Kharkiv group ‘Zdorovye’ refuses to provide ATO fighters with analgesics


War in the Donbas

ATO troops in the East are in need of ammunition and medicine. This was stated numerous times by the families of the fighters, as well as volunteers who are lending all sorts of help to the battalions engaged in battle in the combat arena.

Of the medicines in question, the most sought after ones among the soldiers are analgesics, anti-shock medicine and coagulants.

Surgical and first-aid kids are also needed. This was particularly emphasized by Roman Oryshchenko, head of the Volunteer Cooperation Center. In addition, according to him, volunteers are collecting necessary medicine and special equipment at two transit centers in Kharkiv and Melitopol.

It was discovered that in Kharkiv volunteers came into conflict with one of the drugs producers. The biggest Ukrainian pharmaceutical leader, Zdorovye business group, which belongs to a Russian businessman, categorically refused to provide analgesics and coagulants for the ATO zone at factory prices.

Despite numerous petitions by the volunteers and members of the Kharkiv Oblast Council, the decision of the business leadership remains unchanged. The administration of Zdorovye, whose representatives we managed to get hold of, anonymously told us that the workers of the factory are highly indignant with the leadership’s position, but there was nothing they could do.

“The owner of the business is Russian. He gave direct orders not to sell a single pill for the ATO without markup. And everyone is simply holding on to their jobs,” said the informant.

As is known, the owner of Zdorovye is the Russian politician A. Shishkin, who was recently made an honorary citizen of Kharkiv by the City Council.

The media have reported on his anti-Ukrainian position many times. In particular Shishkin, as a State Duma member, voted in support of the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Ukrainian territory by the Russian army. The company Zdorovye became his in 2007. As various publications reported, Shishkin’s raid of the pharmaceutical giant was supported by the government of the time.


Source: Obozrevatel

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  1. Avatar Danny Smith says:

    time to boot him out of Ukraine.. he makes a profit by using cheap labour

  2. Avatar Randall Cook says:

    time to War time seize the factory as Ukrainian State Property.

  3. Avatar Per Haarr says:

    send the fucker home to Russia, and nationalize all Russian shares of the factory.

  4. Avatar звездочет says:


  5. Avatar Kruton says:

    Hang the sumbitch!

  6. Avatar albertphd says:

    Russia is at war with Ukraine, but Ukraine is not at war with Russia. Russia attacks Ukraine from within the Russian Federation with modernized missiles and advanced weaponry, but Ukraine does not attack the Russian Federation at all! These two sentences summarize the Russian-Ukrainian war. At least two salient points can be made here: #1, that the problem between Russia and Ukraine would cease to exist were there NO RUSSIAN CITIZENS at all in the Ukraine (including the Crimea!)! and, #2: that Russia will never cease it’s military actions against Ukraine until and unless Ukraine surrenders to the will of Putin.

    Given this unfair and unbalanced military relationship between Ukraine and Russia, there is no other alternative but to begin to consider extreme counter-measures. (No, I do not mean to prepare for guerilla war tactics assuming the collapse of Ukraine!). Ukraine is in a unique position (which I think is not fully appreciated). As pro-Russian industry still operates within Ukraine (Rinet Akhmetov as the Donbas Oligarch still loyal to the Yanukovych clan, and the Russian who owns this pharmaceutical chain in this article, among many others), Ukrainian laws must be passed to support Ukrainian military and the Ukrainian citizens living in their own country of Ukraine. Russian citizens and pro-Russian persons living in Ukraine (whether Ukrainian or other nationality) cannot expect to continue to support the enemy of Ukraine with impunity. If pro-terrorists anti-Americans made their voice known in the USA, they will be dealt with very quickly and without mercy let me tell you. America does not tolerate anti-American sentiment in their own country, freedom or no freedom. The issue is not free speech; the issue is whether or not someone in the USA is betraying the national interests of the USA. And so it must be with Ukraine. All Russian citizens and pro-Russian nationalities living in Ukraine need to be given a short notice (preferably only 30 days!) to either desist their anti-Ukrainian activities or to leave the country. A fifth-columnist movement cannot be permitted to prosper and grow within Ukraine when Ukraine is at war fighting a giant Goliath next door.

    Just as a house divided against itself cannot stand; so, a country divided against itself will surely fall There are traitors to Ukraine with the political matrix as well as within the Ukrainian military leadership, we are told! With out-of-date military equipment and an extreme shortage of adequate military medicines, the situation can easily escalate to a state of martial law, in which the Ukrainian military will simply seize whatever it needs to survive and would be legally justified in doing so by the very nature of ‘martial law’. This measure is admittedly extreme but such snobbery and indifference by RUSSIANS living within Ukraine and especially living close to the active war zone, cannot be tolerated any longer. It would not be tolerated IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY ON EARTH except in Ukraine, it appears, as Ukraine is a peace-loving and civilized country, one that has always considered Russia to be it’s ‘big brother’–until now, of course!

    The next stage of extreme reaction by Ukraine to Russia is to cut off the Russian-occupied Crimea completely, as to food, as to trade, as to water, as to electricity (as Russia has cut off all gas and oil services as well as most food services, air-line services, etc. to Ukraine already!). In doing this simple measure, the Russian soldiers and mercenaries who are currently destroying the entire infrastructure of East Ukraine in the Donbas area, will not be able to replenish themselves so easily in the Crimea, to repeat and to continue this cycle of wanton destruction. If Crimea begins to suffer economically and their water and power supplies are cut off, then Russian troops will experience a small measure of the suffering they are causing Ukrainian citizens throughout the Donbas!). Admittedly, this is a bit of an extreme for Ukraine to so isolate Crimea, but this so-called extreme measure is really nothing compared to the scorch-earth tactics Putin’s little green men are creating all throughout East Ukraine as I speak!

    And thirdly the next extreme reaction by Ukraine to Putin is to make business partners with China (in exchange for military arms and weapons). As neither the EU, nor NATO, nor the USA, nor Australia, nor Japan, nor any other country it seems wishes to assist Ukraine in the much-needed supply of military weapons, China is the best prospect. China desperately needs Ukrainian grain, and Ukraine as the world’s third largest grain producer is in a position to supply food for weapons! China is not part of NATO, nor of the EU, nor of the Russian satellite states, as Euro-Asia, and so does not violate any of the rules of these Organizations in supplying military weapons (for much-needed food) to Ukraine. Russia will not intervene, nor can it effectively object to this hypothetical move by China, as Russia needs China to maintain the 30-year oil contract it just signed with China. With these modern CHINESE weaponry (from anti-aircraft missiles, tanks, personnel armored carriers, and the most modern sniper rifles, etc.), Ukraine can keep Russia at bay. Without modern military weapons delivered to Ukraine very soon, who can tell how many lives would be lost unnecessarily–especially, as China would also have precision weaponry (which would significantly reduce the number of civilian lives)!

    Of course, some of these admittedly extreme suggestions are of course ‘extreme’, but desperate times dictate desperate measures, now do they not?!

    1. Avatar sandy miller says:

      I agree..however, China might want the wheat for nothing and overcharge for their military weapons. How does Ukraine afford that? If they could work out a fair deal it’s a great suggestion and one worth pursuing.

    2. Avatar sandy miller says:

      Russia has a cheap lying bullying dictator and he and his so called savage people need to be put in their place by someone. It may as well be Ukraine. They’ve suffered enough from them thru history…It’s time for them to stop being passive!

    3. Avatar Murf says:

      Be leery of dealing with China. They have a lot more finess than the Russians but they are no less ruthless.
      Most of the problems that the UA military has have to do with neglect, incompetence and out right treason. Not a lack of home grown tech.
      The Army was poorly trained before all this. the Command staff were a bunch of ossified dinosaurs and the procurement department was only good a stealing.Damn good at it in fact)
      What the UA needs now is better command and control with encryption comms. Better communication between air support, artillery and ground controllers.
      So far they have done a great job of getting their war effort moving. One annalist said it was like “Fixing an airplane in flight.”
      Get the procurement system moving and the Army will be in better shape.

    4. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

      Yup, the problem for humans always seem to be either russians or muslims. One is worse than the other.

      1. Avatar Arctic_Slicer says:

        What do you have against Muslims? there are many good Muslim people in Ukraine especially in Crimea now facing terrible oppression from Russian occupiers.

        1. Avatar Milton Devonair says:

          True, but still looking for a muslim country that’s not all f/u. And where ever muslims emigrate to, they eventually screw that area up too.
          **it’s their made up religion**

  7. Avatar sandy miller says:

    absolutely in time of war Ukraine needs to seize the property. Why does he own the business if he’s anti-Ukrainian. Seize the business now Ukraine quit screwing around with these jerks.

  8. Avatar Brent says:

    Hopefully Ukrainian citizens will have other options to buy their sources for their medications as this is likely a “generic” manufacturer and they can boycott his products much like they have done with other Russian sourced products in their stores. HIT THE B***TARD IN HIS WALLET! That usually gets the attention of an oligarch or other rich businessman….

  9. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    This must not be forgotten or forgiven.

  10. Avatar Murf says:

    So this guy is a UA citizen now right? If he voted in favor of invasion isn’t that treason? Also if SBU is worth their weight in dog poo, shouldn’t they be able to come up with something to charge this clown with, real or manufactured. I don’t care if he likes to kick puppies. Charge him and seize his assets. Medical supplies are a strategic asset and should not be under the control of the enemy. Which in this it clearly is.
    Heck if he is a citizen can;t they just conscript him? wouldn’t that be ironic?

  11. Avatar Vince Scopa says:

    does this surprise anyone? he would do the same for the russian army. he is nothing but a leach sucking the blood from all people. he is a typical russian businessman.

  12. Avatar fiftieschild says:

    Nationalize the company?

  13. Avatar Evelyn Myketa Livingston says:

    This should never be forgotten.

  14. Avatar Danny Gallo says:

    Hang’em for treason during war time

  15. Avatar dok says:

    This is a time of war in Ukraine and under these conditions this Russian swine’s pharmaceutical business should be nationalized and confiscated by Ukraine. Furthermore this Russian businessman should be deported from Ukraine or worse hanged for treason. That is the only way that you deal with these Russian swine.

  16. Avatar Marko says:

    Nationalize the company like Russians did with ukrainian companies in Crimea.

  17. Avatar Rascalndear says:

    First aid KITS, not KIDS…
    Boycott this company and get Darnytsia, Borshchahivka and others to fill in the gap.