Poroshenko calls for EU response to Russian aggression



President Petro Poroshenko is urging the European Union to make a proper assessment of the instances of illegal crossings by heavy military equipment of the Russian-Ukrainian border and Russian military attacks on Ukrainian military positions, reports Espreso TV, citing the president’s press service, July 13, 2014.

Additionally, the president is demanding the release of all Ukrainian hostages who are currently being held captive in Russia, including Nadia Savchenko and Oleh Sentsov.

Poroshenko has appealed to the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, requesting that the Ukrainian issue be placed on the agenda of the next meeting of the European Council, on July 16. Van Rompuy has assured Poroshenko that this will be done.

Poroshenko says he expects a clear and decisive reaction by the EU in accordance with the conclusions reached at the European Council on June 27.

Source: Espreso.TV

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  1. Avatar sandy miller says:

    Dear President Poroschenko…what makes you think EU will do anything about Russian invasion. They know full well what Putin is doing. They’re too busy kissing his ass to put a stop to him. Get your billionaires, yourself and lets raise a bunch of funds hire experienced mercenairies and let them go at it with the Russians. It’s the only thing yu can do to save your country. That snake Putin just keeps slithering into Ukraine slowly. You’ll need to chop the snakes head off to make him stop. No more talking and letting your inexperienced soldiers die at the hands of that murderer. There’s enough money between all your billionaires to do that. If they don’t we’ll all know who’s side they’re on.

  2. Avatar Mike Kostelny says:

    This business of getting rid of the neighborhood bully is not as straight forward as one might think. I agree that because Ukraine was totally bankrupt in February 2014 (thanks to Yanukovych and his bunch of thieves), Ukraine today is financially beholden to the EU, to the USA, to Japan and to others who mercifully lent money to Ukraine at very low interest rates (Japan for instance was only 0.5% as I recall). The point that is overlooked is that neither EU, nor NATO, nor the USA wishes to launch a full-scale military war against Russia, not because they do not think they cannot defeat Russia militarily, but because they simply prefer to not become involved in any real meaningful way. So, the task is left up to Ukraine to handle this ‘bully of nations’ next door. President Poroshenko fully understands this situation. Actually, his move to present a “Peace Plan” to the EU and the rest of the civilized world was pure posturing. Ukrainian military forces are hitting the Russian-financed and Russian-equipped terrorists full throttle. Make no mistake about it: Putin is not the only one who knows how to use military force. If Ukraine was equipped with NATO or USA or Chinese advanced modern weaponry, we would not have this current discussion. The Russian invaders (including those in Crimea) would be running back to Mother Russia with their tail between their legs–as all bullies do when they are bopped hard on the nose and see their own blood splattering. Ukraine is not ‘little Russia’ as Putin hopes to reshape it, just as the Crimea is not another Konigsberg (which Russia grabbed from Germany in 1946 and converted into Russian-speaking Kaliningrad today). Crimea (which has been illegally stolen from Ukraine by Russia less than 6 months ago) will return to Ukraine just as surely as the countries the Nazis grabbed returned to their rightful heirs in less than six years. Poroshenko as a well-educated Statesman realizes that might does not make right, just as surely as he knows that failure to respect International Law (as Putin has done) will inevitably bring the downfall of Soviet Russia. It’s just a matter of time.