Protest at Royal Albert Hall against Putin’s propagandists and terrorist-backers Kobzon and Valeria


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Today, Tuesday, 21 October: More than 100 campaigners protested outside the Royal Albert Hall ahead of a performance by singers Alla Perfilova (“Valeriya”) and Iosif Kobzon – backers of Putin’s criminal regime and supporters of the Russian military invasion in Ukraine. 

Ahead of tonight’s protest a Letter had been sent by London Euromaidan activists to the CEO of the Royal Albert Hall, Chris Cotton, urging for cancellation of the concert. Mr Cotton replied stating that “The Royal Albert Hall is hosting these events on purely artistic grounds based on the international artistic reputation of Valeriya and her special guests. We are not and would never be doing so on the basis of her or any other artist’s personal or political views or nationality.”

Although the concert went ahead as scheduled, the protesters cheered on the news that, at last minute, the cancellation of the UK visit by Iosif Kobzon; he allegedly was afraid of being denied entry into the country by the UK Border Agency.

Protesters chanted: “Bloody voices out of London”; “Putin’s puppets out of Lonfon”; “Valeria, Go home”; “Royal Albert Hall – Shame on you.”


  • The Ukrainian community formed a group called London EuroMaidan who have been one of the most vocal and visible diaspora communities throughout the events, holding continuous protests since November 2013.
  • London Euromaidan continues its fundraising campaign for the benefit of the victims of the war in Ukraine. Volunteers are working every day at the donations collection point at 154 Holland Park Ave W11 4UH. More details:
  • Worldwide #boycottrussian campaign was launched to support Ukraine by isolating Russia economically
  • Euromaidan London website:
  • Twitter @londonmaidan
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  • Brent

    These Russian artists, athletes and performers need to understand that if you want to back the blood soaked terrorists sponsoring regime of Putin, don’t come to the West looking for support for your performances. Stay in your glorious ‘motherland’ and keep hating the West and our ways and we’ll happily support performers, athletes and artists who will stand up to terrorism, kidnapping, extortion and murder by their government and support a civilized society.

    FIFA and FINA need to also understand if they wish to hold world championships on the soil of the sponsors of state terrorism, they and their sponsors will suffer boycotts.

    • Don Casavant

      Great Post! I hope the “world” responds as needed.

    • Bret Donald

      Iraq Part 2 – Who is responsible ?
      Who created ISIS…?
      Who is responsible for the mess in Libya…?
      10+ year of Afghanistan mess…. who is is responsible…?

      Lets say Russia goes to Mexico and funding those cartels against US…. how will Americans feel….?
      Its an obvious reaction from Russia if you start playing outside their borders…..
      Due to this now our tax payers money is going to Ukraine to solve their shit and clear their mess…. Why shall we tolerate your nonsense of your country…!

  • Michel Cloarec

    It is the right way to do, Everybody against this awfull regim need support from the world civilized people.

  • Bret Donald

    The Website says there more than 100 campaigners… I was there at the scene and I saw it was less than 20 protesters…. By reading your 1st line I am in a question to myself… Can your website be trusted. I have also seen a nationalist party flag there too… now leaves with another question… is this being funded by Keiv again as a propaganda war…? Sham to both the parties….. Let music sing the language of peace and stop all your east european political nonsense in the UK

    • Brent

      “let music sing the language of peace”…yes, Skippy, i agree. The protests were about these performers WHO OPENLY support Putin, his Kremlin imperialistic policies, his support of the terrorists he has sent into Ukraine. Why should these performers come to the ‘evil’ West to perform for money when they support someone who hates the West so much?

      You also claim about a ‘nationalistic flag’ being present. Do you also hate the 25% of French that support the Nationalistic Marie Le Pen? The many of your fellow Brits who support UKIP? The many Dutch who support Geert Wilders Freedom Party? Golden Dawn in Greece? Isn’t Putin’s invasion of Ukraine based on the supposed theory of “protecting Russian speakers” and recreating some fabled “Novorossiya” that never really existed as he claims? Aren’t these ‘Nationalistic policies’??? AND YOU’RE COMPLAINING ABOUT SEEING ONE ‘UKRAINIAN NATIONALIST PARTY FLAG’???

      As you said. “let the music sing the languaqe of peace”. These performers do not support peace. They support a Russian regime that is determined to destroy its neighbor and Putin refuses to acknowledge Ukrainians are anything more than ‘little Russians’, which they clearly are not. Why should we support these performers then?

      if you don’t trust this website, why are you following its stories? Is this where your Kremlin handler assigned you to?

      • Bret Donald

        Kremlin handler…. Mate you have some issues calling me this, do not get personal, this is a democratic country and I have my voice else I wont be hesitant to call you Bandera spokesman

        Iraq Part 2 – Who is responsible ?
        Who created ISIS…?
        Who is responsible for the mess in Libya…?
        10+ year of Afghanistan mess…. who is is responsible…?


        Many More…. West is not Saint either. I believe there should be balance of power…. Power in one hand make a person run like mad dog.

        By the way who fueled Ukraine Crises ….? We all know that. And why should our Tax money go behind clearing Ukraine Shit.

        • Brent

          Let me answer some of your comments and questions
          1) “why shall we tolerate the nonsense of your country”…just so you know, I am not from the U.S. I don’t hate the U.S., as you seem to. I respect the fact they have saved many countries from dictators bent on killing their own people, and their neighbors. Yes, that includes Saddam Hussein who attacked an independent and free Kuwait as he called it a province of Iraq (similar to Putin’s thinking on Ukraine…) and also gassed Kurds.
          >You also seem to forget that Hitler wanted to castrate all British males and make the women breed with Aryans. Your grandpappy could have been “Dieter” if not for the U.S. and other Allied countries saving Europe

          2) Interesting how you blame the U.S. for every Middle East hot spot in your posts. i disagree.
          >Syria. Backed by Russia and Putin who supply them with the weapons they used to attack their own citizens. The U.S. had no involvement in starting that war
          >Libya. Again, this started as an internal civil war. The U.S. joined many European countries in bombing Qadafi who was attacking his own citizens.
          >Egypt. Again, these is another internal civil conflict between the military leadership, Muslim fanatics like the Muslim Brotherhood that EVEN MANY EGYPTIANS realized were a mistake to be in power
          >Afghanistan. You claim this is a 10+ year mess because of the U.S. Did you forget that Russia invaded it in 1989 on the pretense of wanting to have territory close to the Indian Ocean? What aid did Russia leave behind? None
          Compare that to the reason the U.S. and NATO sent troops into Afghanistan. The U.S. was attacked by Al Qaeda on September 11th of 2001, who were based in Afghanstan and backed by the Taliban government. Seems to be a different reason than why Russia invaded. I also think the U.S. and many member nations left Afghanistan a much better place. Girls are now allowed to go to school. Many wells and dams and infrastructure were created and left behind. Russia left it’s destroyed military hardware after its invasion of Afghanistan, not schools and infrastructure. Does Afghanistan still have issues? Absolutely. What country doesn’t? But young girls are no longer banned from school, and they no have a democracy and can elect their own government.

          3) Iraq part 2>I never supported W. Bush and his invasion of Iraq. Personally, I think he was attempting to fix what his daddy didn’t after the first Gulf War when he refused to go to Baghdad. That would have ended Saddam Hussein’s reign of terror in the 1990’s and possibly saved the many thousands of Kurds he used nerve gas against in the late 90’s. The whole ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was fabricated nonsense and the U.S. is still paying the price for that stupidity in the eyes of the world, but typically they have to act as the world’s policeman to stop aggressive tyrants who are killing their own people. Without their involvement, we would have many more nut jobs running countries and killing their own and their neighbor’s people.

          4) Bandera spokesman. Why do the Kremlin and their supporters still live in fear of Stepan Bandera? He was assassinated by the KGB over 60 years ago. Yes, he tried to ally with Nazi Germany, but wanted an independent Ukraine. He was not some monster, and in fact spent most of World War II in German prison camp. He’s dead. Assassinated by KGB. HE’S NO LONGER THE THREAT RUSSIA MAKES HIM OUT TO BE.
          >DON’T FORGET THE SOVIET UNION WAS ALSO ALLIED WITH NAZI GERMANY AT THE START OF WORLD WAR II WHEN THEY AGREED TO CARVE UP POLAND. Do Russians and their stooges on the internet fear that as much as they fear the ghost of Bandera???

          5) “why should our tax money go to clearing Ukraine shit”. What’s the matter, worried about not being able to afford the new I-Pad? I’d easily give up some of my hard earned money to support any innocent country that has been invaded illegally by its aggressive neighbor. Close to 5000 Ukrianian citizens have been murdered by Putin’s war on Ukraine.
          >the U.S. gave up a lot in World War II to be able to fund the defence of Europe. That’s what countries need to do. The economy is sometimes less important than saving human lives.

          6) Should Russia support Mexican cartel against the U.S.? Why not? Russia supports criminals and thugs they have sent into Crimea and Donbass so what difference if they support Mexican cartel? Many Mexicans might thank the U.S. for having to send troops into take out the cartel who murder thousands of innocent Mexicans. If that’s the ‘friends’ that Russia has and supports, are they the type of people you would like to see running free kidnapping, murdering and raping innocent citizens?

          You seem to think Russia has some sovereign right to decide what happens in its neighboring countries. It’s not just Ukraine that has been invaded. Look at Trandneister, Georgia, the threats against the Baltics. Those are all democratic sovereign countries like Ukraine that Russia seems to think it should control. Much like Ireland which Britain used to control, they are sovereign and should decide their own fate.

          You failed to mention the U.S., Britain and Russia also signed the Budapest Memorandum in 1994 GUARANTEEING Ukraine’s territorial integrity in return for giving up the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world. Mighty big of Ukraine. Mighty feeble of the signatories to not back their promise.

          So “mate”, there you have it. Hope that clears a few things up for you. The U.S. is not some evil empire you think it is. It’s not perfect, and no country is. it’s done way more good than bad, and has saved many more citizens than it is responsible for the deaths of. it probably saved you from being part of the Hitler Youth and goose stepping through Trafalgar Square and celebrating Uncle Adolf’s birthday.

          By the way, you do realize this was an article about a protest against Russian performers who seek money from Western audiences, yet support a terrorist sponsoring regime that is killing innocent civilians (don’t forget about the 298 victims on MH17) and hates the West, where you and I both live???

          Have a nice day, and whatever you do, don’t go join ISIS….

  • Cristian Muñoz

    There you have the answer for where is spent Gazprom’s money mainly paid by EU. Ironic.