Some 4,000-4,500 civilians remain in Bakhmut as Russians “blow everything to the ground” there – Dep. Mayor

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Speaking over the phone from a neighboring town, Bakhmut Deputy Mayor Oleksandr Marchenko told CNN five to 10 people were being evacuated each day from the besieged city, down from the up to 600 who were leaving the city when evacuations were at their peak.

Russia has been pressing hard to capture Bakhmut for months, currently closing in on the city:

“The enemy blows everything to the ground, strikes at multi-story buildings, and the residential sector. There are air raids, artillery shelling, mortar shelling. The enemy is striking the city with everything they can,” Marchenko said, adding that “There is no way we can get there.”

Russian forces will likely not be able to encircle the city soon – ISW

Approximately 4,000 to 4,500 people are still in Bakhmut, but the deputy mayor said it was difficult to persuade those there to leave.

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