Ukrainian crisis and fear in the Baltics



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Article by: Vitaliy Portnikov

In Latvia and Estonia the emergence in social networks of supporters of the “Latgale People’s Republic” and “Narva People’s Republic” is treated very seriously.

The fact that the foreign ministers from the member states of the European Union are meeting in the Latvian capital, Riga, to discuss the crisis in Ukraine is very symbolic. Latvia’s current presidency of the Council of the European Union is not the only reason. Most of all, it is because the threat from Moscow is regarded as very real in the Baltic capitals.

In Lithuania they are reinstituting the draft without attempting to hide that the decision was made because of the war in Ukraine. In Latvia and Estonia the emergence in social networks of supporters of the “Latgale People’s Republic” and “Narva People’s Republic” is treated very seriously. Everyone has understood that similar projects do not materialize out of thin air. After all, the “Donetsk People’s Republic” existed for a long time before the Kremlin decided that the Ukrainian Donbas had to be occupied — at first in the form of a quite marginal, virtual project. Now, however,  Andrei Purgin, the creator of the “Donetsk Republic” movement, is directing the so-called “DNR Parliament.” So it is very likely that the future FSB (Russia’s security service, successor to the KGB — Ed.) guardians of the “people’s republics’ that are being planned for the Baltic states are currently working with their activist supporters in the social networks.

The question of whether Putin will dare to cross the borders of the Baltic countries concerns the politicians of these countries as well as NATO analysts. On the one hand, unlike Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are members of NATO, and the alliance would be obligated to protect them from apparent aggression. On the other hand, the unanswered question is whether fear of Moscow’s use of nuclear weapons will turn out to be stronger than international obligations. This is especially true if Russia uses not open aggression but the next round of a hybrid war — the organization  of “people’s uprisings,” along with the appearance of “polite” killers without Baltic accents. How would it be possible not to notice Russian armies — even without insignia — in Latvia and Estonia? But the West has managed “not to notice” them in Ukraine.

In any case, it is clear that the possible Russian invasion of the Baltic states will bring the conflict to an absolutely new level. The reaction of the civilized world will determine if Russia’s policy of aggression becomes the only determinant of security for the West.  Moscow obviously has neither  the economic nor the military resources to win in this conflict. But Putin seeks not to win but to destroy European unity and values. And to that end he is ready to sacrifice the economy of his country and the lives of millions of Russians and their neighbors.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Radio Svoboda

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  • Charles J. Kollman

    The question is how is the European Union and The US. going to handle control and defend against the new Stalin. Will they give him room like they did Hitler, Will this meeting be another Munich.

    • Roger Mikael Klang

      Münich has past. This is the annexation of the rest of Russian claimed territory in Ukraine. I took the following piece from my book “The German War 1939-1945”. The book is however in Swedish, so I had to translate it into English:

      The French and the British feared a large-scale war and choose appeasement, and they asked Mussolini to speak with Hitler. This led to the Munich Conference in September 1938 between Hitler, Mussolini, Chamberlaine and French Prime Minister Édouard Daladier. Stalin changed his policy after the agreement in Munich. He gradually decreased Sovjet support to Franco’s enemies the Republicans in Spain after the Munich Conference. He realized that the chances of building relationships and maybe an alliance with Britain and France no longer had great opportunities. The dictator in Moscow began to seek ways to make an agreement with his ideological enemy, the dictator in Berlin. When the German troops, as agreed at the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s initiative in the Munich agreement signed on September 29, 1938, tore into the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia two days later as planned, Fall Grün was prepared since the annexation of Austria. Poland and Hungary took a bite out of Czechoslovakia in the coming months after an agreement with Hitler stealing pieces of the abandoned and mutilated Versailles construction Czechoslovakia. The relatively strong Czech Army had mobilized for war, and was allied with France, which in turn was allied with Britain. But France withdrew its promise of military assistance, and Czechoslovakia ceded the area following Hitler’s demand. The Czech parts was divided between Germany, Poland and the from Germany dependent Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Slovakia became independent and areas with Hungarian majority population were returned to Hungary in November 1938. Poland got the Czech Teschen area with about 250,000 inhabitants. And after the outbreak of war in November 1939, Ruthenia with about one million Slovak inhabitants fell into Hungarian hands. The “Czechoslovak” government was not even present at the negotiating table in the Munich conference, it had entirely ben left out of talks on its own future. England and France had pledged to “guarantee Czechoslovakia’s integrity” after the cutting process. Hitler spoke in 1945 about the 1938 Munich Agreement, in his bunker in Berlin: “We should have started the war in 1938. It was the last chance for us to locate it. But they have succumbed everywhere. As cowards, they have given in to all our requirements. Therefore, it was actually difficult to initiate hostilities. We missed a great opportunity in Munich. “

      • puttypants

        europe is worthless…they have allowed and appeased butcherers for centuries it appears nothing has changed. I would not be confident in NATO supporting the Baltic states against Russian aggression which is a huge problem. Look what they’ve allowed in Ukraine. This will come back to haunt of all of europe. Putin and his Russians are mad men.

        • Roger Mikael Klang

          Not mad men, Made men.

      • Charles J. Kollman

        Good day to you Roger. Yes i read and understand what you say, because what you say took place. i read a long time ago that Czechoslovakia had a good and strong Army and good have defeated the Germans.Terror and mad men disappear only to surface again with a different name, but the goal is always the same suppress and control people. The now shakers and players are France Germany Poland and England. In my opinion Germany should not be in any talks about Ukraine. It has not been that long since Germany was a war crime Country, yet it, is the center of the European Union. France has guns for sale never fired and only dropped once. I don’t know about Poland meaning i have not kept up with Poland. England will go as The US. goes, because England is The US. 51 St. State. I have no use for the European Union, because the people in the Countries of this union gave up much Liberty. I see this Union as a step for the New World Order. Note that the a front and a moth for this New World Order. The people from around the world and yes The US. also are those people in key position of power and wealth their goal to divide the world into ten sections with one government one currency and one religion. They will be the elite and we slaves. Also among them are the Illuminati and Free masons. What if anything is the difference between them and what the goal of the Soviet Union was. I would love for my Country to get out of NATO and the UN. Remove the UN. Building from America and place it in one of the other great Countries like France China or Russia. I am tired of my Country defending Europe and other places. I am tired of seeing boxes come off Aircraft covered with an American Flag. In truth they did not die for The Nation they died for the international bankers and the industrial American complex. I rest my case.

        • Roger Mikael Klang

          The day America stops defending other innocent people, that day America will diminish into a dwarf like the ancient Greeks and the Romans. Cant you see that?
          It was the american entering into the first and second World war that created the superpower that America is.
          And I don’t agree about Germany! You are painting them out as a people that inherits rasism in their genes.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            Like the ancient Greeks and the Romans eventually passed into history I mean.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Germany! I lived in Germany for three years and on the economy meaning not in Military housing. I married a German on Dec7,1962 in a town know as Ingileheim on the Rhine wine country. I also have people here as friends that are German and on my Mothers side her Father Father and Mother came from Germany Darmstart, but they got married here. While serving in the American Army i never talked to a German that fort America in WW11 they were always fighting on the Russian front. The Germans i know now today do not like Slavic people and they look down on them. Germans like to wear Uniforms march around and start wars. Go back in history and see how many wars Germany was in and were supported by The Krupp family makers of steel. For non believers i and my good friend Elton visited Dock hour that is not spelled correctly, but it was not far from my Airfield or Munich. We went there on Easter Sunday
            1961. I also bought a 1959 Volks Wagon a Grundy tape recorder and a German camra. The wife and the rest ended up in the file 13. I paint nothing most Germans like only Germans sorry it is what it is and they will not change. I don’t know why the Greeks collapsed maybe, it was because the Soldiers liked young boys. Rome collapsed, because they became soft fat and lazy. When they collapsed only 1% in the military was Roman the rest payed mercenary’s. Also their morals became sick a lot of men liking men. It’s time Roger to let another dog sit on the porch. Many a person living here in the New World and of the 13 Colonies of England died fighting for my independence and liberty. For the record the moment for independence started in 1763 and in 1776 we declaired independence from England.In 1783 peace was signed in Paris France. But my good friend this was not as you here a Revolution it was a conflict of civil disobedience. To have a revolution there must be a change in government after it’s over. There was no change in giovernment it stayed the same the second continental congress. Roger the Revolution came when this congress was over thrown and the new government took it’s place as per the new Constitution of 1789. I am and so are many others tired of making the rich richer like the Bush family.

        • Roger Mikael Klang

          I come to Think of this actually really Deep quotation, said by the Character Austin Power’s father in the really shallow Comedy Goldmember:

          “There are two things I cannot stand in this World; people whom do not tolerate other Cultures – and the Dutsch!”

          All you have to do is Swift the Dutsch with the Germans to understand how crazy many anglo-saxon people seem to think, because many of you people still Thinks as such about the German people, even thou you claim to propagate tolerans. I live next door to Germany, and I say that your history have almoust as dark of a past as the German’s history. Still, the German’s did worse, but it is only a difference measured in scale. Did you hear about the Mau-Mau upheaval in Africa in the 1950:s? The British had their own concentration camps for hundreds of thousand black Africans, where large scale tortureing took Place. Inhumane methods not even the Nazi German’s did, like castrating.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            This took Place ten years AFTER the liberation of the concentration camps.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            How about Irish Catholics living in Ireland. My not own land or vote and how many died at the hands of the English. But from what i read and see the worse people in this world are the Japs. Check out what they did to China and oh yes treated American POW’S as garbage. I am sorry i have no low for these animals. The mistake we made is we only dropped two big bombs on them we should have sank the Island. I rest my case. My father was over there and came home a 100% disabled Veteran all of the rest of his live. So if you like the idea of America being a supper power then you must except what they do and how they do it.

          • Roger Mikael Klang

            As long as I am alive I will speak my mind about America or any other nation. I Think that Americans in many ways are better than most people in the World, maybee all of the people in the World, and I know a few Americans. Many enough that I can say that you have your share of assholes too.
            But I am talking about the moral elite (not the backbone of America because they are what you call more or less “trash”, and they often are the ones defending your country), the true Christians. True Christians can also be the ones defending your country. I see no contradictions in that.
            If you never strike back you are nothing but a victim, and a victim can neither help themselves nor help others. God’s chosen nations therefore cannot be pascifistic victims.
            But a nation that Always agree with America no matter what is not a true friend, remember that! I see your a chauvanist. It is Ok, so am I in many ways. Have you thought about that the reason you have such a bad attitude towards Germans may be because you keep stealing their women and therefore only receive their bad side? 😉 I know a Slavic man, a Polack, and Polack’s have a very poor attitude towards Germans. Still, half of Poland used to be German soil.

          • Charles J. Kollman

            Than you Roger for the good words. Many now in this world look at America as an aggressor. Germany is a beautiful Country and i love German food and cooking. I do not steal their women this like many things in my life was a mistake. It’s OK to fall we all do what is important is how you get up from the fall. I am a big supporter of Israel and it’s people. You must understand the Jews of Israel have back bone and balls. The Jews in America for most part are progressive liberals. They will buy a Israel war bond, but fight for Israel don’t hold your breath. Gee i wonder why a Polish person would have a bad attitude towards Germany. Well borders in Europe changed more then you change your under wear. My wife of today Liudmyla and that;’s Ukraine spelling is a Ukraine Citizen and we have been married now for four years. She was born in Siberia Russia. My second wife after the German was Irish. So i have been married to a European Irish American and now an Asian. Roger in the dark they all look the same. Yes i have been to Ukraine beautiful beautiful clean Country. I found the people to be friendly at least back in 2010. The problem with the ethnic Russians is this. They can not get in through their head that Ukraine is now a free and sovereign nation and there is reason for it. My wife found out that her Country collapsed from a friend at her work place while working. She was living and working in Ukraine at this time and Ukraine was a SSR in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union and then Russia did nothing for ethnic Russians living in any former SSR. The Soviet Union then Russia needed to take action back then 1991. In truth they did not give two shits for these people they were only looking to fill their wallets. They should have brought all ethnic Russians back to Russia. My wife’s husband he died in 2006 was a retired Red Army Officer. One of their benefits was they could go any place in The CCCP. and get a free flat. They went to Ukraine in a City south of Odessa in 1987. At the beginning of 1991 they got the free flat. After the collapse of the Soviet no free flat. Ukraine Army talked to him about becoming an Officer in Ukraine Army. The first question they asked him was could you kill a Russian. He did not become an Officer in Ukraine Army. No problem starts today or yesterday and Putin has been President now two times and PM. once. He did nothing to reach out to help Russians and he only does it now because he needs a cause for war. Theses people got screwed by the Soviets and Russia and this is why 21 years latter there is a problem.