The only protester against war in Ukraine arrested in Moscow

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Yesterday amid the news of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, Dmitriy Monahov, an activist from Moscow, tweeted that he was a Russian, but not a thug, a murdered or an invader. “It’s a shame Putin’s my president. On 9 AM I’m going to the Manezhnaya square [in the center of Moscow] to protest the war” – he wrote. And today he came. Alone. He had no signs or leaflets, he just came and started speaking out his point of view before the onlookers.
upd (6.27 PM): Monahov was sentenced to 15 days’ arrest. says OVD-Info.

01. He was speaking out quite loudly. “Why is everything O.K. in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk? The so-called “separatists” left those towns. Murders happen only where the “separatists” are.

02. He said that Putin’s actions were subject to article 353 of the Russian Criminal Code(planning, preparing, starting or conducting an aggressive war). Passers-by stopped and listened, I believe there was enough of them for 9 in the morning. “Our president is guilty of starting a war. The [Russian] paratroopers’ corpses [killed in Ukraine] didn’t appear out of nowhere. Let us open a criminal case and bring our president to court.”

03. Then the police came.

04. They started detaining him. Monahov said by law he had a right for solitary protest, but they didn’t listen to him much.

05. Three of them wasn’t enough to subdue him.

06. The passers-by looked with interest. Some asked the policemen not to use force since the guy was alone. Others, on the other hand, told him that in Stalin’s times he’d be shot right there.

07. Let’s try from the other side, guys.




11. “Shut your mouth, dumbf**k” – a passer-by shouted. “If you don’t like it, go away, this is our motherland and we will live here” – another cried.

12. Backup came, now there were four policemen. Three shoved him into the car by the front, a fourth pushed him on the back.

13. They were trying to get him in for five or seven minutes. Although all he did was stand with hands raised.




Later today, more Russians took to the streets of Moscow, bearing signs.


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  • Dirk Smith

    Russian heroes against this megalomaniac.

  • Natalie Hursky

    More like him needed. Moscow Maidan. Save your young men. Save your country.

  • Nikolai B

    May God preserve him!

    • sandy miller

      God Bless him is right…I don’t understand those other Russians have they been dehumanized by Putin’s propaganda?

      • Nikolai B

        It’s like North Korea. Give your tribute to the Dear Leader, and they leave you alone. Either that, or they are just ignorant peasants.

  • Milton Devonair

    This is what happens when a human gets stuck in the cesspool called russia.

    I think there are more apes walking the streets of moscow than there are in all of africa.

  • Antony C

    Please support this petition:

    Fulfill the Ukrainian government’s request for military assistance

    Columns of Russian military vehicles openly enter Ukraine as proved by the western journalists. The West must adequately respond to these alarming signs of a full-scale official Russian invasion that threatens peace in the whole world.

    The authorities in Kyiv have asked for military assistance from Washington. We hereby request the President Obama and Congress to support Ukrainians in their struggle against Russian agression and to fulfill the Ukrainian government’s request for military assistance. Please, repost.

    • ENo

      I just signed. Pity though that the petition seems to be mainly for the U.S. citizens. I wonder does support from outside the U.S. help in anyway at all?

    • Kevin Groves

      Just signed.

  • Walter Salmaniw

    What a sick excuse for a country. One brave soul voicing an opinion that’s contrary to the Kremlin, and he’s immediately whisked away. To all the trolls on the internet, thank your lucky stars that you are in the west and are allowed to voice a dissenting opinion. Then, perhaps, think if the shoe was on the other foot.