Russia moved its newest tanks to the Ukrainian border right before the Minsk talks

Russian tank near Ukrainian border

Russian tank near Ukrainian border 

Russia, War in the Donbas

According to information on social networks, the Russian army did not waste time and just before the Minsk talks between the heads of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia moved to the border of Ukraine its newest battle armor, reports.

Train with Russian tanks near Ukrainian border

Train with Russian tanks near Ukrainian border. The message says: “Echelon of newest tanks from Russia came to the border with Ukraine from direction of Pokrovsky, tanks are transported on platforms by rail.”

Additionally, yesterday the government of Ukraine published information that according to intelligence reports, the massing of Russian armed forces near the Russian-Ukrainian border is increasing. Personnel, military equipment and weapons are being staged in the Rostov region. From there, Russian military personnel without documents is being transported to the territory of Ukraine in the military or other camouflage uniform without military insignia. Those who express unwillingness to fight against Ukraine are threatened with dismissal.

Translated by: A. N.

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  • StumpedNoMore2

    I hope the Ukrainian people are giving the necessary supplies that they need to defend their homeland from the “Kremlin-led insurgents.” The movement of the bear’s personnel, equipment, and weapons are signs that the Kremlin is not serious about lasting peace in Ukraine. Shelling of Kramatorsk and Debaltseve are examples of the Kremlin not taking the necessary steps to resolve and draw down the conflict.

  • Brent

    One plane, low flying, loaded with air to ground missiles, gets through Russian air defense and takes out the train as it crosses the border…..if only it could be done!!!

  • Тарас Шевченко

    Ukraine must send forward artillery spotters into Donbas and a well trained artillery crew to keep accurate pressure on the armor coming in from the border.

  • George

    Now is a good time for US to test their new antitank weapon systems.
    What is Obama waiting for? Merkels approval?

    • Richard Hoover

      i say wack the Ruski tanks just exactly when they cross ,,,fly fast ,,drop a load fast,,on Ukraines side,,to eliminate the tanks on rail or off and on roads.Porous border is an issue hat needs reinforcing tighter. Slava Ukraini,,,god bless the soldiers on the front lines and in all women and men in supportive areas in medicine and supplies assisting the wounded and displaced citizens who lost family and homes ,,,so tragic ,,,surreal and demonic for Ukraine in this day and age. .Little Putler will get his ,,,,,time and by his own people,,i hope a Ukrainian is with them to do it!

      • George

        I tottaly agree. Slava Ukraini i Heroiyam Slava.

  • George

    Dear Mr. President Obama, the time has come! Please help Ukraine before it’s too late.

  • disqus60

    Look for these to pour over the border before the ceasefire supposedly starts. I would say Ukraine isn’t going to get any weapons now until the killers prove they have no intention of keeping their agreement. Hopefully there will be some clandestine help that will prevent advances.

  • Murf

    The rebels are going to need them as more Oplats and US TWO missiles come on the scene.
    I wonder how much the US would pay for one of a T-90?
    Some thing to think about boys

    • Mick Jones

      Those tanksaren’t T-90’s and there’s no such thing as TWO missile Murf. But thanks for the laughs.

      • Murf

        Two words guy. If your are going to be a grammar Nazi then you have to do it right yourself.

        Thanks for the chuckle.

  • FatBoB

    Fuck the ukraine and here’s hoping them nukes start landing in Kiev soon.

  • Mick Jones

    The tanks in the pictures that accompany this story aren’t even close t being Russia’s newest tanks. They appear to be T-72’s, They’re certainly not T-80’s orT-90’s. If you’re going to tell lies, it’s probably a good idea to not tell lies that anybody who isn’t totally ignorant of thesubject matter can see right through and easily refute.