Russian military observer: To counter NATO in Baltic, Moscow ready to use nuclear weapons



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Faced with superior NATO forces in the larger Baltic Sea region and the threat they pose in the first instance to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, Leonid Nersisyan, military observer for the Regnum news agency, says that Moscow is prepared to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear powers which now oppose it.

In the middle of a 2100-word article criticizing Baltic and Scandinavian countries for their opposition to Russia, Nersisyan has a section entitled “Limited Nuclear Conflict.” Clearly intended to intimidate and force the governments of these countries to change course, it merits attention as a statement of Russian thinking.

What is most striking about Nersisyan’s words is the casualness with which he discusses the possible use of tactical nuclear weapons and the distinction he makes between them and strategic weapons which he argues prevented the world from going to war in March 2014 at the time of the Russian Anschluss of Crimea.

Here are the Regnum commentator’s comments on this point in full:

“Limited Nuclear Conflict

“Is the scenario of such a major European war given the large arsenals of strategic and tactic nuclear arms on the two sides real? If the main ‘battlefield’ will become those Baltic states, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland and Norway – that is non-nuclear states – then it is real. Nuclear strikes will not be inflicted on states which have nuclear weapons.

“Nevertheless, in such a situation, there is little doubt that tactical nuclear weapons would be used – something especially important for us [Russians] since the numbers of the NATO armies exceed ours by several times over by all measures. As a result, in such a war, those countries which now most of all call for a struggle with Russia would be the losers in such a war.

“But there would not be any winners – both camps would suffer the loss of hundreds of thousands of destroyed soldiers and mountains of destroyed military equipment.

“Nevertheless, as history shows, humanity cannot long exist without wars – and there haven’t been major ones in Europe since 1945. How many more years will nuclear weapons be able to contain aggression and hatred? It is clear that war would have broken out in Europe already in March 2014 if there had not been this restraining factor.”

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  • Michel Cloarec

    OH !!! what a clever little man!!! Noting : “” But there would not be any winners – both camps would suffer the loss of hundreds of thousands of destroyed soldiers and mountains of destroyed military equipment.”” Civil casualties ?????NO not so important ! RUSSIANS ???====EBOLA & CO .

  • ct

    Yet another Russian imbecil! Putin too encourages his ignorant military by openly bragging about his nuclear arsenal. I wonder if the Russian masses will ever wake up to the fools in the Russian mafia government who are running and ruining their country. Rather than exercising a policy of making friends in a modern world, they have chosen to make enemies and set the stage for their own destruction.

    • ct

      Another pathetic paid Putin troll. Hope your getting enough rubles to feed your ignorant mind…

    • Wonfu

      The sound mental midget fetal alcohol syndrome russians make while sucking their collective thumbs.

      russians = losers

  • Wonfu

    1st nuclear signature and poor russia will be glass. No debate no hesitation.. gone from the face of the earth.

    And that is a fact Jack.

    Next the russian refueling planes will mysteriously fall from the sky and those bombers and fighters probing NATO airspace will run out of fuel and fall in to the ocean. Tough love to russian pilots.

    russia = losers, always have been always will be.

    • Fabio E. Nategh

      shut up. remember debaltsevo, hitler, napoleone and you.

      • LorCanada

        Debaltsevo was a breach of the Minsk2 agreement even before the ink was dry, done by the terrorists, or what they really are: Putin’s outlaw puppet regime.
        Hitler, Napoleon were brief moments in time, historical figures who both came to an untimely end each in their own way.
        I daresay the Russians will try to glorify Fascist Putin when he has left the political scene but it’s hard to praise a murderer, don’t you think?

        • LorCanada

          Yes, I’m aware of the activity since decades ago. So what else is new? You are circulating very old news, buddy. Try something more up to date.
          To broaden your horizons you might also want to check out the latest of what the Russians are doing to Ukrainian prisoners such as parading them through the streets in east Ukraine to humiliate them and urging the crowds to throw bottles at them, curse them, etc., all of which is against the Geneva Convention. There is more and it is worse but this gives you a window on what is going on with the terrorist occupied areas of east Ukraine.

  • puttypants

    Nut jobs….someone should do a surprise attack and drop a couple of good size nukes on Moscow and St. Petersburg that would shut up that evil pipsqueek. If any other country in the world had threatened other countries in this way they would have been in ashes by now.

  • puttypants

    us militarism sucks. Firstly, this comment has nothing to due with catholism….You obviously can’t read…Russia threatening weak country with nuke’s….You truly are insane people. OMG keep threatening and you will be turned into ashes!!!

    • Murf

      An other idiot deflection by the Putler patrol. They never learn.

      • evanlarkspur

        Dude, really? Seriously? Is that all you’ve got? Your leader destroys the shaky new prosperity that regular russians were starting to enjoy with his self-destructive international antics, then puts what little lives you will have left at risk by foolishly rattling his nuclear sabre, as if you can use your nukes “strategically” to scare us all into trusting you and doing business with you again, rather than just getting Russia utterly destroyed and uncharitable for 1000s of years- and the best you’ve got is to talk about anal sex and accuse other commenters of being mested as children?

        • evanlarkspur

          Not sure, but I know it’s truer that you russians get robbed by your own policemen in broad daylight there in Russia. I’ve watched it happen. And I’m an American, btw. If the Poles are sending help to restored he rule of law in Donbas, I can only admire them for it. I wish my nation was doing so. My many friends from Donbas want you and your thugs to be killed off and buried away from fields and water supplies, so your carcasses don’t contaminate everything.

    • LorCanada

      So why doesn’t Putin stay on his side of the border and mind his own business? As the Chinese have said, “Outside nations have no business meddling in the internal affairs of another nation.”
      Our Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Putin at the G20 Summit in Australia:

      • Wonfu

        Unfortunate for the russian people is the generations that will have to wait until fetal alcohol syndrome finally dies out among their populace.
        Until then they will remain on the lowest rung of the evolutionary ladder below the slugs and snakes. :)

  • Wonfu
  • Dirk Smith


  • Michel Cloarec

    You really did not wake up yet from your vodka orgy !
    Take care the fascists are watching you !

  • evanlarkspur

    Russia needs to be made to understand that any use of its nuclear weapons, of any size, against any target, will result in Russia being turned into an international parking lot within 20 minutes of the nuclear signature. Period. End of discussion.

  • Murf

    Three words guys, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)
    So what has changed?
    Other than their half assed army has done ok against and army that until a year ago couldn’t get of the motor pool. (That winter campaign wasn’t exactly Operation Bagatron.)

  • Czech Friend

    You wanna play as men, Putin’s cowardly terrorirsts?

    Then expect your shithole of a country to be a history the moment you touch that red button!