Russia employs new 1,500-kg gliding bomb in Ukraine – Defense Express

Russia employs new 1,500 kg gliding bomb in Ukraine – Defense Express

Russian UPAB-1500B gliding bomb. Illustrative photo via

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Referring to its undisclosed sources, Defense Express says Russia’s first use of the new 1.5-ton UPAB-1500B gliding bomb was recorded “a few weeks ago against one of the objects in Chernihiv Oblast” as the marking on one of the pieces of debris corresponds to UPAB-1500B.

The 1.500-kilogram bomb UPAB-1500B was first shown at the MAKS-2019 exhibition in Russia. Five-meter long and having a diameter of 0.4 meters, the bomb is designed to hit highly protected objects at a range of up to 40 km. Weighing 1,525 kg, the guided bomb carries a 1,010 kg concrete-piercing high-explosive (HE) warhead coupled with a combined navigation unit and a contact fuse with three time delay modes. The munition can be dropped from an altitude of up to 15 km at a range of up to 50 km with a circular error possible (CEP) of up to 10 meters.

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