Donbas Battalion: If no real steps, I will personally create a People’s Republic of Ukraine in Donbas 



War in the Donbas

The majority of citizens of Eastern Ukraine are ready to take up arms and protect the region from terrorists, the only thing they need is the will of the Head Commander Poroshenko, stated the commander of the volunteer battalion “Donbas” Semen Semenchenko.

If after June 30th, when the unilateral ceasefire comes to an end, the government does not make concrete steps, the citizens of the east will start saving Donbas from terrorists themselves. This was stated to the publication GORDON by the commander of the volunteer battalion “Donbas” Semen Semenchenko.

“If after the end of the “ceasefire” we don’t see real steps once more, and the east is given to the “PRD” and “PRL,” I myself as a citizen of Donetsk oblast will create a “People’s Republic of Ukraine” to reunite with Ukraine. There is a real war underway, but not all in the country understand this. The majority of Donbas citizens are ready to take up arms and protect the region from terrorists,” said Semenchenko.

The commander emphasises that he had insisted on the official creation of a territorial defence battalion in Donetsk oblast many times, as well as the implementation of martial law, but every time these decisions were blocked from “above.”

“Back in April I demanded the creation of a territorial defence battalion in Donetsk oblast from the locals. It was blocked at the administrative and individual governor level of the General Headquarters. There was mistrust from above, as well as sabotage and a complete lack of understanding of the processes happening in the east of Ukraine. We need political will to announce general mobilisation. The command has to be given by the High Commander Petro Poroshenko. If after June 30th there is no command again, the citizens will start acting by themselves to free their land of Donbas from terrorists,” stated Semenchenko.

“I insist of the suspension of the so-called “ceasefire” and implementation of martial law in Donbas. There are many advantages to martial law, the most important of which is mobilisation of all state forces to rebuke the threat,” added the commander of “Donbas.”

Source: InfoResist

Translated by Mariya Shcherbinina

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  • sandy miller

    Doesn’t the Kievan government trust these men? Do they think they are secretly pro-Russians. If not, than let the people have guns and get rid of the bastards. Of course,Putin will blame Ukraine on this but these people have a right to protect themselves from an invasion.

    • Arctic_Slicer

      On the contrary Kyiv does trust them. Unfortunately Hollande and Merkel are conspiring with Putin to make sure the cease-fire is permanent which puts Poroshenko in a very tough place.

      • sandy miller

        f–k Hollande and Merkel. Those two greedy fools. Europe will fall because of fools like that. And to think the USA saved those bastards with the Marshall plan aftern WW2. We should have let them starve. Merkel could have stopped this war before it started. Obviously, she didn’t want to. Conniving Bitch. No wonder the USA was recording her. They knew she was a traitor. Let them have Putin. They’ll bring their countries down to be sure. Do they think USA will fold…they’re dreaming.

        • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

          Actually – we should have arrested and prosecuted Western leaders equally for war crimes and crimes against humanity. We should have executed Eisenhower for the establishment of death camps after the war and absolutely and ruthlessly rid American intelligence and defense establishments of Zionist elements. Had all this been done we would not have the problems we are having today.

    • Dennis Fetcho, “The Fetch”

      Here is something noble and noteworthy. How about the idiots in the Western part of Ukraine stay in the Western part of the Ukraine and leave the people in the East to manage their own lives and affairs? What is the purpose and value of giving guns to idiots so they can go shoot up neighboring towns?

  • Kruton

    Annihilate the bolshevik savages!

  • Murf

    Let slip the dogs of war!