Plagiarism scandal in Russia: Hitler’s speech copied for Crimea annexation


A plagiarism scandal is making rounds in Russia after it was discovered that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech over the annexation of Crimea, the first anniversary of which will be pompously celebrated in Russia on March 16, mirrored the speech of the German Fuehrer Adolf Hitler over the annexation of Danzig and the Corridor. Euromaidan Press provides a comparison of the two speeches.

Crimea is and remains Russian, Danzig is and remains German
In people’s hearts and minds, Crimea has always been an inseparable part of Russia. Danzig was and is a German city. The Corridor was and is German.
Common history and cultural development
To understand the reason behind such a choice it is enough to know the history of Crimea and what Russia and Crimea have always meant for each other.Everything in Crimea speaks of our shared history and pride. Both these territories owe their cultural development exclusively to the German people.
The nagging historical problem
And as this collapse [of the Soviet Union] was legalised, everyone forgot about Crimea and Sevastopol. <…> I heard residents of Crimea say that back in 1991 they were handed over like a sack of potatoes. This is hard to disagree with. For months we have been suffering under the torture of a problem which the Versailles Diktat created – a problem which has deteriorated until it becomes intolerable for us.
Important territories had been lost
It was only when Crimea ended up as part of a different country that Russia realised that it was not simply robbed, it was plundered. <…> This country was going through such hard times then that realistically it was incapable of protecting its interests. The Versailles Diktat is not law to us. A signature was forced out of us with pistols at our head and with the threat of hunger for millions of people. And then this document, with our signature, obtained by force, was proclaimed as a solemn law.
Russian had been assimilated by force, German minorities had been maltreated
Time and time again attempts were made to deprive Russians of their historical memory, even of their language and to subject them to forced assimilation. <…> all German minorities living there have been ill-treated in the most distressing manner.
We respect minorities
We have great respect for people of all the ethnic groups living in Crimea. Minorities who live in Germany are not persecuted.
There were attempts to accommodate Ukraine, peaceful proposals had been attempted
We accommodated Ukraine not only regarding Crimea, but also on such a complicated matter as the maritime boundary in the Sea of Azov and the Kerch Strait. As always, I attempted to bring about, by the peaceful method of making proposals for revision, an alteration of this intolerable position.
No reciprocal steps to proposals for cooperation, calls for friendship not returned
We are constantly proposing cooperation on all key issues; we want to strengthen our level of trust and for our relations to be equal, open and fair. But we saw no reciprocal steps. I have repeatedly offered friendship and, if necessary, the closest co-operation to Britain, but this cannot be offered from one side only.
Thanks to those who understand
At the same time, we are grateful to all those who understood our actions in Crimea; we <…> greatly appreciate India’s reserve and objectivity. <…> I believe that the Europeans, first and foremost, the Germans, will also understand me. The other European States understand in part our attitude. I should like here above all to thank Italy, which throughout has supported us, but you will understand that for the carrying on of this struggle we do not intend to appeal to foreign help.
Permanent crisis and conditions resembling civil war
Russians, just as other citizens of Ukraine are suffering from the constant political and state crisis that has been rocking the country for over 20 years. I am resolved to remove from the German frontiers the element of uncertainty, the everlasting atmosphere of conditions resembling civil war.
Repressions against enemies of Maidan and Poland’s fight against Danzig
In some cases, you need a special permit from the militants on Maidan to meet with certain ministers of the current government. This is not a joke – this is reality. Those who opposed the coup were immediately threatened with repression. Not only were [our proposals] answered first with mobilization, but with increased terror and pressure against our German compatriots and with a slow strangling of the Free City of Danzig – economically, politically, and in recent weeks by military and transport means.
Inhabitants suffering and suffering victims
Naturally, we could not leave this plea unheeded; we could not abandon Crimea and its residents in distress. But that time is not a matter of indifference to us. Moreover, it was not and could not be a matter of indifference to those who suffer most.
Peace mission
First, we had to help create conditions so that the residents of Crimea for the first time in history were able to peacefully express their free will regarding their own future. I will see to it that in the East there is, on the frontier, a peace precisely similar to that on our other frontiers.
Russia can’t retreat any more, Germany can’t remain inactive
Our western partners have crossed the line <…> Russia found itself in a position it could not retreat from. If you compress the spring all the way to its limit, it will snap back hard. You must always remember this. <…> if Poland continued to send to Danzig notes in the form of ultimata, and if on the Polish side an end was not put to Customs measures destined to ruin Danzig’s trade, then the Reich could not remain inactive.
International law was not infringed, no law was transgressed
They say we are violating norms of international law. <…> – what exactly are we violating? It is also impossible to say that he who undertakes to carry out these revisions for himself transgresses a law.
We want friendship with Ukraine we want peaceful coexistence with Poland
We want to be friends with Ukraine
<…> Most importantly, we want peace and harmony to reign in Ukraine, and we are ready to work together with other countries to do everything possible to facilitate and support this.
I am determined to solve (1) the Danzig question; (2) the question of the Corridor; and (3) to see to it that a change is made in the relationship between Germany and Poland that shall ensure a peaceful co-existence.
Address by Vladimir Putin
– March 18, 2014

Address by Adolf Hilter
– September 1, 1939 
Note. Everything we publish in the section The Naked Truth is dead serious and, unlike our usual propaganda and lies, true. It should be taken literally. Video showing comparison of two speeches on Shuster Live TV show subtitled by Voices of Ukraine.
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  1. Avatar Randall Cook says:

    Thank you all, for shining light on the kremlin’s dark lies, and methodologies.

  2. Avatar puttypants says:

    OIY…Crimea has always been tartar from beginning of time. The Crimean Tartars originated from their. Katherine told the turks that’s who the country should go back to. What lies Putin weaves. Most don’t know the history of the area and therefore buy his lies.

  3. Avatar Brent says:

    What a lying little sh*t Putin is. All of his claims blaming the West and Ukraine disgust me. He can’t take any responsibility for all the orphans he created and the families he destroyed.

    Good comparison to the closest historical comparison to him. Can’t wait to hear all the whiney little trolls crying about this comparison.

    1. Avatar Dean Venture says:

      I have a hard time reading or listening to anything coming from Putin or Lavrov. It isn’t just the lies, but the disgusting hypocrisy heaped on top of the lies. It’s a disgusting combination.

  4. Avatar arpa says:

    Good riddens, let the traitors living in Crimea get a feeling for the russian ways of living and compare what is best. They will soon see ethnic cleansing and cleaning of all public speeches to be aligned with what is deemed to be right, and those who are not aligned will be sent to remote places in North East of Russia to learn the right ways (this since they all got passports with residency of NE russia anyway, so its just relocating back “home”).

  5. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

    I am an American and kind of new with the history of Russia and eastern Europe i mean deeper then most Americans who have unimportant things on their mined and to do. It seems to me that the Kremlin becomes darker more each day in their lies and cover-ups. What is the end result with this all. Someone meaning a Country has got to take this liar of a Tyrant on head to head and if not now latter and latter will be much harder.

    1. Avatar SofaKingPutin says:

      so should they run an anti-terroristic operation in crimea? ^^

      1. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

        I don’t know what should be done. They tried to kill the Tyrant Hitler success with Stalin. Again to kill a snake you don’t cut off it’s tail. I don’t think that Germany should be saying anything, It has not been that long since 1945 and we all know what took place in Germany. I was in Germany from June 1960 to May 1963. Never talked with a German that was fighting the Americans always the Russians.

  6. Avatar SofaKingPutin says:

    Too bad, that the Hitler speech is translated wrong and is not similar to Putins speech at all. Argue if you want, but I am german-russian and you cant fool me. 🙂

    1. Avatar disqus_aJpixObjG7 says:

      but putin fooled you

  7. Avatar Charles J. Kollman says:

    I see that an 8 year old girl was killed by a Ukraine military personal carrier and her aunt was hurt and put in a hospital. This took place in the east, it’s sad.

  8. Avatar Fred Felix says:

    Like minds think alike.

  9. Avatar LastProphet says:

    Putin is a nazi agent. Not a word about the thousands of civilians being slaughtered in Novorussia.

    Crimea script is an Illuminati Milestone in endless deception,.
    This is illustrated by the video “Sevastopol and Crimea Celebrate Referendum Results!”:
    everyone celebrates but they fail to recognize why is “Putin” pretending to defend them.

    And yet at this point (March 2014)
    – “Putin” is already playing the role of main official weapons supplier of Assad for 3 years.
    – Assad’s air bombings already reached the chemical weapons stage, gassing civilians who survived the previous stage, when the cities of Syria were reduced to rubble.

    Sevastopol and Crimea Celebrate Referendum Results:
    Pathetic how people are deceived – at 7:57 women say:
    “Thank you very much Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin”! Putin is super! God bless him!”
    youtube. /watch?v=cuvTIuIb4Sc

    BASICS — /2013/12/