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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

The discussions we observed during the debate (in Verkhovna Rada) on parliamentary amendments to the law on the special status of certain areas of the Donbas, as well as the angry reaction to these events by Russian diplomats and the representatives of the so-called “people’s republics,” demonstrate that we are in fact dealing with a compromise document.

Ukrainian parliamentarians cannot accept the logic of a law that gives some kind of special status to territories that are in fact occupied. This is exactly why it became necessary to simultaneously accept both the draft law and the amendments to the law regarding the occupied territories. Russia and the “separatists” cannot accept the idea that the special status will begin only after the end of the armed conflict, the withdrawal of foreign troops and mercenaries, and the holding of free elections in accordance with Ukrainian law (and under international observation — Ed.).

After all, it may appear that this is what compromise looks like. Ukraine agrees to some special status for the areas that are in fact occupied by Russia in the hope of ending the war and beginning normal life. And Moscow agrees to free elections provided they respect the “rights of the Donbas residents,”  as prescribed by law. But all this would look like a compromise only if it actually dealt with real problems. If the “rights of Donbas residents” were indeed being violated and if it did not involve a region whose authorities have systematically uprooted the Ukrainian language from the educational process and the “main party,” for whom almost all these residents have voted, had not promised to make Russian the state’s language throughout the country. It would be a compromise if the idea of European integration, during the time that this same “main party” was for it, had not received the approval of most of the residents of the region, momentarily  forgetting about the Customs Union and related pleasures. And if the European integration had not also been approved by those who remembered about integration with Russia only against the background of Maidan and the Russian occupation. Finally it would be a compromise if the attitude in the liberated territories of Ukraine had not differed so strikingly from the attitude in the so-called “DNR.” However, in all honesty, what do we know about attitudes in “DNR” or how they would change if Russian troops left?

But since there are no compromises in the virtual world, we’re dealing rather with profound mutual distrust. In Ukraine no one believes that the law will work because they do not harbor any particular illusions about the withdrawal of the occupiers. The main Ukrainian hope is not that the occupier will leave but that he will refrain from a major war and will not advance on Mariupol or Kharkiv. Therefore, the new law with all its amendments is seen in Kyiv as tribute paid to the diplomatic protocol. In Ukraine, “DNR” and “LNR” could have just as easily been declared emirates.

But in Russia the Ukrainian actions may be perceived as a desire to cheat — look, they say, the laws  are passed but they do not want to feed the Donbas. On the one hand, they demand that the Russian side leaves, on the other hand, they provide no safety guarantees for the “quislings” (collaborators — Ed.) under whose care the Russians would like to leave the Donbas. And if Russia decides to support “its own” with force, then it may face new sanctions from the West, which the Kremlin absolutely does not need. This is why Russians find the Ukrainian steps so objectionable. Even if the Ukrainians had passed the law without any amendments, Moscow would have viewed it with irritation and suspicion because any step taken by Ukraine requires an appropriate step taken by Russia. And no one in Moscow is ready for the appropriate Russian steps.

Therefore, the main question after the adoption of the Ukrainian law is not if it will be executed. The main question is whether or not Putin will dare embark on a new war. If not, the future of the Donbas will be decided without any special status, even if the notorious law is put into practice. If yes, then laws will no longer matter either for Ukraine or the world.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Espreso TV

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  • puttypants

    Monster Putin and his evil minions. I’ve always been a dove but I’ve also never lived thru a sneaky hybrid war and vile propaganda. This is the only time in my life that I’ve ever felt like Putin and his kremlin should be bombed out of creation. I’ve never seen anyone more dangerous or deserving than he. I’m frightened that there are no leaders in Europe or in USA who are willing to give him what he deserves which is to be underground.

    • rifak

      Putin actually could care less about Russia – his mass accumulation of personal wealth as Russia has continue to rot is hard evidence.

      He is a pedophile (documented by Litvinenko) and psychopath who I would not doubt has struck a deal to destroy Russia and Ukraine. As Nemstov right before his murder wrote, only an enemy of Ukraine AND Russia would be doing what Putin is doing.

  • evanlarkspur

    From your post, it’s obvious you are an expert on not having a clue.

  • rifak

    Silly post by Rosa Krause. Kremlin puppets always frame the conflict as a grand conspiracy of America against Russia. They never acknowledge Ukraine’s desire for self determination and sovereignty nor do they ever apologize for Kremlin directed genocide of Ukrainian statehood, people, culture, and language.

    Your post is about obfuscation.

    Shame on you you for providing cover for Russian racial supremacists!

  • Gryzelda Wrr

    Every country is artificial. Did you think that countries grow on trees?

  • Murray Winchester

    Your entire response is bs. The Russian Federation is a construct of vassal states held together by propaganda and fear. No one takes Putin and his minions at their word because they are all bald faced liars, with zero intention of honouring any agreements with Ukraine. Kyiv is far from perfect, but the Hristo stamp of disapproval is nothing but nonsense and blather. Hristo is a paid Putin bum-boy, a failed human being from a failing dysfunctional Russia.

    • Murray Winchester

      Brain reboots? Interesting. I had heard of such a thing being practised in your part of the world, and can see now that you are a failed example of what could result from such an intervention. Often referred to as a brain “cramp”, yours is a serious long-term case Hristo, producing an unending stream of brain farts that pollute the Internet with your drivel. Grow up, get a real job and move out of your mom’s basement or spare room.

      • Murray Winchester

        Another weak and pathetic response from one of Putin’s lower echelon clapping seals. Blather on about me all you like because it suits my purpose to tie you up here so you can’t be polluting the Internet elsewhere. Your ability to to compete in a “tit for tat” exchange is rather weak, but with practice you may get better. I say “may” because your apparent weak mindedness and lack of language skills place you at a severe disadvantage. LOL

        • Murray Winchester

          Another gibbering reply from Hristo the inarticulate troll whose sensitive feelings are hurt. Happily I could give a f**k! Keep working at it and maybe you will improve, but I doubt it. lol Your lack of intelligence is innate, probably due to a poor protein diet and too much vodka.

          • Murray Winchester

            Plumbing new depths of ignorance, Hristo the ineffective troll-bot misses the mark as he always does. My family name, Winchester, predates anything that came out of America by many hundreds of years, once again proving your ignorance of the real world. Hristo, on the other hand, sounds like a term for something hanging off the anal aperture of dung beetle. Such a sad little man with no identity who like the coward he is, stays hidden in the weeds.

          • Murray Winchester

            As always, your gibbering in English is sub-standard, but I will still humour you because I enjoy working with complete idiots. Funny how a reference to a dung beetle got you so excited, causing you to reveal your most important fixation in life. An entomological reference is hardly related to anything sexual as regards humans, once again proving what a truly sick and demented puppy you are. I would guess that your family has disowned you for your perversions, and hopefully you have not abused any family members as is so common in case like yours.

          • Murray Winchester

            The truth hurts so much that you have nothing else to say, relegated to cheap accusations once again. I spoke the truth and you fell down trying to deal with it. So sad that your weak mind believes that anyone would “copy” you. What is there to copy? What a laugh because you don’t even understand plain English.

          • Murray Winchester

            No one on this forum has identified you as being “intelligent”, so your self assessment is just another weak link in a chain of idiotic and simple minded statements by an absolute dolt. I suspect that the average vascular plant has more intelligence than you, and in fact I am certain of that. So keep blathering and gibbering as you like to do, it’s really all you are capable of. Keep crying like a small child about your shortcomings as well little twerp, and maybe your mommy will cuddle you and tell you everything is all right. After all it is likely not your fault that your life is a waste of time. lol

          • Murray Winchester

            Good grief man, the more worked up you get the worse your English becomes and the more pathetic your comments are. It’s just an observation and not a criticism because we all know how sensitive you are with your shaky, but puffed up ego. By the way, the expression is “it takes one to know one”, which is classic western child’s response to an apparent personal affront. However your troll manual of English idioms and phrases can’t always get these things right. Not your fault really. “It takes one to tell one” (sic) ……. sigh, what a loser.

            Apparently you have an interest in geography but as usual you fall short as with everything else you try. You have started to babble about the far north and I wonder what that is all about? Personally I live close to the main US-Canada border so the “far north” that has become your new fixation is indeed far, far away from where I live. So now you know that this part of North America is not even considered to be “up north”, let alone the “far north”. I appreciate that you are a very slow learner Hristo, but try to keep this in mind for the future. You will appear to be less ignorant that way.

            Happily I haven’t needed to work for a number of years now so your concerns about my job skills are moot at this point. i don’t see that changing in the future. I understand that digging holes in frozen Siberian tundra is a big part of your cultural history, but here where I live we have no such tradition. Suck it up and keep trying princess, eventually you might get one of your half wit guesses correct.

          • evanlarkspur

            Then why can’t you stop responding? It’s hilarious to read your posts; did you really call someone a “copy cat”? Really? Are you 7 years old? Or did you just learn your English from old American TV reruns, not knowing that every line, which you deliver with what you obviously think is such style and swagger, actually has us all rolling on the floor in helpless laughter. It’s pathetic (but wildly amusing). Do go on.