Klimkin defends Minsk II in Parliament




Ukraine’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Pavlo Klimkin reported on the negotiations in Minsk to deputies of the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) on Friday, February 13. He stressed that for the first time there was support from the Russian side for carrying out the terms of the Minsk agreements and that the OSCE would control the process.  However, he noted that there is still no date for the withdrawal of all foreign troops.

Deputies had the chance to question Klimkin during the traditional Friday “question hour ” in Parliament. Klimkin began his remarks by reporting that the Minsk negotiations had continued for 17 hours without interruption and took place in a very difficult psychological atmosphere.

“I will not hide the fact that several times during the 17-hour negotiations we and our friends from Germany and France wanted to end these negotiations. Eventually there was a joint decision to reach these agreements, which you have all seen, and we received support for carrying them out instead of avoiding to do so.

Pavlo Klimkin reviewed the main points of the Minsk agreements and stressed that this was the first time that Russia agreed to their implementation.

“Currently we are carrying out very intensive consultations on how the OSCE can fully realize their objectives. The OSCE will be present in this process from the first second. The second important point is that we will use all possible technical means to control this process. We will receive help, including satellite equipment, so that we have a realistic — and I stress this — a realistic picture, he said.

Klimkin also noted that the date when the foreign troops would leave Donbas is not yet known, but they are “working on this point.” The execution of another point — the release of hostages based on the “all for all” principle — will depend on completion of the first one. The exchange, he said, should begin two weeks after the withdrawal of troops.

After the report, deputies asked Klimkin to clarify a few points. In particular, Oleh Liashko, the leader of the Radical Party, said: “In the 11th point you have committed to constitutional reform by the end of 2015. I ask who gave you the right to trade with the Ukrainian Constitution?” he asked.

Klimkin answered that no one could take on such obligations and that point # 11 states that the issue of decentralization, including in the Donbas, would be considered as part of the constitutional reform.

Tetiana Ostrikova, deputy from Samopomich (Selfreliance) party, asked about point # 5, which has to do with amnesty for the militants.

“How will this agreement be implemented, since we know that under the Criminal Code, pardon is an individual act of the president of Ukraine and concerns a specific person? Will the president really issue a decree with his signature to pardon leaders and fighters of terrorist organizations?” she asked.

“The answer is very simple: no, Klimkin said.

“Amnesty can in no way be given to those who were involved in crimes against humanity. This is an absolute position that was clearly highlighted during the negotiations,” he said.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych
Source: Radio Svoboda

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  • Dirk Smith

    The fact that OSCE is still involved is bad for Ukraine.

  • Richard Hoover

    the osce seem to be a legitimate org. that acts as a teeter totter for the country that needs the biggest deal on the table and is at risk,,,but osce also looks like humanitarian,and if theses terrorist get away with amnesty and freedoms to govern theirselves and rob Ukraine form its coal and mining industries and have citizens live in fear there then i guess i have to say ,,OSCE your a puppet org, for $$$$ bottom line,,a bunch og men and ladies in white trucks looking like red cross for the corp. thugs in the world.,,,,,,,wow so impressive,,take off the suits and ties and see it with the people and the dead. If it was your kids and parents there ,,you would not agree rght?

    • MockingBirdKillerV3

      Oh yes, the OSCE is a puppet organization for the US and NATO mostly. Before the attempted ethnic cleansing of south Ossetia in 2008 by Georgian troops, Georgian peacekeepers, NATO mercenaries, and Ukrainian militants, the OSCE WATCHED Georgian troops build dug outs, trenches, and bunkers in preparation for the ethnic cleansing operation. The OSCE did nothing and said nothing about it. The OSCE let it happen.

  • sandy miller

    This is nonsense that Russia has signed onto the agreement. Is that why they continue to send arms and men into Ukraine to take more territory or am I reading lies in the media?

    • MockingBirdKillerV3

      You will see Russian soldiers in Ukraine when they are in Ukraine. It wasn’t hard for the media to get photo and video evidence in Georgia back in 2008, because Russia was there.

      • MeinOhio

        They are in Ukraine. Go look. Troll.

      • LorCanada

        There has been an extensive cover-up by Russian authorities about the Russian soldiers who have fought and died in east Ukraine. Seeing that Putin denies everything and wants to continue doing so, they all bend to his will and threaten anyone who dares to speak out. I’m sure you have heard of the Russian mothers who are looking for their soldier sons? It created quite a stir when they demonstrated and wanted answers from the military.