Is Putin cracking? The Russian president acting more erratic



By Michael Hammerschlag

(@ 5:37 min, also see 9:10 )

Putin gave a weird performance Aug 27 at a Minsk press conference (also see 9:10 sec). Putin rocks back and forth the whole time, looks really stressed, extremely sad, almost about to cry, looks down and takes huge breaths to steady himself 3 or 4 times, shudders 2-3 times. Is the Little Big Man losing it?

In the video of his Minsk speech to the leaders (about trade loses Russia would suffer, nothing on the WAR), every leader was glaring at him in icy hateful disbelief, Poroshenko with looks that could kill- Putin looked nervous and ill at ease. He is under enormous pressure now from all sides, having awakened the dragon of Russian nationalism + extremism, which he carefully suppressed for 14 years in the Nat. Bolsheviks, being hectored by every foreign leader, oligarchs grumbling about destruction of their fortunes + economy, world closing to Russians, losing Ukraine forever, ensuring his overthrow in 4-5 years (see IMPERIAL STRETCH). In one scenario of my article I had Putin starts a nuclear war as option 3b, almost as a joke, but have raised the probability after seeing this video.

Another serious danger is Ukraine openly aspiring to be NATO- first if the wimps in the West aren’t forking over every weapons system in the warehouse now, don’t expect them to let Ukraine in in the middle of a war! NATO is a deterrent organization- it’s supposed to prevent an invasion, not stop an ongoing one- that takes 1-2 years of equipment upgrades, training and exercises. The  danger is that I’ve long thought joining NATO is Putin’s Red Line- that he would fully occupy Ukraine rather than allow NATO to subsume his “little (abused) brother” and actually share a long border with Russia. America would react the same way if Canada had suddenly decided to join the Warsaw Pact. It’s simply too late now.

If Putin is really unstable, public screaming about NATO is just what the doctor said “Don’t Do!”  Get military hardware, equipment, training, Yes sure, from anywhere, from anyone. But right now, in the middle of a war, don’t agitate for joining NATO, something they NEVER will do, but it will fuel every paranoid Putin fantasy about longterm Western game plans and conspiracies in his KGB-corroded head. If Russians are really threatening Kyiv with nukes (which I don’t believe, and reckless of the Defense Ministry to claim if untrue), that shows how out of control they are. And how dangerous the situation.

In a few brief days, Putin’s relentless escalation and his questionable mental state have amplified Ukraine’s tortured trials into a first class Cold War superpower emergency- the great danger is that without even realizing that we are here, we could stumble into the nuclear apocalypse that has been so patiently waiting for mankind since 1945.

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  1. Avatar Brent says:

    NATO. Much maligned and much misunderstood. Does not anyone recall the genesis of its creation was to stand up to the Warsaw Pact and Soviet aggression? Does not anyone recall how it stepped in to stop Serbian and Milosevic’s ethnic cleansing and war on fellow Yugoslavians? How it stepped up to fight against Al-Qaeda harboring Taliban in Afghanistan?

    It’s about time NATO stepped up and became the one organization willing to defend another innocent country being cannibalized by its vicious hate mongering neighbor. The propaganda and lies being spewed by Russian’s state controlled media has been rampant and has stirred up ethnic hatred between ethnic Ukrainians and Russians who used to live in peace together. It has created this war. The fact that Putin is appearing more and more ‘unglued’ is all the more reason to step in now and bring him back to reality, or to make Russia understand he is leading them into isolation or destruction. Enough ‘offramps’ and ‘attempts to let him save face’. Expose him for what he is. Make him realize his army is not nearly as invincible once it has to stand up to a strong opponent. If it means creating more crying mothers, widows and orphans that don’t understand why their soldiers were sent into a ‘non existent’ war and “Cargo 200” a Russian public awareness campaign. they will have no one but Putin and his hate mongering advisers to thank for their new fate.

    1. Avatar hammermann says:

      Yes, I dream NATO would step in and simply eradicate the Russian invaders- it would be harder than Iraq (though that was a criminal invasion), but not much- the Russians are good at killing people who have no advanced defenses or training, but against the NATO/American military they would be like children. Especially after the pigs massacred Ukrs fleeing in so called humanitarian corridors in Ilovaisk + the hospital in Starobesheve. Still trying to find my friend Andre whom I profiled here- he was in Ilovaisk and phone hasn’t rung for 14 days

      But think there is no chance of that- NATO is what it is- a defensive shield and afraid to do more against the Russian bear, for probably good reason. When neocons would chatter about how Russia wasn’t a superpower, I would slap my head in disbelief- as long as they have 2000 nuclear weapons and the Button, they are super enough.

  2. Avatar Jacks Channel says:

    Cracking? Its possible.

    1. Avatar George King says:

      After watching Putin and all the Israel/US/EU/Ukraine oligarch stooges I can’t help but wonder. The “ART of WAR” which Putin and the Novorossiya have at this point executed flawlessly.

      Let the enemy deplete himself against your fortifications while fighting him where he is not if his numbers are larger.

      And the only pathetic response has been he’s cheating must have invaded with large number of battle hardened troops as their response to failure and as always it is someone else’s fault.

      I don’t think Russian volunteers are any greater in number than those from the FBI, CIA, US Mercenaries and US department of defense I think those fighting for their life, family and property will always have the stronger resolve than those who do not believe or see through a war for oligarchs and their wealth and control.

      What proud Ukraine has been sold to you is more slavery from oligarchs on the cost of your blood and treasure. It has brought an unholy alliance and you must seek out your brothers in the one place that will bring you victory, Your Orthodox Church in Christ.

      1. Avatar Brent says:

        Wow. You are one scary individual and evidence of someone not cursed with an overabundance of “edukashun”. You’ve taken a bunch of tag lines of Zionist bankers, “The Art of War”, but what really gives you away as being a Russian troll is two things
        1) your man crush on Putin the midget
        2) your sign off about the glory of the Orthodox Church

        I didn’t realize they had trailer parks in Russia…but hopefully your Kremlin controllers will give you an extra cabbage for the winter…

  3. Avatar Dirk Smith says:

    I do believe he’s mentally ill. Mentally, he never left the USSR. And Obama’s overall weakness and removing the defense systems in Poland and Czech Republic simply enabled Putin the jackal to act. It’s obvious now who was responsible for Litvininko/Yushchenko, the Smolensk airplane crash, the Moscow bombings, MH17, etc. All KGB 101.

    1. Avatar hammermann says:

      Agree except for Polish crash- the pilots supposedly were ordered to land in a hellacious thunderstorm- human arrogance and stupidity explain many more things than conspiracy. Planes can take almost any violent weather in the air, but when they are close to the ground they tend to smash.

  4. Avatar Proteous says:

    This article is a joke… Gimme a break.

  5. Avatar Valshay says:

    Hahah, yes, I am sure Putin is losing it, as the pro-USA oligarch puppet armies of Ukraine are being smashed and driven away from Novorossiya. More likely your oligarch president is losing it.. What will he do? He has been lying to the people of Ukraine since day one.. 800 soldiers dead my ass? How many of you western Ukranians are dumb enough to believe your oligarch goverment lies? You think 800 soldiers have died in a 6 months long war between armies of tens of thousands? You know that the loss ratio of conquering urban areas are 10 attacking soldiers die for every 1 defending.. You do the math.

    Your oligarch goverment has been lying to the people as well to his USA/IMF masters..Now in the coming election he will lose out big and pure nazist of “The radical party” and “Svoboda” will take most of the seats in the goverment..

  6. Avatar Orysia Tracz says:

    How long before he implodes?

  7. Avatar Mazepa says:

    Merkel and her people will soon be inhaling radioactive dust drifting onto Germany from moscow.
    The decision was hers.

  8. Avatar hammermann says:

    FULL M.A.D. article (2.7x more)

    The Pyrrhic Victories of Putin and the West by Michael Hammerschlag

    updated Jan 8
    KIEV: The sanctions against Russia and oil price cuts have finally worked- they are destroying the Russian economy: the value of the Ruble has collapsed, losing 60% of its value since the PutInvasions of Ukraine started (80R/$ on Dec 16, when I lived there last it was 26). But that’s little solace for Ukraine, whose economy has collapsed faster, the hryvna also losing 60% of it’s value since Putin’s war started (their embargoes started with the Maidan Protests a year ago). The difference was Russia had an enormous cash reserve of $550 billion, now~ $400 bil. (some claim half isn’t liquid), to weather shocks that allowed them to cruise through the 2008 crisis, whereas Ukraine had a $40 billion deficit, incidentally the same amount kleptocrat mis-ruler Yanukovich is alleged to have stolen in 4 years ($27 mil/day) .