy may become shaky if Ukraine and other nations that border Russia, becomes democratic and move towards the west geo politically.Putin has reserves the right to resort to economic blackmail in Georgia in 2008 and now Ukraine he is taking military intervention to keep his neighbors in line with Moscow hegemony and just because he has nukes the quasi intellectuals now are saying just let Putin do as he wants .

    Putin will not use Nuclear weapons

    1.if he did then he will be not just nuking kyiv the blast and fall out will also hit East Ukraine, Crimea , Poland Belorussia and Russia

    2.He will get the orthodox church agenst him for taking out Pecerska Lavra center of orthodox faith in the world and the far right orthodox is his power base at home

    3. How will it look if he bombed Russians in Ukraine

    4.if he did this then any friends he has in the international community will run for cover and distance then self s from him and and RuSSia in every way they can they will admit openly that Putin is a mad man that needs too-be taken out asap..even his god old buddy in Syria Assad will not return his phone calls and run for cover.

    5. Russia will become a international outcast and pariah in diplomatic relations with the rest of the world..

    6.The world will respond with an attack on Russia and Putin and Moscow will only be left in history books just like the soviet union is now …

    7.Putin like Hitler and Stalin is a very smart calculated psychopath he is not crazy or insane and does not have a political death wish or any other type of death wish for that matter he pushes as fare as he feels he can and then backs down if he feels he gets pushed back and if he dose not get pushed back he continues until he dose.

    Russia’s sphere of influence..

    Well I say Russia’s sphere of influence argument is a big propaganda clam, Russia has no special rights to tell Ukraine what it as a nation can do or not do…, Russia can not just because it borders that nation tell it what it can or do or not do anymore the Norway or Finland can tell Russia what it can or can not do because they border Russia..

    Can Russia tell USA what it can do because it borders Alaska ?

    The West says is not taking over Ukraine it is supporting the democratic aspirations of Ukrainians that were under assault from Putin boy Viktor Yanukovych.

    The West and the rest of the world needs to stand for
    Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as a nations against the Russian invasion, which violates international law. even if Russia has its nukes or not..

    And in any case USA and Briton as obligated to send army troops and equipment in accordance with the Budapest memorandum So really they have no choice Ether the agreements done by the USA president and the British PM or those they appoint is worth something or it is not …If it it not worth the paper they have written on then why will Putin stop at just Ukraine Poland and the Baltics will then be next… Why not he has nuks and the quasi intellectuals like are now say let him do as he wants he has nukes…

    IF Putin hurts one hair on the head of any NATO nation or the USA then all of NATO will respond

    And her is a bombshell….that Putin must also know as Putin is crazy but he is NOT stupid ..

    When it comes to firepower USA is uptoo in some cases 7 times the size of Russia … Just take f. exs.

    Aircraft carries USA has 20 Russia has 1

    Fighter aircraft USA has 2207 Russia 769

    Fix wing aircraft USA has 13892 Russia has 3842

    Helicopters USA 6196 Russia 1120

    And lets not forget that all the USA weapons are tip top and high tec,. Russia for the most part has old soviet leftovers not so much new stuff some new stuff but not something worth worrying about ..

    The truth is Russia is a analog watch in a digital age …When it comes to the USA …

    ooo YES AND manpower

    NATO has over 2,6 mill more soldiers under arms then Russia has

    USA alone has 145,212,012 backup manpower available for military service and they are all professional soldiers ..

    Russia only has 69,117,271 backup manpower available for military service For they most-part farm boys doing their national service

    USA has today active serving military personnel
    1,400,000 The USA are battle harden professional soldiers ..

    Russia has only active military personnel
    766,055 Most of them are farm boys doing their national service

    AND IF WE PUT NATO INTO this mix we are talking fire power advantage up-too 19 times of Russia


    Above is conventional weapons

    Lets take also take into account nuclear weapons…

    United Kingdom 225 warheads (submarine delivery systems new and up to date systems )

    France 300 warheads
    (submarine delivery systems new and up to date systems )

    United States 7,315 warheads
    (Mixed delivery systems new and up to date systems )

    Russia 8,000 warheads
    (Mixed delivery systems old mostly from the soviet union times NOT up to date systems )


    Base on this facts Russia does not stand a chance as most of NATO warheads are on Subs. and NOT in silos like Russia that makes it easy to take out with NATOs defiance systems …

    All NATO must do is take out Moscow and 5 -6 other city’s to take out all of Russia…. But Russia must take out city’s all over the planet from USA , CANADA ,FRANCE UK. ALL OF EUROPE and as fare away as , AUSTRALIA and so on and so on …

    PS. lets not forget the the Submarine KURSK was part of Russia’s nuclear weapons platform and it was falling apart to such an degree that its systems torpedo systems on the Sub. malfunctions and blow up under water and sank the sub and .. killed all of its crew ….

    Now if that is what Russia’s nuclear delivery platform and weapons platform is like all I can say is hahahahahaha and lest us not forget that Kursk was the pride and joy of Russia’s navy… What does the rest of the Russian nuclear weapons program look like if Kursk is anything to go by ?

    I mean…… If you can not hold your submarines floating in
    pace time what hope do you really have for holding your submarines floating in war time ?


    Kursk was an Oscar-class submarine, twice the length of a 747 jumbo jet, and one of the largest submarines in the Russian Navy.

    An official investigation after most of the wreck was raised along with analysis of pieces of debris concluded that a faulty weld in the casing of the practice torpedo caused high-test peroxide (HTP) to leak, which caused the kerosene fuel to explode. The initial explosion destroyed the torpedo room, severely damaged the control room, incapacitated or killed the control room crew, and caused the submarine to sink with all of its nuks not much of a nuclear weapons platform now was it hahaha