Sweden to supply eight Archer artillery systems to Ukraine

Sweden to supply eight Archer artillery systems to Ukraine

A Swedish ARCHER Artillery System. File photo: Wikimedia Commons/Ibaril  

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Sweden wants to give eight Archer artillery pieces and 10 Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Dagens Industri reports.

“They will give the Ukrainians opportunities to knock out Russian artillery systems,” says Swedish Defense Minister Pål Jonson.

In January, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announced plans to supply military equipment to Ukraine, including an unspecified number of the Archer self-propelled fully automated 155 mm howitzers.

Sweden to supply Archer artillery systems, NLAWs, and 50 Strf90 combat vehicles to Ukraine


On 16 March, the Swedish government submitted an extra-amendment budget proposal for 2023 to the Swedish Parliament, asking it to authorize the government to donate defense equipment to Ukraine. According to the bill, the donation is limited to a maximum value of 6,062,200,000 Swedish kronor ($694 million), and includes the following articles:

  • Stridsvagn 122, the Swedish variant of the German Leopard 2 tank
  • Archer artillery system
  • Robotsystem 97 (Hawk), an anti-aircraft system
  • ammunition for the mentioned matériel

Dagens Industri says that the government requests to send Ukraine eight Archer artillery pieces, ten tanks of the Leopard 2 type.

“However, it will take several months before Ukraine can start using Archer in the field. Fire control computers will be installed, Ukrainian soldiers will be trained and a ‘logistics hub’ will be established near Ukraine for maintenance and repairs. Ukraine is judged to be able to use six of the eight pieces simultaneously on the battlefield with two being kept in reserve to be able to, for example, pick up spare parts,” Dagens Industri wrote.

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