Ukrainian students ask their Russian counterparts to not believe propaganda


Article by: Alya Shandra

Ukrainian students have addressed students of Russian universities and urged them to not believe Russian propaganda about events in the Donbas and to acknowledge that both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are dying in Ukraine’s East.

They underscored that it is up to the youth to build the futures of both countries and what that future will be like depends fully on them.

The Russian state-held media is notorious for its untrue coverage of events in Ukraine, with facts being manipulated and myths being created. It has been noted by many analysts that the purpose of the propaganda is to create hatred for the Ukrainians among Russians and support for Putin’s invasion. The purpose of the myths of “fascists in Ukraine,” “banderites,” “Ukrainian nationalists” are to make Russians believe in a vilified image of Ukrainians, to remove all compassion towards a nation once called brotherly, and to morally facilitate killing Ukrainians defending their land from a foreign invasion. The students also mention the EU and USA defending their values, referring to a widespread Russian myth explaining Western sanctions applied to Russia as part of an ongoing war against the former superstate.

Translated by: Svitlana Gusak
Edited by: Alya Shandra

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  • Brent

    Good on these students. Maybe the youth of tomorrow will be smarter than the Soviets of yesterday and the neo-Soviets of today.

    • StumpedNoMore2

      I hope so too because Putin is controlling all the narrative there. Brent, they shut down almost all of the comment sections now. Kyiv Post is out and Bloomberg is out. I hope this one stay this way here.

      • Brent

        I noticed Kyiv Post had shut down their comments. Sad to see as I felt it was a unifying force or community for like minded individuals to share ideas and knowledge about what is going on in Ukraine. I learned a lot from many sources, even the pro-Russians, believe it or not! Not saying it was all good, but it really opened my eyes as to how indoctrinated some ‘trolls’ have become for their ’cause’ whether it be financially or ideologically driven.

        Yes, the ‘trolls’ could be annoying and their comments could be downright ridiculous, but I think the benefits of being able to debate with them, and point out facts they clearly were not getting in Russia, is better than the idea of shutting down comments sections for reasons of civility.

        I think any news site may have to rethink this strategy because if will definitely drive away some ‘hits’ to their sites, and we all know how important readership is to any type of media sites.

        • StumpedNoMore2

          I think for Bloomberg it was getting to a point of no return on there with comments getting out of hand. As a subscription news organization, I can see why Bloomberg did it because of their subscribers.

          I think half of the trolls were Western and some were from Russia itself. I was almost under the impression that there were Russian implants that were sympathizing with the Russian clause. There could also be spies as well as they have caught a couple in NYC. Furthermore, I’ve asked a troll that was posting scripts on Bloomberg and he told me he was not Russian. I’ve tested him on a couple of Russian words :) and he didn’t replied back at all. The guy is either a Uzbek, Kazakh, or another nationality working in Russia. It could also be that the Kremlin outsourced some of their propaganda apparatus.

          What have I learned about the Russian after debating with them? When you peeled that facade out, you get a different person underneath. The roaring bear is big but underneath it is an insecured and scared bear. It is probably due to the influences of Marxist ideology for almost 100 years. Likewise, I hope there are smart Russians in Russia that will break this vicious cycle of their.

  • Dirk Smith

    This is a great response to Sputnik.

  • Matthew Farnham

    Where’s the video?

    • Maxxus

      UP TOP..

      Slava Ukrayna..the youth are thr future..the whole world’s people support you..

  • Walter

    Ukrainian students asking Russians not to believe propaganda…..sounds like…propaganda!

    • Maxxus

      Why you here..if you listen (or read subtitles) they are not saying negative …only reaching out to youths of Russia…the future of Russia are the youths..not older ex-soviet apparatchik…
      a new mind for the future and forget about the old days…
      that is a problem where the older generation are a dog…to accept a daily standard..
      The only way Russia will evolve out of the cave if the young generation of good Russians open their eyes and take the same courage the Ukrainians eyes to reality….new opportunities…
      Slava Ukrayna

      • Walter