Russians will be unable to use their iPhones starting January 1



The ‘January 1’ law also affects all Apple users who will be unable to use their iPhones and iPads.

According to Russian Internet rights spokesman Dmitry Marinichev, neither Apple nor any other company will have enough time to transfer their content to Russian territory by the beginning of 2015, Ridus writes.

“At the moment they are demanding the impossible. The tip of the icebergs of tasks is to buy servers, build or rent data centers and locate everything here. But besides this, the companies also have to replace their software, in order not to transfer personal data outside the country, which means practically all available software. It is absolutely unclear who will control all this and how. So it is impossible to do this starting January 1.”

Earlier the law was supposed to come into effect in September 2016, however State Duma members passed the amendments that stated the law would become effective on January 1, 2015.

According to the law, the ban will touch on all usual Internet services: starting with social media and ending with online shopping, as all of them send user data to servers outside of the country.

“You have a phone made by Apple, and an account with iCloud. These are your personal data which are stored in the Apple data center. According to the new law, you cannot use your iPhone starting January 1, because Apple cannot provide its services on Russian territory, as they store their personal Russian data in California,” the activist warned.

Only in case everything that has to do with cloud services is removed from the law, iOS users will be able to use their gadgets, noted Marinichev.

Translated by: Mariya Shcherbinina

Source: InfoResist

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  1. Avatar Michel Cloarec says:

    IRON CURTAIN is back !

  2. Avatar Brent says:

    Why do I have the feeling that this is what may speed up the collapse of Russian society? You can take away my European vegetables, you can lie to me about my missing son that you sent off to an illegal war, you can steal from my pension fund, you can stop me from protesting…..BUT DON’T F*CK WITH MY TECHNOLOGY!!!!

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “the collapse of Russian society”
      lol, like they’ll fall down and retrograde into something earlier than their primitive, primate colony structure? Do amoebas have societal structures?

      1. Avatar Rrrrrrr says:

        LOL right now they only use their electronics as a buffer between their Viking/Mongol knuckles and the ground.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          😀 You seem pretty knowledgeable.

          1. Avatar Rrrrrrr says:

            I’m a historian who has access to books much finer than those in the Soviet libraries!

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Isn’t this amazing to witness, putinism, the russians falling in line for his greater russia and how he is defending them from “[fill in the blank]”?

            I’ve been studying pre WWII Germany and watching russia since he started to pull away from yeltsin and run the country is an amazing thing to witness. To be able to look at the big picture from the outside in, in a warped way, is a blessing. Not too many times in history is something like this possible to witness.

          3. Avatar Chris Hyndman says:

            It’s also heartbreaking; all of the people stuck there under Putin’s rule (not because they are physically trapped there but emotionally due to families and love of their home)

          4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            It truly is sad, like looking in the eyes of a mother whose son is an alcoholic and drug addict that continually promises he’ll not do it again and things will change…..but just got caught stealing from her….again.

          5. Avatar Domizzz says:

            I am Russian, and 90% of the comments are very sad and not true. Idc what you guys were studying and your heritage, but the server transfer is done for security measures, and I think America doesn’t give a shit whos is spying or using their info, or in Africa or anywhere else in the world, no privacy no nothing. Russia is trying to avoid being “Americanized” and be like everyone else, they have they own rules and values, that’s why they stand out, and no one likes “That guy” who is not like everyone else. I see how Americans love their president, what for? for letting people ask for loans when the country is in huge debt? Allowing people win cases where a ladie puts a car into the microwave because there was no warning? selling guns but not kinder surprise? This would never be realistic in Russia.

    2. Avatar n Vader says:

      What do they have to fall back too? They are already pretty far back there…

  3. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    “It is absolutely unclear who will control all this”
    putin the chimp.

    “and how.”
    see ‘russia’ and ‘putin/kgb/russian mobsters’

  4. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    This guarantees ‘Maidan Moscow’ next spring. 🙂

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Are you sure the primitive russians can actually stand on their hind legs and become free? Throughout their history, they’ve never had the desire to be nothing but useful idiots of their slave holders and bullet stoppers for them.

      1. And the US has turned their “subjects and chattel property” towards the same mentality over the last century, bit by bit, so they didn’t realize what was happening at all…and still don’t.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          So you would like to move to moscow and be free like the russian serfs? Or china? Or vietnam?

          Please go, then report back to us at how smart and free you are, and how wealthy you are.

          1. When did I say I was moving to Moscow? Not quite sure how you perverted my words into that…but please, feel free to elucidate.

          2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            what book/product are you peddling?

          3. Well, if you don’t know, then I must not be doing very good, huh? Or maybe you’re simply refusing to admit that I’m not phased by the wilfull ignorance of others?

            You’ll learn eventually…one way or another.

          4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “You’ll learn eventually…one way or another.”
            lol… so then I too can grow up to be like you? As smart as you?
            You’re very full of yourself, but I guess if you use the goods and services of others to peddle your wares on why nothing is working and only you are smart enough to know that, and have the answer for that, that’s a good scam you have going.

            Some people make things and provide things for use, people like you just use what others have made to peddle your cheap BS to others, making them fearful and only you can provide the cheap BS “method that THEY don’t want you to know about…” lol.

            But don’t worry, people like you have been peddling snake oil to get rid of the fears you create for centuries. Heck, people have been predicting “the end” since the four horsemen were put into the bible.
            You’re just making money off it.

  5. Avatar JJ says:

    Question is: Can iphone, ipad, iMac and other Mac etc products be blocked by Russian government or would it be the case that it’s up to the service provider to say that they will not be able to offer product to a Russian address? Or is it up to the consumer to obey the law?

    In latter two cases, only the former would have any impact if at all as there are numerous possibilities to bypass address and use a non-Russian one.

    As for the consumer obeying a draconian law, I doubt that. Personally I wouldn’t.

  6. Avatar Gojiro says:

    Let’s see. Will Apple focus on expanding it’s services to 400 million middle class Chinese or spend hundreds of millions to follow Russian dictates and build servers for Putin that will serve 30 million out of 140 million Russians?

    Russia’s just proving that it’s not a good place to invest your money.

    1. The first half of your statement was basic common sense…but that last statement was borne of an absolute lack of understanding either what has been going on in the world since December 23rd, 1913, or what “money” is.

      Since the US dollar has only lost 99.9% of it’s value (technically, 100% of it was lost in 1971, when Nixon took the US–and the rest of the planet–off of the gold standard…we just “chose to keep using it out of sheer ignorance and “belief” that nothing changed by unpegging the dollar from reality itself) since the creation of the (NOT) federal (NO) reserve(s), and is in the final stages of crashing the entire planet’s economy due to 101 years of fiat currency fraud somehow translates in your mind as meaning the states is a GOOD place to invest your fiat debt notes?

      You might be better off investing in a bag of LEGO blocks for construction materials as to think that anyone with any knowledge whatsoever is going to have ANYTHING in US control a year from now…

      1. Avatar Gojiro says:

        So the $453 billion American Dollars Russia has in it’s reserve fund are utterly and completely worthless. Good to know the Roosians are that stoopids.

        That’s why I’m using my iPhone 6 to take care of all my banking needs and making payments at shops. No need for cash anymore just an agreed upon standard for the American Dollar. It’s a sophisticated form of bartering that dispenses with having to carry chickens to the doctor. Gold is gone. Replaced by binary code and American Banks in New York City own the code.

        1. To answer your question, yes. The US dollar is completely devoid of any actual value as it sits today.

          Thum thar Rooskeez ain’t sah dum, neidder…they KNOW that their US investments are going to ZERO in the near future. So does China. So does Germany.

          You’ll learn, or you’ll suffer. Your call.

          1. Avatar Murf says:

            The dollar is worth what you think it is.
            Unfortunately for Russia the world thinks it is worth 41 times what the Ruble is worth and dropping.
            I guess that means the Ruble is worth what in your theory?

          2. Almost. The dollar is “of any value until and as long as people BELIEVE it has any value.”

            It hasn’t been backed by ANYTHING since 1971. You really need to learn your history.

            You also need to learn a little about the last few years, as China, Russia and India have been buying and importing and hoarding gold by the MEGATON lately.

            You see, unlike the US, Canada and Europe, THEY have been paying attention to what the US has done to the world’s economy.

            Again: LEARN while you still have an infinitesimally small, and shrinking, window to wake up to reality.


          3. Avatar Brent says:

            Hey “chicken little”, by the time your doomsaying prophecies come true, we’re all going to be “dust to dust”.

            The saddest thing about the “U.S. haters” like yourself that are out there in the blogosphere is that you fail to realize the U.S. has saved your worthless ass many times from tyrannical leaders and zealots who really want to zombify you into the quivering mass of mindless jelly you accuse others of being. You’d either be goose-stepping your way down “Hitler Boulevard”, or rotting in the bottom of some mass grave if not for U.S. intervention to give you the rights and freedoms you take for granted

            Seriously dude, get out of your mother’s basement and get some fresh air because I think that foot fungus you’ve been neglecting to take care of may be rotting your cranium….

          4. You said it. I must hate the US. Do you know where the nearest turban shop is? I’ll start growing out my beard immediately.

            The US hasn’t saved ANYTHING. Just as a few tens of millions of dead people all over the planet “what good the US has done for them this week.”

            You’ll learn. Not today, obviously, but you’ll learn.

          5. Avatar Murf says:

            I think that’s what I said. But if you feel the need to repeat me, be my guest.
            If YOU think it’s worth Zero, then to you it worth Zero. Don’t do any commerce using dollars. why should YOU? it’s just paper.
            Yea…good luck with that.
            The rest of the world, who have to out their money where their mouth is, tends to differ with your analysis. But I guess you know more than the rest of the world.

          6. Avatar Murf says:

            Yes they have been bidding up the price of gold for years.
            Now the oil market is in a glut and the price of oil is dropping like a rock. The benchmark Brent crude is now 88 DPB as of Friday. Down from a record high 134 DPB (funny how they use a supposedly worthless currency as the international standard. I wonder why?)
            When the cost of energy goes down the manufacturing economies improve. Not so much for the energy producers. The cool thing about the US economy it’s both.
            Guess what happens to the price of gold?
            That’s right scooter, it goes down also. Gold is viewed as a hedge against economic trouble. No economic trouble no need for gold.
            Now these so called smart countries are holding gold that they bought for 1200 Dollars and ounce (it’s peak price) and the price is falling.
            So what do they do?
            Start unloading it. Which makes the price drop even faster. The price of gold has been dropping for weeks now. It will probably bottom out at 800 but that’s just a guess.
            You should pay attention to how changes in technology affect the economy such as computers and fracking. Instead of internet propaganda about BRICs.
            It’s been easy to see this coming for over a year.
            I majored in Economics for a time in collage and i have watched this scenario play out about five times in the last thirty years.

          7. Since you’ve studied economics, you know that most countries have been using their “US dollar reserves” to pay for their gold, those dollars will be returning eventually, causing a rise in the velocity of currency flow, and corresponding inflation. It’s called “dumping the dollar.”

            Interestingly enough, you actually seem to know a good chunk of the answer:

            “You should pay attention to how changes in technology affect the economy
            such as computers and fracking. Instead of internet propaganda about

            Of course, this assumes that I have never looked at what I’ve looked at, and has nothing to do with why I do NOT own gold. None. Not yet, anyway, as I see no need for it at this point. (And it’s too expensive.)

            I’ve also watched the scenario play out repeatedly since the late 60’s, which is why I gave several date references which, would they have been looked at by anyone “who knows better than reality”, they could have learned something.

          8. Avatar Murf says:

            “eventually” is the operative word here chief. The dollar is going up in value as the US is one of the few growing economies and and gold is going down.
            Sorry if that conflicts with your “death of the Dollar” fantasy but well, there it is.
            Also oil exporting sanctions on Iran are being eased so the price will continue to fall.
            Good times ahead except for countries that are dependant on oil over 100 DPB (there is that pesky dollar again)

          9. It IS worth zero. It is merely “accepted as though it had value.”

            When “acceptance based on belief” wanes, its true value will be realized. Until then, “perception of value” continues, unti the second that perception is pushed aside by reality.

            And no, I haven’t had a US dollar in my pocket since 2008, as I’ve had no need to.

            Of course, You know more than the rest of the world, because you know they’re dong things they’re not doing, and doing the exact opposite of what they’re actually doing.

          10. Avatar Murf says:

            Where I come from we say amen when we finish praying.
            Which is what that sounded like.
            Well you keep praying guy, maybe one day it will come true.
            But not to day.

          11. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Excellent post. “currency” is nothing but a means of trade and it has to have an agreed upon value.
            russia is trash, a cesspool. The market has spoken.

          12. Avatar Murf says:

            That’s what happens when you squander 200 billion (or 10% of GDP) in one year. Sochi cost 80 Billion and Ukraine has cost 100 billion in capital flight alone.
            That and you antagonize your biggest trading partners with your oil export economy just as a oil glut is hitting the market.
            Yea, Putin’s a fricking genius.

          13. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            One of the interesting things with dictators is they become prisoners of themselves as people become afraid to disagree with them/their worldview/desires. And as they do stupid stuff, stupidier explanations/things have to be done to make the prior stupidity seem valid. That’s the downward, cyclical plunge.

            So baghdad bob was probably given bad information out of fear.
            Or he was lying out of fear.
            Probably both.

            I think putin the chimp put the olympics in sochi because of the future recreational development russia has planned there, a way to get good PR so suckers can invest money in it–which the russian apes will steal about 50% of off the top.


          14. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “The US dollar is completely devoid of any actual value as it sits today.”
            Please put all your useless, valueless dollars into a box and I’ll issue a UPS call tag and pick them up. I can send you some rocks, dried fish, fur pelts, etc.
            Lemme know…..

          15. I think I’ve still got a few rolls of US pennies. That’s it. International shipping & insurance will cost about $45.00 US.

            And you WILL want insurance…since you “believe” that fiat currency (read: DEBT) is “money”, and you also “believe” that a year from now, it will retain any “perceived value” even when they start up “QE4”.

            I bet you even “believe” that the more they print, the more it gains value, as well?

            No matter…I already know the exact point at which you will finally take more than two seconds to actually think about what information you’ve been given freely, for decades, and chosen to ignore:

            The very second it’s TOO LATE.

          16. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “information you’ve been given freely, for decades, and chosen to ignore”

            So it’s been known for decades what will happen, and it’s still not happened? Since the early 1900s? One would think that after almost a century of it going to happen, it would have.

            FWIW, I do believe the politicans/crooks in the USA government will crash this economy….but, right now, the USA is the best bet out there. Why else would your chinese be buying up so much of the USA’s businesses, real estate, etc.?

            We may not be ideal, but we’re the best thing out there at present and have been for a very long time, some would argue, since our founding.

            Are you living the good life in china yet?

          17. Actually, the plan was known by a few since December 23rd, 1913. Just because you weren’t taught, you didn’t care, and you still refuse to learn is neither my fault, nor my concern.

            Since you don’t know anything (fairly obviously) about the last century’s fiat currency fraud, you also don’t know about the 1920’s, 1963, 1971, 1980, 1987, or 2007. But like you say…”if it was going to happen, it would have.” (sigh…)

            As for your claims of ultimate superiority, or rather, “well, its better than other things that I don’t know about”, they’re ALL based on the US dollar, except for Iceland. ALL of those economies ARE going to take a MAJOR hit, and in the VERY near future.

            The first ones who are GOING to rise up out of what’s coming will be India, China and Russia.

            The ones who are going to suffer the worst are the ones who caused it: The US and European bankers.

            *Why do you involuntarily insinuate that someone else acknowledging reality means they’ve moved to another country? Are YOU a politician, by any chance?

          18. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “the plan was known by a few since December 23rd, 1913.”

            Wow, so “they” are then at least 120 years old and pulling the levers that will finally crash everything? You’d think that instead of constantly plotting and planning, warning of it, they’d just have done it so “they” could have taken advantage of “it” (whatever “it” is) while they were still under 100 years old.

            “the ones who caused it: The US and European bankers.”

            So The Great Depression then was part of the “bankers” plan?
            And in 1913 they planned the rise of the mutant bloshevik apes in russia and china?

            For being so omnipotent, “they” sure have taken their time and dragged all of this out until they’re too old to do anything with all their, whatever they want to do with whatever “it” is.

          19. For someone who says so many words, you’ve completely ignored even looking up what happened on the dates mentioned.

            You see, in your infinitely superior mindset of wilfull ignorance, you’ve already been given the answers that you refuse to accept, based entirely on your own wilfull ignorance.

            The longer you attempt to avoid acknowledging objective reality in favour of attempting to insult someone who has actually provided you with all the information yo need to WAKE UP AND DO SOMETHING TO SAVE YOUR OWN ASS, the less the chance that you will do anything in tome to protect your own interests.

            Personally, I think if you want to suffer, that entirely up to you, and I wish you luck.

            As to “the self-annointed elite”, they don’t think in the same terms as limited, short-term thinkers such as yourself. They think “BIG PICTURE.” They think “LONG TERM.” You, unfortunately, are clearly incapable of this type of thought, so, despite being given all the basic information so that you COULD make yourself aware, rather than educate and protect yourself, you choose to attempt to attack someone who has already given you the tools to protect yourself…which you, in your infinitely superior mindset, refuse to acknowledge.

            You refuse to understand history. You refuse to understand the present. You refuse to accept reality. But you WILL learn.

            You just won’t learn it in time to do anything for the benefit of your own long-term interests, choosing instead, temporary and false ego security, which, sadly, anyone who sees this exchange a year from now will clearly know who was right, and who was spending their time waving their digital dick in the binary air…and actually doing more harm to their own future than to anyone else’s.

            You have access to all of the information which confirms that there is a global fiat currency crash IN PROGRESS. You CHOOSE to ignore it.

            You have access to all of the information which confirms that there are more “economic bubbles” around the world getting ready to pop than ever before in human history. You CHOOSE to ignore it.

            Maybe this will make you feel more secure in your egocentric belief system: You’re right. Go watch “The Game.” Nothing to worry about. History NEVER repeats itself just because we CHOOSE to ignore it over and over and over again. Politicians always tell the truth. Bankers are REALLY trying to help YOU get ahead.

            Again…good luck with that.

          20. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            “your infinitely superior mindset”
            Why do you keep bringing up relativity? Do you have some unresolved issues that you’re working out or something?

            What makes you think I am unaware of things? Because I don’t agree with all of what you say? I’ve seen the US govt problems coming since the latter 80s. If you look at demographics and technology, it would be hard to deny our present situation be anything but. And both of those have been and are driving changes in other countries also.

            A large, probably the largest part of your problem is you make a huge set of assumptions, then act upon them as if not only are they real, but that they are the only valid ones out there, thus yours is the only valid, legitimate position, exclusive of all others.

            And if this won’t happen for a few more decades, I’ll probably be dead by then anyway.

          21. You are unaware because you choose to attack and insult, rather than offer information which proves your points.

            If you only started seeing problems in the late 80’s, you really need to look further back. in 1980, there was an opportunity to have COMPLETELY AVOIDED what is happening today, but due to people who refused to see what was right in front of their faces, it wasn’t fixed. Deliberately.

            I also never said that the problem wouldn’t arise for a few more decades. I said that you’ll eventually see it, probably not for a few more decades.

            But you know more than I. You’ve repeatedly said so, in fact. No evidence of it, but you know it, and that’s more important than reality.

          22. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            are you just some multi-level-marketing spammer?

            Are you the “they” that mlm scammers always refer to as “the secrets THEY don’t want you to know….so buy my product/method”?

          23. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself after you lose everything because you refused to see the truth for what it is when you still had a chance.

          24. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

            Shouldn’t you have directed me to some MLM shyster website where I then buy your ‘secret’ or ‘method’?

            Are you selling your book here too?

          25. Avatar Rrrrrrr says:

            You must be the pig who thinks he is more equal than others.

    2. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “Russia’s just proving that it’s not a good place to invest your money.”

      Corrupt cesspools never are. And since putin and his millionaire mobsters have taken over the cesspool called russia, more and more businesses have been leaving russia as russia in the end, is just russia, full of russians and not worth the risk to humans.

  7. Even though storing your data in the least secure country on the planet, (as far as personal information security and privacy goes, (google NSA, for starters) is quite possibly as bad as storing your fiat currency that you “believe is money” there…people will use the protection of the Russian people’s privacy from foreign government spying as a bad thing.

    Obviously, the people who think that live in the states, as the other 7.2 BILLION people on the planet do NOT think that one of the most crooked government/corporations/banks (there is no difference in the states any more) is “best qualified to safeguard the entire planet’s personal information.”

    Luckily, in a very short time, the rest of the world will be taking care of their own information, as well as their own economies, once the dollar crashes. HARD.

    It will be a lesson we won’t forget for the next few centuries.

    PS: Learn to speak &/or read Mandarin.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      “PS: Learn to speak &/or read Mandarin”

      Why? English is the language of commerce, medicine and science/technology.
      Would learning a dialect of chinese help us be a machine operator over there or a ditch digger?

      1. Actually, since the US government owes China about three trillion dollars that doesn’t exist, when it comes time to repay that debt–and this time is rapidly approaching–they’re going to have to give them something in order to avert a war.

        If they don’t go to war, whatever they give to the Chinese to pay off their gambling debts (which is all that fiat currency games really are) those areas or businesses will be run by–and I think you can follow the rather simple logic, here-Chinese owners. The most prevalent dialect in China is Mandarin.

        Really, it’s fairly simple to follow that, if the new owners speak Mandarin, it might be a good idea to learn Mandarin if you want a job once they start taking things over. After all, the next global financial superpower will be China…no matter how many ‘Merkunz continue to choose to refuse to accept this reality.

        So, to more directly answer your question: No. You don’t have to “move over there.” They’ll be coming here. (30 seconds worth of googling would show you how many MAJOR corporations and properties are already owned by the Chinese…but you’re not interested in “those pesky facts which don’t entirely support your preconceptions and mistaken beliefs”…so you’ll continue to revel in your ignorance, believing that you’re winning an argument that you’re plainly losing due to your absolute refusal to even look into anything being said by anyone who’s actually done decades of research into the subject at hand.)

        Give it a couple years…or maybe a couple decades before you have no other option but to accept reality, but you’ll see it eventually.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          So because the US govt owes china bond payments and cannot pay it, we’ll go to war? Or they will? You can’t really believe that can you?
          But continuing along your lines of logic, in order to avert this war over debt, chinese will be brought into our country, our bosses fired and our new bosses will be chinese speaking chinese?
          So all the civil servant positions will be headed by imported chinese?
          And private sectors companies will also be owned by imported chinese?

          Do you do medical reefer a lot?

          “Give it a couple years…or maybe a couple decades ”

          So this grand plot by “they” that has been going on for about a century still won’t happen for another “couple of decades”?

          “They” really should hire other people to run their grand plot because they really s*ck at it, plan plan plan plan and for over 100 years, never do anything…. I’d fire them.

  8. Avatar Jacob Schønberg says:

    I hope we will see this law implemented on 1 jan 2015. Because that would send the Russian people on the streets! The people in Russia need to understand they are a part of the modern world. They can not be independent without sacrificing very much. I see the oilprice go down and soon this will hurt Russia so much they will react on it.

  9. Avatar Kevin Andrews says:

    The title is a little misleading. Russians will still be able to use their iPhones. As paperweights. Smart move . . . going after the tech-minded and younger people. That’s gonna work out really well. (sarcasm throughout)

  10. Avatar Alexei says:

    God Bless Russia!

  11. Avatar Jade Heart says:

    Did anyone realise this is fake?nope?fine

  12. Avatar Phil Aylward says:

    pretty Duma

  13. Avatar Kirk Huffman says:

    The Putin administration. Proudly leading Russia into the 18th Century.