Putin threatening to invade Poland, Romania, and Baltics, says Poroshenko


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Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to expand his invasion to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Romania, the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung reports.

According to the newspaper, Putin made this statement during a conversation with his Ukrainian counterpart Petro Poroshenko, who in turn, relayed his words to European Commission (EC) President Jose Manuel Barroso, during the latter’s visit to Kyiv last Friday (12 September), in which Poroshenko briefed the EU chief on threats.

“If I want, Russian troops in two days could not only be in Kyiv, but also Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw and Bucharest,” the German newspaper cites Putin’s quote. All of these countries are either former Soviet states or members of the Warsaw Pact eastern bloc. Moscow’s army occupied Poland from 1939–1956, the Baltic states from 1940–1991, and Romania from 1944–1958.

Putin has not hitherto publicly threatened NATO and EU with military force. However, a telephone conversation between Barroso and Putin has reached the public domain, in which the latter apparently said: “If I wanted, I could take Kyiv within two weeks.” Barroso briefed EU heads of state and government leaders on the phone conversation at their summit at the end of August. Afterwards, the Kremlin reacted by criticizing Barroso for having reported the content of a private phone conversation.

In addition, according to source, Putin warned the Ukrainian president “not to place undue reliance on the EU” since if he wished, Putin could use his influence to block decisions at the European Council through a “blocking minority.” Several EU countries have so far been reluctant to impose additional economic sanctions against Russia, calling on the EU to temporize before agreeing to a second round of them. Such decisions require unanimity, and countries such as Slovakia, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Cyprus have agreed to the sanctions only reluctantly.

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Source: Süddeutsche Zeitung

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  1. Avatar Kruton says:


    1. Jim Jim says:

      Are you familiar with Alexandr Dugin? He has formulated the goals of the Russian Federation, and written them down for all the world to see:

      It is the goal of full Eurasianism – Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. Great Eurasian Continental Empire. And we will build it. This means European Revolution will be Eurasian Revolution. This is our last horizon. And each of our successful step (from maintaining the integrity of Russia in the face of Chechen separatism in the 2000s to the liberation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia in August 2008 and until now the Crimea in March 2014) – it is a step towards the European Revolution. Which will be carried out by the Man of Destiny.


      I’ll give you one guess whom he thinks is the “Man of Destiny”….

      1. Avatar Murf says:

        “Man if Destiny”
        Why does that sound like “Triumph of the Will”?

  2. Avatar pieta says:

    Let him try to invade Poland. He dosen’t have enough rockets (excluding nukes, but even Putin wouldn’t use them, cuz MAD). His fleet would be sunk by polish costal batteries using NSM. His Grads and artilery would only make one salva. Polish system “Topaz” can detect and respond to artilery fire in mere seconds, destroying enemy units, before their fire hit the ground. Their tanks are outclassed by polish leopards and even by older PT-91 “Twardy” tanks. Polish infantry have KTO Rosomak (polish version of IFV Patria; proven in Afghanistan). Polish profesional armed forces would wipe out conscript-based russian army. On polish ground every village would be hellhole for them. Just like in 1920. In air, polish f16 would kill evrything Russia could deploy. Poland would get heavy losses, but russian army would be decimated. And I don’t even consider the fact, that Russia could only deploy like 15-20% of all forces for invasion (big country, surrunded by enemies, need to guard all it’s borders). Poland would throw everything it has (including half milion of reservists). Russia deafeted Chechenya, cuz they didn’t had any army. They deafeted Georgia, cuz it was a small state. They are kicking Ukraine in the butt, cuz former ukrainian leaders let their army to rot. Russian don’t know the difference in fighting NATO members and former soviet republics. You cannot win by swarming your enemies.

    1. Jim Jim says:

      Meant to post here:

      Russia rehearsed the invasion and occupation of the Baltic states in the Zapad-09 military exercise which concluded with a simulated nuclear strike on Warsaw.

      1. Avatar pieta says:

        Yeah, they can defeat Poland only by nuclear strike. But Warsaw, even though the center of Poland is not all of the country has to offer. It would disrupt the command and state as whole, but poles proven many times before that they can operate without central command. Without nukes, russian would be repeled faster than in 1920.

        On the other hand, take down Moscow and all FR is down.

        1. Jim Jim says:

          Putin seems to be very confident. Then again, so was Pavel Grachev sure that the Russian military could take Grozny quickly and easily at the beginning of the First Chechen War. That didn’t turn out so well for them. It is possible that Putin is as wildly overconfident as that but it is hard to be sure. Better to be prepared against such a threat.

    2. Avatar sandy miller says:

      why isn’t Poland helping Ukraine? If you all got together and stood strong and helped each other Putler and his regime would be stopped. Instead, Ukraine stands alone and only gets words.

  3. Avatar GodwinsLawyer says:

    hang him like benito so people can pee on his corpse.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      see ‘romania’

  4. Avatar Hektor Uranga says:

    “If I want to take” means that Putin does not take into account the hopes, needs or desires of his countrymen, but has shown how his mind truly works, like a totalitarian tyrant who feels he has the omnipotence of a God, who doesn´t have the need to justify his actions to no one.
    A thug with nukes, just what the world needs today.

  5. Jim Jim says:

    Russia rehearsed the invasion and occupation of the Baltic states in the Zapad-09 military exercise which concluded with a simulated nuclear strike on Warsaw.

    1. Avatar Kruton says:


      1. Jim Jim says:


    2. Avatar pieta says:

      Poland is now rehersing repeling russian invasion in Anakonda 2014 and their are using better gear in this exercises.

      1. Jim Jim says:

        That is good. No one knows what Putin might do but it is definitely good to be prepared against a nation that stages military exercises involving invasion, occupation and nuclear strikes against other nations. What kind of country conducts such outrageous war exercises???

      2. Avatar sandy miller says:

        Pieta….Poland has a chance to stop Putin right now by helping Ukraine.

        1. Avatar pieta says:

          Sadly, help is not enough. Only direct NATO involvment at this point, would help Ukraine. Sanctions will help, but in long term. Humanitarian aid will also help, but only a little. Poland can’t sell most advanced weapons to Ukraine, cuz ukrainian soliders would have to learn from scratch how to use western tech (and they don’t have time). We can sell only soviet era weapons (stocks of which has lowered significantly) that can be used right away. To bad, that ukrainians don’t have T-72 tanks. They could be upgraded to PT-91. Polish can sell grom anti-air(like in Georgia), but spike anti-tank are probably out of reach (license). And polish beurocracy is always a pain in the ass. I heard that they tried to jail people who were transporting helmets to ukr.

  6. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    His mental illness is now compounded by megalomania. russian military is only effective against smaller countries whose military has already been weakened from within by the muscovites. If not for lend-lease and mother nature, russia would be a German colony.

    1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      aka the disease of hitler

  7. Avatar hatochi sakura says:

    This is just another tool of fear mongering.. This fear and caution in western Europe is exactly what suits Putin best, so he is most likely not too concerned the info was spread about it, because he knows no country or organisation will attack Russia first without solid proof of Russia’s (Putins) intentions. This requires physical proof ergo everyone ‘KNOWS’ Russian troops are in Ukraine but because there is no 100% undeniable ‘proof’, nobody helps Ukraine.. This is Putins old KGB intelligence and organisation skills you are witnessing. Impressive as Putin is, he’s acting like a spoilt child with low principals.

  8. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    Typical russia–white slav leaders and they get their cannon fodder from central asia to do the stopping of bullets. One day the Kazakh’s will wise up. Something better save russia from their leaders before they destroy all of russia, just like hitler did to germany…..

    1. Avatar sandy miller says:

      What no one talks about in WW2..There were so many central asians that fought and died in the war against Germany. They were the fierce fighters on the eastern front. I don’t know why they continue to fight for Russia???

      1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

        the central asians that are fighting for russia are doing it to get out of their country and get russian citizenship, going from a third world country to a second rate, second world country that uses everything stolen. So they are just following the money.
        In WWII, they are just bullet stoppers used by the russians. During russia’s rape (literally) of Germany, they made sure their asian soviets impregnated the German females and prohibited abortions.

        russia is ebola.

  9. Avatar Murf says:

    Putins “little Green Men” tactics aren’t going to cut it with NATO.
    The Chechens were disorganized and ill equipped
    Ukraine was in political turmoil and the army rooting on the vine. Also he had a restive internal population to support him.Even with all that going for him he still has had a tough time dealing with them. At the start of his active invasion he caught the UA army but surprise but since them he has made little head way. Also Ukraine was not a NATO member.
    The Baltics are geographically vulnerable but he better be damn sure about being able to block article 5. Also that doesn’t mean individual nations can’t act as well as Sweden.
    Poland will be a tough nut to crack. With their planned weapons upgrades over the next two years they will be even harder. Plus the Poles really don’t like the Russians. no hybrid war there Vlad.
    Romania does not like the Russians much either. Their army is not in great shape but they are geographically separated from Russia. the sheer logistics of it would be a challenge. Russia will need a lot of amphibious capability to attack the Romanians. More then just a couple of mistrals.
    Putin can shoot hos mouth off all he wants but he is having a hard time swallowing Crimea much less Donbas.

  10. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Poland would put the hurt on the Russian Army. I guarantee you that.

  11. Avatar gerome says:

    putin will fall under his own weight. hitler became too ambitious and lost control.

  12. Jim Jim says:

    This is like Grachev’s boast in the First Chechen war that he could take Grozny with a single regiment in a couple of hours. How’d that turn out?

  13. Avatar sandy miller says:

    I hope Poroshenko taped these conversations.

  14. Avatar sandy miller says:

    You are right in everything you’ve said about Russia. It is an evil country. It has been the aggressor and dominator in that part of the world for too long. But, what have the eastern, central and western europeans done to stop Putin and Russia in all these years? Right now they should stop appeasing Putin and put him and Russia in their place once and for all….they should and still can put boots on the ground in eastern Ukraine. Instead, they are giving him more time to get stronger by building more allies for Russia. Instead, they’re willing to appease until he strikes possibly USA and than it will be WW3 or destablize western european countries that don’t fall in line with him like they have to date. In the meantime, he will wait a couple more years and continue to distablize other countries around him like Ukraine. He won’t actually invade and take over the countries he’ll just continue to distablize those that don’t fall in line with Russia. Yes…western europe has fallen to Russia. What a sad day beautiful countries that believed in democracy and prosperity have been purchased by Putler’s Russia.

  15. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

    pосія є Ебола

    russia IS ebola

  16. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

    I liked that word: RuSSia
    I recommend this one: uSSr.

  17. Avatar Conan Edogawa SCL says:

    Why Putin-fanboys and Wanna-Be-RuSSian-fandom believe that Nazi Germany and uSSr were different??. Why??. Could be because pro-RuSSia-fandom believe that Nazism was “Right-Wing Ideology??. What was that??. Pro-RuSSia/Wanna-Be-RuSSia/Wanna-Have-RuSSian-Wife-fandom should remember that, indeed, Nazism and Communism are both SOCIALISM at the end of day, so Nazism, and even Fascism are NOT “Right Wing” ideologies. Fascism, like Nazism, believe in a TRIAD consisting in State, Church and Monopolic corporations (Oligarchs) controlling the nation by strict state instructions. This have nothing to do with democratic values, free trade, reduced role of governments in daily lifes, which in fact are REAL Right Wing values. Racist xenophobic groups usually have Fascistic mentality, so they are NOT Right Wing.

  18. Avatar Enache Cosmin says:

    he could [email protected] suck our dicks in poland and romania he could try that is true but he will get war if they step foot in here as fast as they bring soldiers the same they will take them back in bags here is not ukraine people simply hate russia no amount of propaganda will ever change that