Communism, Nazism to be banned in Ukraine?



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It looks like Ukraine following the example of many countries which have also suffered the consequences of totalitarian regimes looks seriously into banning Communistic as well as Nazi ideologies, as Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has stated this Tuesday, on March 31st. “The government has prepared a proposition to condemn Communism and Nazi totalitarian regimes, as well as the propaganda of such. I am addressing the parliamental coalition to pass this proposition with no hesitation” – Yatsenyuk has said.

Also, according to, the Minister of Justice of Ukraine Pavlo Petrenko has made an official request for the SBU to check the information concerning the leader of Ukraine’s Communistic Party Petro Symonenko being elected into the presidium of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

These measures seem to have been tied with Kyiv’s administrative court taking down the lawsuit of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine against the Communistic Party of Ukraine. Previously, the lawsuit was delayed since November 2014, and in the end was denied. In return, the head chief of SBU Valentyn Nalyvaichenko has stated that banning of totalitarian ideologies and especially the Communist Party today is crucial to Ukraine’s national security.

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  • Dalton

    Agree this is a wise decision. Communism by its very nature is subversive and anti-freedom based.

    • disqus_aJpixObjG7

      Far, far worse Dalt, by its very inherent, fundamental nature communism is GENOCIDAL.
      Its foundation, its ESSENCE its very basis is mass murder.
      The demonic genocidal maniac lenin wrote that he would murder 90% of the world’s population to achieve- not some “better world”- but simply his own sick personal ambitions.
      The insane MYTH is still widespread today: that communism was improperly applied up to now and if we just gave it another go- just finally “did it right” then communism would make a “better world.”
      In FACT there has been no MIS-APPLICATION of communism. There has been only APPLICATION of it.
      Its very manifesto prescribes mass murder on a mind boggling scale.
      So marx lenin stalin khruschev pol pot castro etc are ALL the SAME DEMONIC MAD MASS MURDERERS…
      And if communism is tried again it will ALWAYS result in genocide again and again. In fact, all throughout history, the very moment “humanism” rears its head mass murder immediately begins.

      • Bendys

        It’s not capitalism. It’s oligarchic monopoly and pulling of strings.

    • Dalton

      not sure what the tangent is…i agree the US and west Europe is fast becoming more like what I detest, and guess from which political philosophy those changes eminate? Socialism, communism, Marxism… The US citizens were stupid or ignorant enough to elect a man who embodies some of its core principles, but to suggest America starves people as a matter of policy is simply ridiculous. America still gives more aid to the world than any nation in the known histoy of the world…massive transfers of wealth, all part of why its broke now

  • pokey’s pissed

    Nice first step. Next they should ban all forms of Statism. The idea that the state has rights above and beyond the individual is always dangerous to a free man or woman.

    • Dalton

      Spoken like a true peace lover. When did Putin hire you?

      • Dalton

        How many of those countries did the US and western nations initiate the “slaughter”again? Specifics and not propaganda please.

  • Roger Mikael Klang

    This is counter productive. What are you thinking? Freedom can never be restricted, only lost. But if on the other hand you are in a situation were such political Groups are threatening your country by their acts in these war times, then why shouldn’t you do this, like Winston Churchill did when he incarcerated the London Nazi leader Aswold Mosely during war time? It can be allowed to sidestep democracy in war time to protect your country! But remember to put it straight if things return to normal.

    • Turtler

      I agree.Though I can understand why it’s being done and have no love for either regime, I’ve been long opposed to European laws on genocide denial and Nazi/Soviet insignia displays.

      The die hard will find ways around them or do it anyway, it will just curtail freedom of speech (like: What if I wanted to use a swastika from pre-WWII Finnish aircraft?), and will obfuscate the issue.

      Besides, I think there’s value to the buggers telling us exaactly who they are…

      • Roger Mikael Klang

        Yes, exactly. But the Finnish swastica is mirror imaging the German swastica so that the pointy ends is in the other direction, did you know that?

        • Turtler

          Yes, I’m well aware; it was modeled off of a Swedish’ Count* who gifted the young Republic her first military planes in the interbellum. Though I have seen different versions of it pop up in photographs.

          * Who did admittedly go on to be a Nazi sympathizer years later.

  • Jacks Channel

    I would not ban these groups because its up to the people to decide what they want in forms of government.

    Freedom of speech is guaranteed in a democracy so let the Communists and the Nazis speak their mind. As offensive as these ideas sometimes are, its freedom of speech.

    • LorCanada

      Jacks — One must differentiate between freedom of speech and hate propaganda. A difference of opinion is fine but when it slides into destructiveness – beware!

      • gmab

        It already has become destructive. Ukraine is fighting for it’s young democracy while under attack by the aggressor, a former Communist, now neo-nazi, totalitarian Russia. As a new Democracy, Ukraine has the right to ban parties that threaten its’ National security. They know better than us the terror and destruction these regimes have caused their people.

  • Kruton

    Hang all Bolshevik savages!

    • Kruton

      So you admit to being communist scum?

  • NickDavisGB

    The problem with dogmas from the extreme right/left (which are idealogical mirrors); is that they utilise the rules of free speech but subvert and wish to deny the same to others. They don’t play by the rules. Consequently we have to make specific rules to allow us the prosecute them when they step outside the bounds of normal discourse.

    • NickDavisGB

      What a very thoughtful comment. They must be really pleased at Savushkina 55, St Petersburg with you progress. Although you do have to learn your english syntax better.

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko

    Russia has embraced the worst qualities of Fascism and Communism under the Putin thugocracy. This is the real threat to peace…..not some terrorists on the run in Syria

    • Vlad Pufagtinenko

      of course comrade

  • Vlad Pufagtinenko


  • Kruton

    Are you insane?!