“If we betray Ukraine, we will be next” — Lithuania’s president



The president of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is urging Europe to support Ukraine in every way possible.

Europe must support Ukraine because Russian aggression can affect all the countries of the European Union, Grybauskaitė said during debates on Ukraine at the Munich Security Conference on February 7.

According to Grybauskaite, Russia continues to pursue an aggressive terrorist policy that threatens not only Ukraine but also other European countries. For Lithuania, Russia is the same kind of neighbor as for Ukraine and represents the same kind of threat, she said

“Yesterday there was a big concentration of forces on our borders. Russian planes are flying with their transponders turned off, (presenting) a risk for civil aviation,” she noted, adding that similar Russian actions are intended to intimidate the Baltic states to drop support for Ukraine.

She also stressed that Europe has not turned away from Ukraine and that Europe and German Chancellor Angela Merkel will not betray Ukraine.

“I trust Angela Merkel and believe that she will not betray anyone, that she is prepared to resolve these issues. She has not betrayed anyone. Because if we betray Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, then we betray ourselves, since we will be next after Ukraine, she said.

Grybauskaite pointed out that there have been similar examples in history, and that the German chancellor is fully aware of “these lessons of history.”

She called on Europe to support Ukraine to protect the population and the country and reported that Lithuania is already helping and will continue to help. “We’re not talking about help; we’re helping” she pointed out.

In turn, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated that Ukraine is defending not only its own sovereignty but the “European security, independence and freedom.”

He also stated that he has confidence in the efforts of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I want to support Dalia Grybauskaite in her expression of trust in Mrs. Merkel. Our collaboration continues, and we appreciate her efforts to bring peace.” he said.


As reported, Lithuania and Estonia are calling for the beginning of arms shipments to Ukraine. Germany, Hungary and France said they would not supply weapons to Ukraine. The US is still undecided on this issue.

Translated by: Anna Mostovych

Source: Korrespondent

Source: Pravda

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  1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:

    Heh thats it!!! this lady president has guts and wisdom so get on board USA and Canda too ,,arm Ukraine,,,its the shield to Europe freedom and life.It can only hold out so long as it begins to crack deeper with strong hands and heart of Ukraines finest brave men,and women by the way in so many areas ,,,,may the innocent dead rest in gods arms .

    1. Avatar Kornelije Kovac says:

      Innocent Russians.

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    This lady ‘gets it’.

    Thank you Dalia for worrying more about people than about how many arms your country can sell to Russia, like Merkl and Hollande. No wonder Russia fears you.

    1. Avatar DejaVu says:

      Yes it’s too bad it falls on deaf ears with many Russian sympathizers including Hollande , Merkel , Czech Republic and Hungarian administrations and many others including but not the least Obama who is more concerned about his golf swing than the world in fire.

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Hopefully all of europe will get it and start arming and training their citizens….but I don’t think that will ever happen. I don’t think that europeans, as a people are responsible enough to handle the freedoms that comes with having firearms. They just aren’t that developed in that sense.

      What’s surprising to me is of all places, Poland still has strict gun laws for their citizens. The state I live in has more firearms that the whole country of Poland.
      And when something threatens them, the first thing they’ll do is call on the US to protect them.
      I just don’t get europeans, but then again, they aren’t Americans, so that makes sense. The don’t want live like we do and we don’t want to live like they do.
      If they’re not going to arm themselves, STOP CALLING THE US AS YOUR POLICE FORCE. Deal with what you allowed to happen to yourselves.

      1. Avatar Beka says:

        Although your point about some EU countries acting like pussies makes sense, it has nothing to do with gun laws. Strict gun laws dont have anything to do with the ability to defend. Citizens armed with pistols are useless in any serious conflict. Developing a strong standing army is the key. Poland has one of the most developed armies in the EU as far as I know. They have been developing it when others were cutting military expenditures. As for strict gun laws, they are there to defend against crazy maniacs rushing into the school and shooting children. People in US are more ‘armed’ because the right to have weapons is in the bill of rights.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          True, but ‘europe’ and ‘strong military’ have been two different things, mutually exclusive. The only thing europe learned from WWII was to shrink away from, to ignore evil and maybe it will go away. What they should have learned is the need to confront evil BEFORE it becomes a huge monster.

          It’s not just “pistols”. In the US ordinary citizens have more semi automatic AR-15s and AK-47s than all of europe combined. And that’s not counting scoped deer hunting rifles/sniper rifles.

          Low intensity wars are made for an armed populace. A russian ape, or a group of them walking down the street will never be safe in a country like America because of all the weapons ordinary people have. And of course most of them not registered with the government as that’s not required in almost every state.

          You are an idiot for equating a school shooting with firearms. We in the US have no southern border, nor enforcement of it, so mexican criminals come across daily. They all have arms and mexico is quite violent. And they have really strict gun control laws.

          Classic european view–don’t let your citizens have the ability to defend themselves because one person out of 300,000,000 may abuse that ability. Better 2,999,999,999 suffer than potentially one person abuse something……

          That’s a classic example of why Americans can never be europeans, no matter how much our liberal/progressive socialists want us to be.
          We also drive big cars, like to have a detached single family house, preferably in the country, etc.

          1. Avatar Beka says:

            Calling somebody you dont know idiot is not very nice is it? I guess I should stop discussing this with you at this point. And I’m not european either and respect U.S. for what it is… idiot

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Guess you cannot follow what I said, so I’ll say it again, slower: “You are an idiot for equating a school shooting with firearms.”

            So yes, if you think that you are an idiot because that is a truly idiotic belief.

        2. Avatar Sulfur12 says:

          I think you have wrong idea here. Poland has around 45 000 troops out of 120 000 strong “army”. Its true that it was modernized and since 2011 a massive plan to develop it even further has been undertaken (and sped up due to Russia invasion of Ukraine), and this has forced Russia to change its war plans so that now in order to win, they have to drop at least one nuclear bomb on Warsaw (see Zapad trainings), but this does not mean much. Poland is as defensless as any other country in this region, since ir does not have good anti air and anti rocket defense. What is more its forces are not profiled to defend the borders, but rather aid military interventions of NATO and US, and they are simply too small and easy to counter. Right now in all countries of the region-Baltics and Poland included, there are talks about changing that and creating territorial defense build out of civillians equipped with modern weaponry in similar fashion to Switzerland.

  3. Avatar W8post says:

    This is a President with BALLS, unlike some others who, for natural reasons, have them…Merkel couldn’t give a rats’ ace [I know…], and neither does Hollande, what could happen to Lithuania and/or the other Baltic States. Italy, and now Greece, are into Puto’s behind softening on gas deliveries. (Italy is already loading gas tankers in the Crimea) Where is the European Union? With EMPHASIS on UNION!! Lithuania (and Poland) can’t do it alone/on their own. And ‘thank you’ Slovakia for support!

  4. Avatar Jens A says:

    First she gets hold of the economy of her country and now she sums up what all of Europe aught to think, say and act. She is brilliant president and I hope she will get much more influence in the EU!

  5. Avatar Kruton says:

    Merkel looks and acts like an old bag.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Would have been interesting to visit east germany. Huge manly sort of females with roid rage and tiny, feminine little russian kgb agents.

  6. Avatar Werner Juretzko says:


    Subject: Gorbachows note

    “The Americans promised that NATO wouldn’t move beyond the boundaries of Germany after the Cold War but now half of central and eastern Europe are members, so what happened to their promises? It shows they cannot be trusted.”

    former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.[1

    1. Avatar DejaVu says:

      Sounds like Russian Sympathizer or Russian troll talk. Honestly what ever happened to the promises made with the Budapest Memorandum. NATO expansion happened after the Budapest Memorandum many years later.

      1. Avatar Werner Juretzko says:

        Lord Ismay, NATO’s First Secretary General stated, NATO – The North Atlantic Treaty Organizations- purpose and objective to be:
        “To keep the Americans in, the Germans down and the Russians out”.
        With the 1992 dissolution of the Soviet Union, this objective had been successfully accomplished.

        1. Avatar DejaVu says:

          Flagged and reported Russian sympathizer/troll.

        2. Avatar Brent says:

          Guess what Werner, if Russia could get along with its neighbors and stop stealing their land and meddling in their internal affairs, maybe so many of them wouldn’t be running to NATO for protection.

          Instead Russia blames NATO expansion, ‘useful idiots’ like yourself trumpet their cause and refuse to recognize Russia’s own behavior is the reason NATO expands. It’s really tiring to hear such whining out of Russia about how no one respects them and looks at them as the “Wannabe” World Power. Countries like people, EARN respect and should not demand it.

          1. Avatar Kornelije Kovac says:

            So, it’s your wife’s fault for beating her? The damn bitch couldn’t kept her mouth shut?

          2. Avatar DejaVu says:

            Go troll somewhere else sympathizer. You’re not welcome here. You win a Darwin award.

      2. Avatar Kornelije Kovac says:

        Sounds like nazi, that approves aggression if it’s pointed eastward.

  7. Avatar Terence Patrick Mac Dougall says:

    This lady is absolutely correct. If we do not implement the Budapest
    Memorandum, treaties will mean nothing and the world will become a very dangerous
    place. If we betray Ukraine we betray ourselves. Putin will not stop. He is
    winning and these pathetic talks are gaining him more and more territory. Putin
    is laughing at the German and French prime ministers. They cannot delude
    themselves any longer. Putin’s ambitions will not stop with Ukraine. We must
    give every assistance to Ukraine

    1. Avatar Kornelije Kovac says:

      LoL, hope Russians get every assistance to Minnesota, that would try to depart USA, so that you’d know what you’re talking about.

      1. Avatar Richard Hoover says:


      2. Avatar Murf says:

        They are welcome to try but I don’t think it will work out well for them.

  8. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Dalia….a courageous and brilliant leader. If we had more of them Putin never would have started this war in Ukraine, or in Georgia or in Chechynia. Bless all those people that have and are suffering under Putin’s rath. May he burn soon.

  9. Avatar Kornelije Kovac says:

    I hope you will be next. You’ve been serving nazi interest too eagerly.